Christmas 2014: Your Quick & Dirty Guide to Getting a Gift for Her

Congratulations on getting a leg up on what to buy the ladies in your life this Holiday!

Figuring out the perfect present for a woman you adore is always a bit daunting. Sure, we ladies always love something sparkly, but it really is the thought that counts.

She may say she has it all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your leading lady to something spectacular. We LOVE the idea that you’ve been listening and have managed to remember that new thing we wanted to try, the places we want to go, or simply a heartfelt way to help us unwind.

So shake off thoughts of old standbys (and stay away from those gift cards!), nothing shows you care more than picking out a unique gift that suits her interests and will delight for days, and months, to come.

Whether you’re shopping for your wife or girlfriend, mom, sister or daughter, this is a handy list of gorgeous gifts picked by a lady to save you time, hassle, and double-back return trips for exchanges.

Ready to think outside the box? Here’s your ultimate gift guide to the 2014 Holiday season!

For Ladies with Wanderlust

My Scratch Map is a fun way to keep tabs on where she’s been and where she’d like to go.

My Scratch Map

It’s a map of the world covered in the same fun-to-scratch-off substance that makes lottery tickets so addicting (right?), except here, each new location unveils a brightly colored country.

A great talking point and a way to show you’ve been listening to her talk about travel, the scratch map is available for under $20.

To Help Her Unwind

The Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds from Sharper Image gets an impressive 100% recommendation rating (and 4 out of 5 stars). The company, which has long offered inventive objects of desire, seems to have outdone themselves with this nifty product.

Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds

According to their website, “The Wireless Eye Massager with Soothing Sounds uses a combination of intelligent air pressure, vibration massage, point massage and gentle infrared heat to soothe away stress, strain and aches.” This portable, foldable, rechargeable eye mask is a unique gift idea that offers any lady a soothing touch, any time she needs one.

At $129.99, the eye massager isn’t inexpensive; however Sharper Image is known for their great service as well as innovation.

LUSH Cosmetics offers a Christmas Bathtime gift set that includes samplings of all their favorite bath bombs in a beautiful box, for a gift that’s sure to make any girl squeal with delight.

LUSH Cosmetics

Glittery balls packed full of essential oils, and lovingly shaped by hand into an array of delightful treats (that really do look good enough to eat) LUSH’s set is a great thought for anyone who enjoys a good soak.

As a longtime lover of this brand, I assure you there’s never been a time I wasn’t delighted to have their products on hand. For $89.95 you get a sampling of their favorite skin-sweetening soaks.

For the Lady Who Likes It In The Kitchen

Wait, before you go running! Yes, it’s generally verboten to get your gal anything that errs on practical. However, there’s nothing like a new reason to whip up a few sweet treats or a dish she (and you) will be sure to love.

So if the lady on your list loves to cook, here are a few gifts and gadgets that serve up delight:

The Mini DIY Farmers' Cheese Kit from Urban Cheesecraft provides up to three batches of fresh, homemade cheese in just half an hour! (And since each batch is almost one pound, there’s no need for skimping.

Mini DIY Farmers' Cheese Kit

Just imagine how proud your gal will sound serving up a batch of her homemade cheese at your next gathering.

The kit includes:

  • Instruction Handbook, Recipes and Unlimited Email Support
  • Fine Mesh 100% Cotton Cheesecloth (also known as Butter Muslin)
  • Non GMO Citric Acid
  • Non- GMO and Pure, Non-Iodized Flake Salt

Just add a 1/2 gallon of milk and in under an hour you will be eating and sharing your very own fresh cheese with no aging required! With over 2,944 reviews that average 5 out of five stars, this $10 kit is pretty sure to be a hit.

The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden ensures she’ll have fresh herbs or bountiful blooms year round, no matter what climate you call home.

The 7-pod LED indoor garden comes with seeds for vegetables, herbs or flowers, and promises easy use and simple maintenance. It’s a creative idea for devoted gardeners and fresh herb lovers, and has received 4 out of 5 stars from 19 reviewers.

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

The energy efficient $179.95 kit promises lush growth five times faster than soil planting, for an indoor garden that withstands even the least-green thumbs.

Would you love to get her jewelry, but she already has enough? Much like whiskey stones, this set of Wine Pearls is designed to keep a white wine-lovers drink deliciously chilled, without watering it down.

Festive and unique, the pearls are useful for chilling cocktails, fresh fruit juices, or anything else with a delicate flavor that shouldn’t be subjected to melting ice.

Wine Pearls

The pearls are sold as a set of four (perfect for two glasses!) and are available for under $30.

Finally, for a quick pick-me-up that will make her glow, check out Guerlain’s Kisskiss Holiday trio kit.

 The legendary cosmetics company has always been known for devising colors that compliment every woman. This kit comes with a rich, velvety red lipstick and nail lacquer that will make her feel glamorous, and a limited edition violet mascara to bring out the perfect color of her eyes.

Guerlain’s Kisskiss Holiday trio kit

Not only do women swoon for a man that can pick out something that makes her feel pretty, this $58 kit from Sephora lets you buy her something sexy without having to guess her size.

If You Know She Likes Some Sparkle

 You know, it’s not just men that want to be a little Bond. Get bold and bring out her daring with this fabulous super heroine cuff that goes a step beyond statement jewelry with a monogrammed initial.

 And let me assure you, these powerful pieces have been all the rage, but are going to see even more runway excitement come spring with the new femme fatal Wonder Woman film on its way to the big screen.

Cuff from

Available at, this cuff delivers super style peeking out from her sleeve, or fabulous gleam on a night out (though deflecting bullets may take some practice). And at $40 a pop, you won’t have to rob a bank to get one.

From Zero to Swoon-Worthy with a Rip of the Wrapping

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you a little secret: The best presents are never about the price tag. See, a (Small? Medium? Don’t judge us!) part of the fun for ladies of presents from your loved one comes from that wee bit of bragging rights back at the office.

And LET ME TELL YOU there is simply nothing that inspires more lady-envy than a holiday tale of the thoughtful beau who remembered that unique and special thing about you (which is NEVER, EVER a vacuum).

So get a little innovative and gather up your confidence to explore something that reflects her interests! We promise to love any gift you’ve carefully selected (just not a vacuum) and remember: it really is the thought that counts.

Autumn Yates

Autumn draws from a reporting background and years of experience working remotely, while living abroad, to focus on topics in travel, beauty, and online safety.


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