Five Mistakes You Should Avoid to Prevent Damaged Hair

As a professional hair stylist, I get asked a lot of questions: Which products should you use? How should you style your hair? What is the best hair color for your complexion? But more than anything else, I’ve found that what’s really important to my clients is learning how to make your hair longer and healthier.

So over the years, I’ve discovered five primary “truths” for achieving and maintaining healthy hair. And I can attest that those clients who have listened to my advice have ultimately experienced a vast improvement in the quality of their hair—and now I want to help you do the same.

Are You Getting the Hair Results You Want? If Not, Why?

Is your hair full of dull, brittle split ends? Does it tangle easily? Or, does it fade quickly after you’ve spent a lot of money on professional coloring? If so, these are sure signs that you’re hair is damaged. The good news is that I’ve got some fantastic tips to help you restore your hair, and to prevent this damage from recurring. If this sounds like you, keep reading to put yourself on the right path…

Hair Mistake #1 – Chemical Over-Processing

Far and away, chemical over-processing is the number one cause of damaged hair, because most people don’t have the knowledge and skill to achieve the results they want from inexpensive hair coloring kits. And remember; if you color your hair on your own, you’re much more likely to over-process—and ultimately damage—it.

Ask yourself this: Have you ever seen a licensed cosmetologist, in a professional salon, use a store-bought boxed coloring kit? Certainly not. The reason for this is that licensed cosmetologists go through more than a year of full-time education learning the proper methods of mixing chemicals and applying them to your hair. We’re here to make sure you look your best, which is difficult (if not impossible) using store-bought hair coloring kits. Instead, leave this step to the professionals, get the most bang for your buck, and ultimately look your best.

Hair Mistake #2 – Changing Your Color Too Often

Even though coloring your hair should be left to the professionals, you should always keep in mind that your hair will still be slightly damaged during the process. This is minimal, and will normally repair itself well in advance of any follow up “maintenance” colorings.

However, when you don’t provide your hair with the healing time it needs before re-coloring, you’re basically just adding damage on top of damage. With repeated cycles, your will hair become over-porous, which will cause it to take color in unpredictable ways, and can lead to even more problems.

Hair Mistake #3 – Using the Wrong Shampoo & Conditioner

The simple truth is that no one shampoo or conditioner will work for you in all circumstances. For example, even if you’re hair is oily at the roots, this doesn’t mean you should always use a volumizing shampoo/conditioner since this will lead to ends that are dry.

Instead of sticking to one or the other, I recommend mix-and-matching your shampoo and conditioner. This way you can use one product after your hair is toned or colored, another when you need to hydrate, and yet another when you need to repair your ends.

Also, prior to applying conditioner in the shower, be sure to always squeeze the excess water out of your hair. This will go a long way toward making sure the conditioner is absorbed by your hair and maximizes the benefits it provides. Think of it this way; you wouldn’t apply lotion to wet skin because it won’t absorb properly, and the same goes for your hair.

Hair Mistake #4 – Failing to Use a Reparative Serum

A high-quality reparative serum, such as Loma Pearatin with Keratin, is amazing because it provides three immediate benefits:

  • Strengthens,
  • Acts as a hair color protectant, and
  • Guards against damage caused by heat.

After all, you wouldn’t put a chicken in the oven without first basting it, right? If you did, you know that it would burn it to a crisp. Well, the same concept applies to your hair.

And don’t worry; applying serum to your hair will not “cook” it, but will instead help to prevent it from burning by making sure it is moisturized from root to tip.

Hair Mistake #5 – Not Getting Regular Hair Cuts

I know, I know; it can be difficult getting your hair cut, especially when you’re trying to grow it out. During times like these, it’s easy to become emotionally attached to your hair and to dread the thought of ever cutting it. But the reality is that cutting your hair every 1-3 months—depending on whether or not you’re growing it out—can help prevent damage. Why is this?

Because, especially as pertains to growing out your hair, having it cut regularly removes split ends, and is much more preferable than have them just break off. As a rule of thumb, try to cut your hair at least one-half inch at least once every three months. By doing this and following up with high-quality serums and conditioners, your hair will be long and lustrous before you know it!

Are You Ready to Experience Your Best Hair Possible?

If I asked you, “Are you ready to experience the longest, most luxurious hair possible?” I’m sure I’d get a resounding “Yes!” in reply. Well, the great news is that there’s no time like the present!

Even if you feel like your hair is at the point of “no return,” the above five steps can get you back on track. Don’t take any more of your time trying to get your hair in the best shape possible. Instead, take my advice, and finally be happy with your hair!

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