Introduction to the New Solavei Marketplace

Set to launch September 21st, the Solavei Marketplace will provide users with discount coupons to big name retailers and for a wide variety of services, as well as a method of earning additional commission. For those already familiar with the Solavei program, perhaps one of the best features about the new Marketplace is that both members and non-members can participate, at least on some level. Also, the Solavei Marketplace will not have any effect on the current compensation plan, but will only add to it.

How Solavei Marketplace Works

The Solavei Marketplace helps you save money through three avenues:

  1. Daily Deals
  2. Discounts at National Retailers
  3. Merchant Commissions

Daily Deals 

Unlike the other two methods of saving money, Solavei members and non-members alike can benefit from the Daily Deals. These deals work very similar to Groupon, where users print an offer (or save the coupon on their smartphone), which is then redeemed at a local retailer. If you’re already a member and would like to use the Daily Deals feature to earn a commission, Solavei Marketplace provides you with the ability to share these offers via Facebook, Twitter, or email. Each of your “shares” is assigned a unique tracking code, so when your friends or family purchase an offer you’ve shared, you’ll earn a commission (Note: the Daily Deal commission percentage has not been released as of this writing). Also, if you come across a Daily Deal that you think would be perfect for someone else, you can send it as a gift.

Discounts at National Retailers

Solavei Marketplace will also feature a wide variety of national retailers providing members with discounts ranging anywhere from 2-15%. A few of these retailers include Starbucks, Kohl’s, Burger King, Home Depot, Petco, and many more.

Here’s how it will work: First, you’ll need to obtain a Solavei pay card, which can be used at any retailer that accepts VISA. Then, when you make purchases at any of the participating Solavei Marketplace retailers using your card, you’ll earn an immediate discount at the register. Now you no longer have to change where you shop to receive even greater savings.

Merchant Commissions 

Beginning July 19th, Solavei Marketplace members with a ranking of Partner or above can earn additional money by signing up local businesses to participate in the program. After doing so, every time a Solavei member uses their VISA pay card at these locations, the original signing member will earn a commission from each sale. Not only does this commission program help Solavei members, but it also helps increase foot traffic at participating businesses by providing a platform for them to advertise their services.

If you’re wondering why the Solavei Marketplace Merchant Program is only available to the ranks of Partner and higher, it’s due to quality control. In other words, the company wants to ensure that any individuals going in and talking to a business about Solavei fully understands the program, as well as how the company works. Partner members, who require 14 sign-ups in order to achieve this status, typically meet these criteria.

The Bottom Line About Solavei Marketplace

As a company, Solavei relies on word-of-mouth marketing to increase its market reach, as well as its profits. As of today, this has proven to be a very effective strategy, not only for the company, but also for the thousands of members who earn monthly commissions from their efforts.

With Solavei Marketplace, the company that changed the way we look at the cell phone industry, now appears poised to change our view about commerce as a whole. The vast majority of members appear excited to see what the Marketplace will bring, the money that they can save, and the commissions they can earn.


  • Even more ways for Solavei members and non-members to save money.
  • Members can earn extra commission by signing up local businesses to participate in the program.
  • Local businesses will also benefit by increasing customer foot traffic.


  • Solavei Marketplace won’t be available until September 21st.
  • Some details remain unclear, which should be resolved as the release date approaches.


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