Looking to See if the Focus T25 Program is a Scam or Legit? Start Here!

Chances are that if you’ve spent any time in front of the TV recently, you’ve seen an advertisement for Focus T25. This new workout system from Sean T, who also brought you the P90X3 and Insanity series, claims to give you all the results you’re looking for, but in only 25 minutes per day.

In our original Focus T25 review, we went over some of the program’s basics, as well as some of the most common complaints associated with it. Since that time, it appears that Focus T25’s popularity has grown immensely, so we though this would be a prime opportunity to investigate some of their claims in greater detail.

To explore the Focus T25 10-week program, we recruited two young women to participate, and to document their results. Each of these women comes from different fitness backgrounds: One is athletic and exercises regularly, while the other is more sedentary with inconsistent exercising habits. To really personalize the experiment, we set everything up in a question and answer format, so that the participants can give us their undiluted feedback, which ultimately helps you make a more informed decision.

So let’s dig in and explore the Focus T-25 program from start to finish, beginning with order placement.

Focus T25 Ordering: A Good or Bad Experience?

Although placing our order for Focus T25 online would have been much faster, the only purchasing option available using this method was through three installments, so we were forced to call the company directly to make one single payment of $139. When we called, a U.S.-based customer service representative named Jason answered the phone, who seemed very pleasant and professional. His overall tone and persona blended well with the T25 theme, and he exuded knowledge, confidence, and a fitness-oriented mindset.

Even though the process went smoothly, one big downside was that we were constantly being upsold additional products and services throughout the call, which quickly became tiring. For example, after declining one product, Jason then would try to upsell us another “deluxe” package. After declining this, we were then told that we’d automatically be billed $1 for a 30-day supply of vitamins, which would turn into a monthly subscription service unless we cancelled. After declining this as well, we were then offered fitness milkshakes, which we had to decline—again. Ultimately it got to the point where we had to specify that we wanted nothing other than the Focus T25 workout DVDs for $139.

Focus T-25
The packaging

Our order was originally placed on 2/6/14, and we promptly received the receipt and tracking number soon thereafter. The order was shipped very quickly, which we received on 2/14/14. After opening the package, we noticed that it contained even more sales materials for the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and Shakeology.

Now that we have the Focus T25 DVDs in hand, let’s see what our testers had to say about their first week’s experience.

Week 1: Focus T25 First Impressions

Test Subject #1

Age: 30
Starting Weight: 204.6 lb

Please descibe your diet:
Normally, I try and stick to more of a protein-based diet, and don’t mix carbs and protein in the same meal, based on the Beverly Hills Diet idea. However, now that I’ve started the T25 program, I am stricter with myself. Even though I’ve always lost weight this way, and it’s been the most realistic method for me, I always gain it back. In the future, perhaps this will work better, instead of constantly dieting.

What are your exercising habits prior to beginning Focus T25?
My previous exercising habits have been minimal. During times when I was trying to lose weight, I just walked on the treadmill for an hour at a speed of 3 or 3.5. I typically did this 1-3 times per week, though I was not always consistent.

Is it easy to understand what you should do and how everything works? The first Focus T25 DVD is a guide to the system – is it helpful?
I didn’t watch the guide, but everything is pretty straightforward, so I figured it out on my own.

Are the routines easy to complete?
Definitely not. In fact, the people featured in the videos are very fit, and even they are pouring with sweat and yelling while working out. But to be honest, I’d rather do that for 25 minutes and get results, then work out for an hour and not see much of a difference.

Do the workouts get easier as you progress?
On the 4th day it was easier, because I felt stronger and that I had better balance.

How difficult are the T25 workouts?
Even though the workouts demonstrated by Sean T are extremely hard, some were possible for me to do. Even after four days I can’t do a whole video perfectly, but I do sweat a lot!

The first day was hard but doable, because I often followed the girl showing the modified moves. But even with these modified versions, I still felt like I got a great work out. While some of the standard moves are not hard to follow, others are very confusing to me. When this occurred, I just followed the modified workout to keep moving and to keep my heart rate up.

Focus T25 claims that anyone, at any fitness level, can do it. Is this true? In other words, if you’ve never worked out like this previously, is it possible to complete?
Honestly, I don’t think an obese person would be able to do this. It’s quite difficult, and as someone who has exercised a little in the past, I can’t even do everything. However, in the beginning I did do the modified workout a lot.

I have done it three days in a row now, and while I can’t do exactly what they are doing onscreen, I can keep moving and doing as much as possible. Sometimes, I do want to cry while working out because it’s hard, but I also want to cry at the end because I’m so happy that I finished the workout. The 25 minutes goes by very fast, and I’m not losing anything but fat at this point!

Do you like T25? How does it make you feel?
I like the fact that I don’t have to work out hard for a whole hour. However, when doing T25, I feel really sore the next day, as opposed to walking on the treadmill for an hour.

The first day was very hard for me, but after repeating the Cardio section on the fourth day, it was much more doable. I felt like I remembered some of the moves, and was able to push myself more as a result.

How much weight did you lose this week? Are the results noticeable?
I lost 3 pounds from Monday to Saturday, but I am also following The Beverly Hills Diet concept. In addition, I don’t eat after 6:30pm, I substituted sugar for Stevia, and I haven’t had caffeine since Monday. I drink almost 2 liters of water per day.

Have you made any sacrifices to achieve results?
I don’t feel like I’ve had to make any sacrifices. Time goes by very quickly when working out.

Focus T-25
What came in the package

Daily Breakdown

Day 1 – Cardio:
Difficult, but it’s doable by following the modified workout. I broke out in a good sweat during the workout, and was happy when it was complete. My body didn’t hurt too much the next day.

Day 2 – Speed 1.0:
Still difficult, but again, it’s doable by following the modified workout. It wasn’t as hard as the first day, but I still couldn’t do it on my own.

Day 3 – Total body Circuit:
This day was really hard for me, and I hardly made it. However, I like the hard workouts now, and as a result I’m getting more into it, and I feel like it’s worth my time.

Day 4 – AB Intervals:
This was very difficult for me. Even though I mostly did the modified versions, I tried to do what the rest of the group was doing as much as possible. I did cry a little, but in the end I was so happy that I did it. My body was sore the next day.

Day 5 – Lower Focus:
On the workout calendar included with your T-25 DVDs, they give you the ability to complete an extra workout (Day 1 Cardio) for maximum results, although it’s not required. Well, I want maximum results, so I did the extra workout, which was hard. I tried to follow Sean T as much as possible, but found myself referring back to Tanya for the modified workouts fairly often. But the good news is that when I did the Cardio workout as my second video, I was able to do a lot of the moves by following Sean T. This is a pretty big accomplishment, considering that I was nowhere near following him the first time around.

With all of this in mind, I do feel like I became stronger in a short time. Also, at the end of each of the videos there is a 2-minute cool down, and the first time I did it I was flying all over my room, but the second time I completed everything almost perfectly. It can get confusing at times because you can’t look at Sean T the whole time to see what he’s doing, so sometimes I looked up and was way off. But the cool down is my favorite part, because it makes you feel better and less tired.

Do you have any tips for other Focus T25 users?

  • As far as equipment, wear a sports bra, because you’ll be moving around a lot and will need a little extra support. Wear some good shoes made for exercising, since they’ll help improve your balance. Also, you may want to keep a small towel handy, because you’ll definitely be sweating a lot.
  • As was mentioned in the original T25 review, Tanya (the woman who performs the modified exercises) is not always shown on-screen, which means that users will have to figure things out for themselves. You can still complete the videos, but it may make your first week a little frustrating.
  • All of the videos contain commercials about supplements and shakes to buy, which claim that they’re useful in helping you achieve maximum results. The overall process contains a lot of upselling, which can get a little annoying.

Test Subject #2

Age: 22
Starting weight: 138 lb

What are your exercising habits prior to beginning Focus T25?
One hour of intense cardio, six days per week. Some days it may be on the treadmill going up to a speed of 5.5, while others I do the Brazilian Butt Lift workout.

Eating plan while completing the Focus T25 series:
I’ll start my day with an acidic fruit, followed by a protein breakfast one hour later. I’ll drink 2-3 liters of water per day, and will consume 2-3 small snacks before 4pm. 

Is it easy to understand what you should do and how everything works? 
Yes, when I received my package it was very understandable, and took only five minutes to figure everything out.

Are the Focus T25 routines easy to complete?
No, not even for someone like me. I run out of breath and sweat like a pig, so to me, that means it is not easy.

How difficult are the routines?
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most difficult, I would rate T25 as an 8. And even at that level, I’m swearing inside. However, I enjoy pushing myself to the max at all times, so I’m up for the challenge.

Focus T25 claims that anyone, at any fitness level, can do it. Is this true? In other words, if you’ve never worked out like this previously, is it possible to complete?
I would say no, only because I’m already more fit from my other workouts, and I still follow the modified girl a lot. Doing this without that experience, and the strength that comes with it, would have made it impossible for me.

What stands out to you about this system?
The intense non-stop speed stands out the most, which is something I haven’t experienced in my other workout videos. I love Sean T because he’s very encouraging and positive, and takes his job very seriously. As a result, time feels like it goes by very fast.

Do you like Focus T25?
I love it!

How does Focus T25 make you feel?
It gives me confidence and makes me feel stronger. Sean T pushes you to the limit, and the videos help you see what you’re capable of.

How much weight did you lose this week? Are the results noticeable?
I started seeing visible results in my arms after a few days. Along with my thighs, they felt tighter and slimmer. The first week I lost 4 pounds, which it’s pretty good, considering that I don’t lose weight easily, regardless of what I try.

The ultimate question is: Does Focus T25 work? If so, have you made any sacrifices to achieve results?
Yes, it definitely works, and I love the program. I’m not making any sacrifices—in fact, I have more free time now, because Focus T25 cuts my required workout time in half. Also, I love the fact that after 25 minutes, I sweat harder than when I run for an hour.

Having said that, I do feel like it’s false advertising to claim that anyone at any fitness level can use Focus T25. Also, the company claims that you’ll only have to work out five days per week, but in actuality, you’ll have to complete a 25-minute stretching video an extra day each week, which brings the program to 6 days per week. On top of this, the company recommends completing two videos on the 6th day, which brings your total to 50 minutes. Overall I think I was expecting something a little different, but other than these two minor complaints, it’s a great workout and I’m excited to continue.

Next Up: Focus T25 Week 2

Because the T25 program is completed over the course of 10 weeks, we’ll be featuring a total of 10 weekly articles her on HighYa. We’ll closely follow each of the participants’ progress, and will hopefully gain some valuable insights into the efficacy and enjoyability of the Focus T25 program.

Stay tuned next week for the second installment!

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