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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 1, 2015

Winter’s here, and it’s cold outside!

But Astro Socks can help keep your feet warm using aerospace-designed aluminized threads that recirculate your natural body heat, while also wicking moisture.

All of this is woven into an extremely light, thin, and stretchy knit fabric, which allows you to wear your Astro Socks underneath regular socks and just about any kind of winter footwear. And they’re even machine washable!

Whether you’re a man, woman, or child, you want to stay warm and cozy during the winter. And if you think about it, the technology behind Astro Socks might make sense.

But will it really work as advertised? That’s exactly what we’ll talk about first.

What are Aluminized Threads?

The aluminized threads mentioned in the Astro Socks commercial probably references aluminized mylar (also known as BoPET in many parts of the world), which was “originally developed for NASA Goddard Space Flight Research Center to make satellites more reflective, and for space suit insulation.”

Pro tip: The space blankets you see in big budget Hollywood sci-fi films (like less-crinkly tin foil) are aluminized mylar.

In the instance of Astro Socks, very fine strips of aluminized mylar are woven into a stretchy fabric, supposedly to keep you warm. But will they actually work?

Will Astro Socks’s Aluminized Threads Keep You Warm?

The sales pitch is that Astro Socks’s aluminized mylar fibers will reflect your own body heat back to your feet, while the remaining fibers will allow for some breathability. Or, as the company coins it, these socks will “recirculate your natural body heat.”

Yes, aluminized mylar (i.e. a space blanket) is used to reduce heat loss, which is accomplished in three primary ways:

  • The airtight foil reduces convection
  • Heat loss caused by evaporation of perspiration, moisture or blood is minimized by the same mechanism
  • To a limited extent the reflective surface inhibits losses caused by thermal radiation.

But here’s the kicker: Astro Socks does not create an airtight environment, so they won’t reduce convection (e.g. if snow has melted and soaked through your boot), and they won’t reduce evaporation.

And considering that Astro Socks’s reflectivity is minimal, it would seem like its ability to inhibit heat loss from thermal radiation would probably be minimal as well.

Are customers feeling warmer with Astro Socks, or just left out in the cold?

Are Astro Socks Customers Feeling the Big Chill?

Astro Socks was a brand new product at the time of our research, but we did come across numerous online reviews for essentially identical products (more about this in the following section).

This included this Women’s Thermal Socks Set on Amazon, with more than 101 customer reviews and an average rating of 3.6 stars. There, many customers claimed that the liners provided added warmth and worked exactly as advertised, while others claimed they were too bulky or uncomfortable to fit under socks or gloves.

Certainly, a lot of this could come down to personal preference, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Now, let’s talk about Astro Socks’s competition.

Is There Anything Else Like Astro Socks?

Although you’re not exactly swimming in options, there are several other brands of socks that work basically the same as Astro Socks. And in some instances, they’re the exact same product.

To see for yourself, enter “mylar thermal socks” or “thermal sock liner” into any search engine. What’d we tell you? A whole lot of similar options, right?

Did you notice anything else that stood out about these other options? Many of them are less expensive than Astro Socks. Exactly how much money are we talking about here?

Is the Price of Astro Socks Heating Up?

Two pairs of Astro Socks will cost you $12.99 plus $5.99 S&H, and you also be able to purchase a bonus pair of Astro Gloves for an additional $5.99 S&H at checkout.

All Astro Socks orders come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. Did you buy the BOGO offer? This means you’ll probably lose more in S&H charges than you’ll get back as a refund!

Regardless, to request a refund, you’ll need to contact Product Trend (Astro Socks’s manufacturer) customer service at 844-826-2687.

Astro Socks: A Hot Product or a Hot Mess?

Granted, we’re not experts in heat loss, but as we explained above, the basic concept behind Astro Socks doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense from a real-world perspective.

Despite this, an identical sock/glove set available elsewhere online seems to have garnered mostly positive customer reviews, so perhaps there’s something to it after all.

But when you consider that you’ll lose a big chunk of change on non-refundable S&H charges, you could pay a steep price for giving Astro Socks a try.

Just remember: Astro Socks are just liners—you’re not supposed to use them on your own, despite how the commercial made it appear!

Did you roll the dice on Astro Socks? If so, did they send you to the moon, or were they just hyped-up tinfoil? Tell us about it by leaving a review below!

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