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By HighYa Staff
Published on: Oct 17, 2017

Advertised as an industrial strength high-speed charging cable that’s built to last, Atomic Power Cord features a unique steel-wrapped coil construction that keeps it flexible and eliminates breaking.

As a result, the company claims this nine-foot industrial strength cable can withstand the toughest punishment, will never bend, break, or burst, and will last a lifetime. Its connector ends are also welded tough so that they won't break, no matter how much you twist and bend. And if it does, the company claims they’ll replace it for free, regardless of the reason.

There are a whole lot of upsides to owning a smartphone or tablet, but perhaps one of the biggest downsides is constantly having to replace broken, worn out—not to mention expensive—recharging cables.

But does Atomic Power Cord represent a solution to this widespread problem? Is it really the last power cable you'll ever have to buy? Even then, does it necessarily represent the most value for your money?

Taking a Closer Look at Atomic Power Cord’s Key Features

Metal-clad (MC) cable is commonly used in industrial electrical applications, since the outside is protected by corrugated metal shaped in a helix-like formation that protects the softer wiring inside, while remaining relatively flexible. And while it might seem like a relatively recent invention, MC cable has been used since the early 1900s.

Recently, similar designs have been applied in much smaller recharging cables like Atomic Power Cord for devices like smartphones and tablets. Despite their diminutive size, though, the main intention is still applicable; to provide greater protection and help deliver longer-lasting usability.

Another feature often found in these industrial strength charging cables is ends with beefier welds (often performed with laser precision), which promise to withstand the forces associated with constantly plugging and unplugging electronic devices.

Finally, like Atomic, many of these options promise to deliver high-speed charging capabilities. However, VelvetWire explains that the charging speed provided by any cable is directly impacted by the size of its wiring; thinner wires create more electrical impedance and slow down charging times.

They also note that a cable’s length can negatively impact charging time, since the longer it is, the more electrical impedance it will create. This means that an eight-foot cable will lose twice as much power as a four-foot model.

What does all of this mean when you’re shopping for a charging cable? We’ll talk about this—as well as Atomic Power Cord’s competition—in a moment. First, though, let’s find out what you’ll pay.

How Much Does Atomic Power Cord Cost?

Available for both iPhone and Android models, one Atomic Power Cord is priced at $19.99, plus free S&H. During checkout, you’ll be able to purchase a second cord for an additional $9.99 fee.

Regardless of the number you order, all Atomic Power Cords come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H. In order to request one, you’ll need to contact Bulbhead, a division of Telebrands, at 855-668-1655.

What Do We Know About the Company Behind Atomic Power Cord?

Telebrands is the largest As Seen on TV company in the industry, with more than three decades in business. In that time, they’ve released hundreds of ultra-popular products, some of the most recent of which include Red Copper Pan, Ped Egg Power, and other Atomic-branded products like Beam USA and the Charge Wallet.

From a company perspective, Telebrands held a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on 25 customer reviews (96 percent of which were negative) and nearly 400 closed complaints, as of 10/16/17. For those with details available, most appeared to revolve around customer service problems (typically, attempting to process a refund).

In each instance, a company representative responded with a resolution.

Atomic Power Cord vs. Fuse Chicken Titan & Other Metal Coil Recharging Cables

While there are a number of steel-braided options and thicker, heavy-duty rubber products available, if you're looking for a steel-clad recharging cable, your options are currently limited to the Atomic Power Cord and the Fuse Chicken Titan. How do they compare?

The Fuse model is priced between $24.95 (9" Loop keychain model) and $43 (59" Titan+ color matching model), although it’s only available for iPhone models. Like Atomic, it’s also advertised as the last charging cable you’ll ever need, and its commercial shows it being hammered, sawed, and subjected to other abuses, without impacting its recharging capabilities.

Because of this, the Fuse was named by Digital Trends in 2017 as one of the best micro USB cables you can buy.

Comparatively, at about $20, Atomic Power Cord comes in meaningfully lower than even the lowest-priced Fuse model, although you’re limited to a three-foot length.

However, we’re not told about the gauge of Fuse’s wiring, so we can’t know exactly how it might compare to the recharging times provided by your current cable (the VelvetWire article cited earlier recommends 28/24 gauge). We also contacted several different Telebrands customer support reps, who were similarly unable to provide these details.

Our Bottom Line About Atomic Power Cord

In addition to wire gauge and length, the VelvetWire article emphasizes another important factor that could impact the quality of a charging cable is whether or not its internal wiring is surrounded by a flexible metal shield, which can help “prevent the electrical noise within the cable from getting out, while also reducing interference with the high-speed data traveling within.”

Instead, lower-quality cables will often have one internal wire removed, and this metal shield will be used as a replacement wire. This results in “the shield trying to do two things at once. What used to be the shield is now carrying power, and potentially more electrical noise.”

Again, Telebrands customer support wasn’t able to provide any insight into this, so you can’t know what you’ll get for your money with Atomic Power Cord without placing an order and giving it a try.

Fortunately, initial S&H is free (unless you paid an additional $9.99 fee for a second cord) and the company stands behind it with a 30-day refund policy. However, you will need to pay for return shipping charges if you’re dissatisfied, which could vary depending on your location.

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