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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 2, 2013

Created by chiropractor Dr. Todd Sinett and operated by BackBridge, LLC, BackBridge is a device that helps treat the root cause of back pain by restoring core balance in your spine. According to the company, back pain is the second-most frequent reason cited for doctors’ visits, and is surpassed only by the common cold. As a result, the BackBridge was designed to be lightweight and portable, so it can be carried with you and used at home, work, and even your car.

Dr. Sinett claims that he is passionate about helping people find relief from back pain, and has appeared on Barbara Waters’ The View, FoxMD, and Good Day New York with Donna Hanover. Despite this broad media coverage, BackBridge is a fairly new product, and has no Better Business Bureau rating, nor any social media presence. It’s also important to note that the company’s website claims the BackBridge is a patented device, though at the bottom of the page it states it is patent-pending.

How BackBridge Works

BackBridge is constructed of arched, high-density foam, which is claimed to work safely with the natural curvature of your spine. The system comes complete with four adjustable, stackable tiers (labeled as levels 1-4), which can be added or removed depending on your needs. According to the website, BackBridge can be used by anyone in need of back pain relief, and can be adjusted as your needs change.

In order to use BackBridge, you simply need to choose the curvature level that’s most comfortable for you, and then get to work. With BackBridge on a flat surface, you’ll lay down with your back toward the floor, and the system will slowly arch your back. This acts to decompress your entire spine from your tailbone all the way to the base of your neck. According to the company’s website, this needs to be performed for two minutes, twice per day, in order to achieve noticeable results. After use, you should take care not to stand up too quickly, as this can cause dizziness. If properly followed, you should be able to progress to the next level once every three weeks.

BackBridge Pricing and Return Policy

The BackBridge promotional video states that the device will cost you three payments of $39.95, but like nearly all infomercials, they’ll waive one payment if you “call within the next 20 minutes.” With this in mind, the BackBridge will ultimately cost you two payments of $39.95¾or a single payment of $80 plus $19.95 shipping and handling.

The BackBridge comes with a 30-day “Freedom From Pain” money back guarantee, but does not include shipping and handling charges. Because it’s not mentioned on their site, it may be a good idea to inquire if the 30 days begins from the moment you receive the product, or from the order date.

Bottom Line: Should You Use BackBridge?

While the BackBridge company states that you should use the device twice per day, 2-minutes at a time, you should keep in mind that this is considered the bare minimum. In other words, this “two minutes, twice per day” claim makes a good selling point, but even the company recommends using it more often, and for greater lengths of time, in order to achieve maximum results. In addition, BackBridge makes no claims about how long you’ll need to use the device before experiencing these benefits.

With this said, we’re not claiming that BackBridge is a scam, only that you should consult with your chiropractor or family physician prior to using it. After all, it is sold via infomercials, and the reality is that many “As Seen on TV” products don’t always work as advertised.

On the plus side though, when you place your order for the BackBridge, you’ll receive two free exclusive videos: Getting Started and Stabilize & Strengthen, which will contain instructions from Dr. Sinett about how to properly use the device. In addition, you’ll also receive the free quick-start guide titled “The Bridge to Pain Relief,” as well as a back strap to help you use BackBridge while you’re driving.

So the bottom line is this: BackBridge may be a great option to naturally relieve yourself of back pain, but be sure to speak with your physician beforehand.

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