About Bamboo Relief Knee Support

Bamboo Relief Knee Support is a wrap that uses fibers from bamboo charcoal – they claim this provides compression as well as natural self-warming, storing and reflecting body heat for soothing relief.

There is no information as to who sells Bamboo Relief Knee Support on the website, other than an email: buyfromtv@outlook.com. (There is no info at the BBB site, either.)

How Bamboo Relief Knee Support Works

Bamboo Relief Knee Support is primarily a compressor, which has been shown to provide relief from swelling or stiffness in joints. (That’s why so many athletes use them.) They say what sets Bamboo Relief Knee Support apart is the fact it’s made from bamboo charcoal fibers – bamboo that has been carbonized inside a hot oven.

Bamboo charcoal, in addition to its use as fuel, is known to be very porous and durable. It also is used as filtration to purify water. Because of its high porosity, it naturally adjusts, either emitting or absorbing moisture, depending on humidity. Bamboo Relief Knee Support adds that bamboo charcoal naturally warms itself from body heat, providing additional therapy.

Bamboo Relief Knee Support includes:

  • Bamboo Relief Knee Support wrap
  • BOGO “free” (extra shipping/handing)

Bamboo Relief Knee Support Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Bamboo Relief Knee Support retails for $10 plus $7.95 S&H, but your order is automatically “buy one get one” with an additional $7.95 in non-refundable fees tacked on. True total: $25.90 for 2. Returns are allowed within 30 days, but they will only refund your initial $10 and won’t pay the postage for you to ship back.


  • All natural
  • Bamboo charcoal has beneficial absorption and heat properties
  • Compression wear helps with movement and circulation


  • No company information and only an email address for support
  • Non-refundable S&H more expensive than item itself
  • As Seen On TV products sometimes don’t do everything they claim

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