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BBQ NU is an “As Seen on TV” grill cleaning solution that claims to instantly clean any grill, without the need for any scrubbing. BBQ NU’s easy to use solution is also claimed to disintegrate old and new burnt-on messes without damaging your grill, and to help you achieve a pristine-looking bar-b-que without having to work for it.

Even though summer’s over, there’s still plenty of good weather remaining to bar-b-que in, although you probably hate cleaning up afterward. As such, does BBQ NU really represent and easy and cost-effective method of cleaning your grill, or is it just more marketing hype?

How BBQ NU Claims to Work

If you’re looking to achieve a grill that looks like new but hate all the work that comes along with it, BBQ NU claims that their cleaning solution can help. In fact, BBQ NU is claimed to work not just bar-b-ques, but on oven racks, catch pans and trays, and stove top burners as well.

In order to use BBQ NU, the manufacturer claims that the process works over 3 steps:

  1. Pour BBQ NU into the special cleaning bag.
  2. Insert your grill into the bag, seal it, and then swish the BBQ NU solvent evenly over the grill’s surface.
  3. Remove your grill from the bag and spray clean with a water hose.

Once this occurs, the BBQ NU website claims that you’ll have a pristine-looking grill, and in much less time than traditional cleaning methods.

BBQ NU Pricing & Refund Policy

BBQ NU is only sold through the manufacturer and is priced at $10 plus $5.99 S&H, in addition to a $1 web service fee. Like most “As Seen on TV” products, you’ll be able to purchase a second bottle of BBQ NU for an additional $5.99 S&H, bringing your total to $22.98. Overall, this means that you’ll end up with 2 BBQ NU cleaning bags and 2 bottles of BBQ NU cleaning solution.

BBQ NU comes with 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges. Note: During our research, the Customer Service and Privacy Policy links on the BBQ NU website were not functional, and there is no other contact information available for the company elsewhere online. We’ll be sure to check the site often and update this section as soon as the information becomes available.

Can BBQ NU Clean Your Grill without Any Elbow Grease?

When it comes down to it, can you expect this “As Seen on TV” product to perform as well as it claims? And is BBQ NU worth your money? Perhaps, although you should keep the following in mind before placing your order:

“As Seen on TV” Product

First, remember that BBQ NU is an “As Seen on TV” (ASOTV) product, which tend to have reputations for not working as well as advertised, as well as low quality. As new product, we’re not saying this is the case with BBQ NU, although it’s something you should be well aware of.

Another thing that ASOTV products have in common is high, non-refundable S&H charges, and BBQ NU seems to be no exception. In fact, your S&H charges will cost more than the actual product itself. And when you calculate the cost of returning your BBQ NU back to the manufacturer, you may be lucky just to break even in the event that you’re dissatisfied with the product.

Customer Feedback & Product Concerns

Speaking of new products: Because BBQ NU is such a new product (URL registered July 2014), there are no online customer reviews available that can be used to gauge overall satisfaction.

However, this lack of feedback does leave us with some unanswered questions, including: Are the “special” bags big enough to accommodate most grills? What happens when you run out—can other types of bags be used?

In addition: What ingredients are contained in BBQ NU? Are there any harmful chemicals? If you knew what they were, would you choose to have these chemicals on your food?

Important note: Unfortunately, the Customer Service link on the BBQ NU website wasn’t functional at the time of our research, so there were no contact details available. We attempted to search elsewhere online for this information, although it doesn’t appear to be available there, either.

We’ll be sure to check the site often and update this section as soon as the information becomes available.

Do You Even Need BBQ NU in the First Place?

If you’re looking to keep you grill as clean as possible and to avoid excessive buildup, the key is to clean it immediately after each and every use while it's still hot.

In order to accomplish this, simply turn all the burners to high (assuming it’s a gas or electric grill), close the lid, and wait 5 minutes. When you open the lid and begin cleaning, you’ll find that 99% of the residue will scrape right off, which can provide you with a safe and chemical-free method of keeping your grill pristine.

Bottom line:

While BBQ NU might help you easily clean your grill, keep in mind that it may not work as well as advertised, that it may contain chemicals you’d rather not cook into your food, and you may not even need it in the first place.


  • Claims to provide you with a pristine grill without any work.
  • Claims to be an efficient and cost-effective way of cleaning your grill.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • No information available about the ingredients contained in BBQ NU.
  • No contact information available at the time of our research.
  • S&H fees are non-refundable, which total more than the price of BBQ NU itself.

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