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“Get Ripped Abs in Bed!” is BedderAbs’ tantalizing claim. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can do in your sleep. No, BedderAbs claims to literally turn your bed into an exercise space. The simple apparatus secures under the mattress, restraining your feet and allowing you to exercise your center.

BedderAbs is created and sold by Bedder Products LLC registered to a location in Charlotte, NC. They are not accredited by the BBB, nor is there very much information about the company itself.

How BedderAbs Works

BedderAbs comes with a long strap and padded bars that are attached across the lower half of your bed by going between the box spring and the mattress and connecting at the ends. There is also a padded blanket which goes on top of the bed. You can work out alone or side-by-side with your partner/significant other, doing various sit ups or crunches, either lying or kneeling on the bed. A pair of resistance straps aid in working the arms, too.

If you don’t have a lot of space or hate the idea of working out on the cold, hard floor, BedderAbs is set up quickly and easily on your bed. According to Dr. Darren M. Newfield MD, BedderAbs’ low-key spokesperson, doing sit-ups on a soft surface such as your bed transfers some of the vertical compression to the mattress and reduces back pain. In addition to tight abs, it promises to help improve cardiovascular health, make you less prone to injury, reduce depression, lose weight, and get a better night’s sleep.

Each kit comes with:

  • Padded Bedder Bars to fit a Queen, Full or Twin bed
  • 2 BedderBands Resistance Bands
  • 1 Bedder Mat - Bed Cover
  • 19' Strap with 2-piece Buckle
  • Bedder Eating Nutrition Guide
  • Level 1 Exercise Guide
  • Level 1 Training DVD
  • BedderAbs Owner's Manual
  • 38-Day Risk-Free Trial

BedderAbs pricing and refund policy

Bedder Abs is purchased directly from the one-page website, with a “Free Trial” that’s just $9.95 for shipping of the Queen/Full/Twin-sized product to you ($12.95 for King.) After 30 days, you will be billed for 3 “easy” payments of $19.95 ($24.95 KIng) for a total of $59.95/$74.85. Additionally, you can choose to make one-time payments of $49.95 + $9.95 S&H for Queen and $59.95 + $12.95 S&H for King. According to the site you can save up to 40% off the “regular” price this way.

Although the website cleverly says “38 Day Risk Free Trial”, the fine print says 30 days from when you receive the product. If you are not satisfied, return the complete Bedder Abs kit to the provided address and you will either have your money refunded or not be billed for the 3 payments. (You pay for the return shipping and will not receive a refund for the initial S & H.)

Additionally, the terms mention an Ongoing DVD Training program, where you are shipped a new DVD (and charged $19.95 + $9.95) monthly for 6 months on the same credit card from which you ordered BedderAbs. This seems to happen automatically and also must be cancelled within 30 days of receipt for a refund, minus S & H.

Bottom line: is BedderAbs a scam?

There are a LOT of problems with this product. First of all, buying something from a one-page website with one-click ordering and lots of fine print is a gamble - you have to really read carefully as to see what you are getting into - in this case, in addition to buying BedderAbs, you will also be ordering a set of expensive DVDs.

Second of all, the website itself is not very convincing. The “Before and Bedder” pictures look phony - the same 4 people are in the homepage video and have decent bods already (one guy looks like he’s puffing out and then sucking in his stomach!)

Lastly, we worry about the general safety of using BedderAbs. Although Dr. Newfield is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, our Spidey senses bristle at the thought of doing sit ups on such a soft surface. The mattress may reduce compression, but it can also increase strain on your lower back and even cause injury. A quick check with other online MDs generally confirms this.

Perhaps this system would be beneficial for the bedridden with limited mobility, but check with your doctor first. Overall, this seems at the very least an expensive purchase, if not a downright dangerous one.

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