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By HighYa Staff

According to the Dr. Meta, author of the Big Diabetes Lie e-book, he’s created a “breakthrough” diabetes-busting system that can easily, effectively, naturally, and inexpensively attack the root cause of diabetes.

This means you’ll be able to normalize your blood sugar, fix insulin sensitivity, and end the need for prescription drugs, insulin injections, and blood sugar monitoring. The Big Diabetes Lie (also known as 7 Steps To Health) can even help type 1 diabetics “greatly reduce” their drug and injection dosages!

All you have to do is change your diet in a specific way, and this 100% effective system will work for you, regardless of your weight or age, how long you’ve suffered from diabetes, which foods you eat, or how much (or how little) you exercise. Which is why Big Diabetes Lie has helped more than 17,000 type 2 diabetics to date.

Have you really been lied to by your friends, family—and most importantly—your doctor all these years? Has there been a cure for your type 2 diabetes all along? In short, we don’t think so. But to fully explain why, let’s start by taking a look at what causes diabetes in the first place.

What is Diabetes? What Causes It?

Diabetes “describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both.”

In layman’s terms, diabetes occurs when your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin to process the sugar in your blood (type 2, also known as adult onset diabetes), or when none is produced at all (since the body’s own immune system attacks insulin-producing cells, known as type 1 diabetes).

Of the two, type 1 diabetes is the most severe. And although there’s no cure, type 1 diabetics can live largely normal lives, as long as they stick to their doctor’s advice, watch what they eat, take their medications, and (sometimes) administer insulin injections.

But what about type 2 diabetes? As the Big Diabetes Lie video claims, is there a cure?

Is There a “Secret” Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

If the Big Diabetes Lie video is to be believed, a cure for type 2 diabetes has existed for over 100 years, but it’s been covered up, hidden from the public, and purposely kept a secret. Is there any truth to either of these claims?

It’s well understood that type 2 diabetes can be reversed through diet and exercise. But “reversed” simply means that you no longer have to take medications to control your blood sugar, and/or your blood sugar levels have naturally fallen into a “prediabetes” range.

However, this doesn’t mean any damage to your body will be reversed, and you’ll still have to watch what you eat and exercise regularly in order to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

So yes, you might be able to reverse your type 2 diabetes by eating right and getting plenty of exercise, but 1) it’s definitely not a secret, and 2) it definitely has been kept “hidden” from the public.

But what about all the “inflammation” talk on the Big Diabetes Lie website? According to WebMD, “The levels of certain inflammatory chemicals called cytokines are often higher in people with type 2 diabetes compared to people without diabetes.” So naturally, it would seem that if you could reduce this inflammation, you could make your type 2 diabetes disappear, right?

Again, referencing the WebMD article, “Does inflammation cause diabetes? It's not as simple as that, however, researchers know for sure that inflammation is somehow involved in the development of type 2 diabetes.” How to control most of this inflammation? Bring your weight down to normal levels through diet and exercise, as we already discussed.

Considering all of this, what exactly does the Big Diabetes Lie e-book reveal? Is it anything different than what we’ve already learned?

Everything We’re Told About Big Diabetes Lie

If you had time to watch the entire Big Diabetes Lie video, you heard a lot of hype, but very little information of any real substance. In fact, literally all we’re told about the e-book is that it will reveal certain harmful foods that you should eat less of, and that you should substitute them with “super foods” that can reduce inflammation.           

What are the foods you should avoid? Which “super foods” should you focus on? Exactly how do they reduce inflammation? We’re simply not told, along with a lot of other really important information.

Now, you might be asking yourself: What about International Council for Truth in Medicine and NaturalNews.com? Don’t they lend some credibility to Big Diabetes Lie?

The International Council for Truth in Medicine just appears to be an online blog, where articles about different health topics are indexed. There is no About page for the organization, and it doesn’t appear that anyone behind them has a background in medicine, whether related to diabetes or otherwise.

Similarly, NaturalNews.com is also a content site that focuses on “consumers with factual information about the synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and other chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products, children's toys and other items.” However, there isn’t anything on their website showing they have a relationship with Big Diabetes Lie’s author.

Alright, although you might not know exactly what you’re getting with Big Diabetes Lie, how much will the e-book cost you?

Is Big Diabetes Lie Priced Honestly?

The Big Diabetes Lie digital e-book (available for immediate download) is priced at $37. However, you can also purchase a paperback copy for $54.39 plus free shipping.

Money-Saving Tip: If you’re interested in the digital version, try clicking off the e-book’s home page. You’ll find that the price immediately drops to $27.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll also receive 5 bonus e-books:

  • Amazing Health from Water
  • MSG and Your Health
  • The Secrets of Antioxidants
  • Dangers of Microwave Radiation
  • Miracle of Sleep

Like all products sold through Clickbank, Big Diabetes Lie comes with a 60-day refund policy, which you can request by calling 800-390-6035.

But should you even order Big Diabetes Lie in the first place?

Is Big Diabetes Lie a … Lie?

Here at HighYa, we’ve reviewed several diabetes-related e-books that made many of the same (or even identical) claims as Big Diabetes Lie, including Diabetes Free, Restore My Blood Sugar, and Diabetes Destroyer. And it’s almost always the same situation: Long, drawn out videos that promise to reveal groundbreaking information, but that don’t even deliver exactly what kinds of information they contain.

Granted, this doesn’t mean that you’ll experience the same with Big Diabetes Lie, but it ticks all the boxes compared to these other options. In fact, based on our experience, you might even be able to find most of the information contained in Big Diabetes Lie elsewhere online, without paying a penny.

Our recommendation? Instead of purchasing Big Diabetes Lie, we think you’d get more value for your money by making an appointment with your doctor. Then, while you’re there, be sure to ask them about the link between inflammation and diabetes, if they can recommend any foods that reduce inflammation, and whether or not it’s even worth your time.

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