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By HighYa Staff

With summer just around the corner, not to mention that spring is technically here, chances are that you’ve probably seen the “As Seen on TV” Big Top Freeze Pop commercials starting right about now. It’s aimed primarily for “kids in the summer”.

So before diving in any further, let’s do a quick recap: The Big Top Freeze Pop is a rather small silicone chamber “on a stick” where you pour in any type of flavored drink, then place it into the freezer and then it allegedly turns into a “freeze pop”. It’s then ready for your kids (or hey, even you) to enjoy during the hot summer.  The concept is definitely awesome and even necessary for the season, but should you buy the Big Top Freeze Pop?

The Big Top Freeze Pop Claimed Features

First of all, The Big Top Freeze Pop claims that the unit is dishwasher safe and BPA Free (Side Note: BPA is Bisphenol A, a chemical that probably isn’t too good for you). Now with that said, The Big Top Freeze Pop is claimed to be ideal for any flavored fruit drink, pudding, gelatin and more. Although it doesn’t state anywhere on the website how long It actually takes to “chill” the drink and turn it into a pop, we would probably assume anywhere between 45-60 minutes in the freezer would be ideal for good results.

Next, you’re probably wondering about the whole “will it be messy?” part. The makers of the Big Top Freeze Pop definitely addressed this issue by claiming that it has a “Built-in drip catcher eliminates mess while you eat” type of deal – but we’ll tackle that in just a few quick moments.

Big Top Freeze Pop Pricing and Returns and how they’re set up to eat you!

Each set comes with two Big Top Freeze Pop Units. As with pretty much all “As Seen on TV” Products, you buy one Big Top Freeze Pop and get the second one free, plus Shipping and Handling. One set costs $10 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling.

As mentioned that mostly all As Seen on TV products come in BOGO (just pay additional Shipping and Processing), you won’t have the option of opting out of the second “free” Big Top Freeze Pop. In other words, if you decide to place an order, you will be forced to pay that extra $6.95 shipping and processing for the second “free” unit in additional to the $10 for the first one and its entailed $6.95 shipping and processing. Your minimum grand total will be $23.90 for 4 Big Top Freeze Pop Units (2 Sets).

With all that said, each Big Top Freeze Pop quantity you specify when ordering on the website comes with that “second one free”, so you’ll always end up paying that extra $6.95 for every unit you add onto your order. As far as returns go, you will obviously not be refunded back all of the money you spent on those “processing and handling” fees. Plus, as always, you will be responsible for paying out of pocket just to ship it back. Essentially, you’ll loose more money trying to “return” it.

The Bottom Line: Should you buy the Big Top Freeze Pop?

As stated above, the concept behind the Big Top Freeze Pop is definitely “cool and neat”. We have no further objections to that. However, as we always stress in most of our As Seen on TV Product Reviews, if you love the concept, we strongly urge you to wait until this specific product becomes available at your local Wal-Mart and Walgreens as they usually are within one month after advertisements begin.

Also, after all, The Big Top Freeze Pop is an “As Seen on TV” product and those unfortunately have a reputation of quickly breaking and not working as promised in the TV Ad. And remember that  “Built-in drip catcher eliminates mess while you eat” we mentioned above? Well since the product is most likely made cheaply, this feature will most likely perform below expectations.

To avoid frustration and headache, we recommend finding a similar product at your local Bed Bath & Beyond or virtually any other store, honestly.

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