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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 2, 2014

Developed by Dr. Joseph Christiano, a world-renowned naturopathic doctor, the Blood Type Workout claims to target your specific blood type, and to help you lose weight and feel better in just six weeks. According to the program’s website, it “uses your own DNA to redefine your body,” and is based on your “genetic individuality.”

The Blood Type Workout has been featured on the Dr. Oz television show, Prevention magazine, Fitness magazine, and many others, and Dr. Christiano’s other products seem to be generally well received. However, neither Dr. Christiano nor the Blood Type Workout is listed with the Better Business Bureau, and online customer reviews for the program are nonexistent.

How Blood Type Workout Works

The Blood Type Workout is a nutritional and exercise program that teaches you “how to listen to your body,” and uses genetic individuality to allow you to eat more, workout less, and lose weight fast.

According to the program’s website, it can help you “get into great shape” in just six weeks by reprogramming your metabolism, which it accomplishes by providing different workouts and nutrition plans for each blood type. This is because each blood type will respond better to certain foods and exercises than others. For instance, according to the program’s website, Blood Type O will respond best to a low-carb diet and high impact exercises, while Blood Type B responds best to a diet consisting of dairy and meat, along with aerobic and resistance-based exercises.

However, if we choose foods that do not work well with our blood type, a process called agglutination occurs, which is where the red blood cells stick—or become glued—to one another. Once this occurs, your metabolic rate slows dramatically, causing a decrease in your body’s ability to burn calories.

The Blood Type Workout program contains:

  • 12 Blood Type Workout DVDs (3 for each blood type)
  • 1 Hybrid Blood Type DVD
  • 72-page Nutritional Diet Book
  • Get Started & Animal Yoga DVD
  • Inflatable Resistance Ball & Foot Pump
  • Workout Calendar

It’s important to note that, since the foundation of the Blood Type Workout program is based on your specific blood type, you’ll first need to learn this, either by visiting your physician, or by using the included blood type testing kit. Once you’ve begun, the program claims to provide almost immediate benefits such as decreased toxin levels within your blood, increased energy and alertness, and feeling better “from head to toe.”

Blood Type Workout Pricing & Return Policy

The Blood Type Workout system currently costs three payments of $33.33 (total of $99.99), plus $19.95 shipping and handling. If you live in Canada or outside the contiguous U.S., you’ll also be charged an additional $29.95 for shipping and handling. According to the program’s website, you’ll also receive $40 worth of free gifts, including 1 pound sand weights and a resistance band, if you choose to purchase in one single payment.

The Blood Type Workout comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling. Simply send all included items back to the company, along with your complete name, address, daytime telephone number and email address via USPS.

Bottom Line: Is Blood Type Workout a Scam?

In addition to the Blood Type Workout, Dr. Joseph Christiano is also a best-selling author and creator of the Body Redesigning Healthy Lifestyle System, so he’s been in the weight loss industry for several years. However, a number of people have questioned if he is actually a physician, as there is never an M.D. beside his name. After some fairly intensive research, the only information we were able to confirm is that he is a “naturopathic doctor” and a certified nutritional counselor.

So, is the Blood Type Workout a scam? While most of Dr. Joseph Christiano’s other products appear to have relatively positive reputations, we were unable to locate any specific reviews about the Blood Type Workout system. With this said, as with any diet or exercise program, results will certainly vary by individual. Furthermore, even though the Blood Type Workout claims to be an individualized weight loss system, there are only four blood types, which means there will only be four variations of the program. And as always, it’s best to consult your physician prior to beginning any workout regimen, both to ensure your safety, and to maximize your results.

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