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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Aug 8, 2016

Espleé tell us their new Blow Brush is a “revolutionary” styling tool that can style and dry and the same time, in order to help you “create amazing looks in just minutes.” You’ll also find three different styling brushes that can be mixed and matched with a twist:

  1. The ceramic-infused hot barrel promises to create “luscious, sexy” volume, curls, and flips
  2. The smoothing brush claims to gently detangle as it straightens and shines
  3. The “exclusive” cool setting might be able to lock your style in place for long-lasting results

Combined, the company claims Blow Brush is a 6-in-1 styling device for wet hair, dry styling, and adding volume, as well as for curling, detangling, and straightening. On top of this, Blow Brush’s ionic technology can help eliminate frizz, while adding luster and shine.

Why are you reading this review? Because you have relevant questions about Blow Brush, two of the most important probably being: 1) Will Blow Brush really work as advertised and 2) does it represent a solid value? Keep reading and we’ll help you find some answers.

How Does Blow Brush Work?

Although we’re not provided with a whole lot of technical details (or any, really) about Blow Brush, it appears to be a version of hot brush, which is a fairly common device found in many a woman’s styling arsenal.

Now, there’s important distinction to be made here. Most devices classified as “hot brushes” work by forcing hot hair through holes in a long, metal or ceramic barrel. Attached to this barrel are individual teeth, similar to a comb or brush. This way, traditional hot brushes are supposed to style and dry hair at the same time, providing volume and soft curls or waves.

However, whether on their website or in their commercial, the company doesn’t specifically mention that Blow Brush actually blows hot air—as the name might imply. We are told that it features ionic technology—a method of reducing frizz when drying wet hair using negative ions—although they don’t specify what the heat source is (e.g. heat emanating from the barrel, or heat delivered via forced hot air).

Given the commonality of these types of devices, as well as the use of ionic technology, how does Blow Brush stack up against the competition?

Blow Brush vs. Other Hot Brushes

As we insinuated in the last section, hot brushes are very common; so common, in fact, that if you search for the term online, you’ll be met with hundreds and hundreds of relevant options. Sure, these third-party hot brushes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so not all of these options will be designed exactly like Blow Brush.

This includes the Hot Fusion Brush, as well as other options like Simply Straight Brush and Electra Hair Brush, although they don’t provide the same 360-degree coverage as Blow Brush. Espleé even makes another heated brush named Hot N’ Straight.

However, with the same (presumably) forced air and attached bristles—not to mention the same ionic technology, you’ll probably be able to use these other options to achieve many of the same results as with Blow Brush.

What about from a price perspective? Does Blow Brush have a distinct advantage?

How Much Does Blow Brush Cost?

One Blow Brush is priced at $29.95, plus free S&H. During checkout, you’ll be able to purchase a second device for an additional $10 fee.

Comparatively, much of Blow Brush’s competition seems to be priced between $20 and $40, whether you buy in store or online.

Regardless of the number you purchase, each Blow Brush will include a free hot smoothing brush head, as well as a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. The company also provides a lifetime guarantee for Blow Brush.

So, while Blow Brush might be priced lower than some of the competition, it’s important to factor potentially losing a decent chunk of change in non-refundable S&H charges into the equation.

To request a refund or make good on the lifetime guarantee, you’ll need to call customer service at 855-818-8301.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is defined as “the private, judicial determination of a dispute, by an independent third party.” In other words, arbitration aims to settle legal disputes between two parties, without involving the court system.

Although these agreements are extremely common, they’re often thought to favor the company instead of the consumer—not to mention the fact that you’re waiving many of your legal rights. Since your Blow Brush order automatically binds you to an arbitration agreement, this might be something you want to consider prior to hitting the enter button.

Just because Blow Brush might be less expensive than some of the competition, does this necessarily mean that it provides a better value?

Will You Be Blown Away By Blow Brush’s Performance & Quality?

We’re not told who manufactures Blow Brush, but whether we’re talking about individual ASOTV products or the industry as a whole, they don’t always have customer reputations for quality. As an example, here on HighYa, these products generally come with 2-star or lower average reader reviews, based on common complaints of poor quality and performance, as well as less-than-stellar customer service.

Now, we’re fully willing to admit that you might not experience any of the same with Blow Brush, but we’ll just have to wait and see if this is the case once customer reviews start rolling in.

But given what we know about the competition, Blow Brush doesn’t appear to be “revolutionary” in any meaningful way. Also, although you’ll get two devices for $40, remember that you’ll probably lose 25% or more of your refund after paying to ship them back to the manufacturer, should you end up dissatisfied.

Ultimately, only you can decide if this warrants placing your Blow Brush order, or researching your other local and online options first.

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