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Using Blade Wave Technology, Bonzai Blade’s special design promises to cut through food with ease, whether it’s cheeses, breads, meats, fruits, vegetables, or just about anything else.

Made with Japanese surgical steel, we’re told that Bonzai Blade’s front edge is straight, like a typical kitchen knife. Just behind the edge, though, the blade transforms into a wave-like design, which greatly reduces friction and prevents food from sticking. In fact, the company claims it’s the “first breakthrough in cutting edge technology in over 30 years” and that it’s “like cutting with air.”

In all seriousness, is this the type of real-world performance you can expect from Bonzai Blade? Or, is the manufacturer hyping you up on a wholly average kitchen knife? We’ll lay out the facts so you can answer this key question.

How Does Bonzai Blade Work?

As mentioned, the front edge of Bonzai’s blade is continuous, like you’d find on any standard kitchen knife. However, behind the blade, on each side are hollowed out grooves—formally known as a granton edge, or "kullenschiff" edge—that help reduce sticking. How so?

The suction cup example provided in the Bonzai Blade commercial was very apt. With normal knives, sticky, dense foods (like many cheeses) prevent air from making its way between the food and the knife blade, making the cutting process more labor intensive.

To provide this air gap, granton/kullenschiff knives feature small indents just behind the front of the blade. These indents come in all shapes and sizes, and it appears Bonzai Blade has put their own spin on the concept. Will theirs work any better than the competition, though?

Will Bonzai Blade Slice Through the Competition?

With its double-indented back, fire-red handle, and through-blade wave design, Bonzai Blade doesn’t seem to be designed quite like anything else out there. Or does it?

A while ago, we reviewed an essentially identical product named Wave Blade, which—based on the lack of customer feedback—may not have gotten off to much of a start. This is fairly common within the ASOTV industry, where one product is launched as another at a later date (perhaps with a different marketing angle) to see if sales can be reignited.

Regardless, we’ll have to wait until customer feedback starts rolling in to see if Bonzai delivers on its “cutting with air” promises.

What about granton/kullenschiff knives in general? Whether in online forums or reviews for specific products, it seems that many customers agree this basic design does provide some measure of non-stickiness.

However, it appears that exactly how much benefit it will provide is largely based on the indent pattern and depth, which—as we’re seeing with Bonzai Blade—can vary greatly between manufacturers and models. Not to mention the foods you intend to cut with these knives, since they’ll provide the most benefit with fatty foods like cheeses, but little for fluffier breads with many more natural air pockets.

Can prices also vary?

How Much Does Bonzai Blade Cost?

One Bonzai Blade costs $19.95 plus free S&H. With your order, you’ll also receive free paring, bread, and meat knives featuring the same “Blade Wave Technology.”

All Bonzai Blade orders come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges, as well as a 5-year guarantee. In order to request a refund or a file a claim against their guarantee, you’ll need to call customer service at 800-326-4855.

In the Bonzai Blade commercial, the manufacturer claims that competitor’s knives can cost up to $150. Technically though, you could spend much more than this one “intended knives.” In general, a quick online search will reveal that you have a plethora of choices in the $30 range, so Bonzai Blade might not represent a massive bargain.

What about Bonzai Blade’s Japanese surgical steel? Is there any benefit from this perspective?

What Kind of Surgical Steel Does Bonzai Blade Contain?

The problem here is that “surgical steel” is a bit of a misleading term, since it might lead you to believe that there is only one type. But the reality is that there are many different types of surgical steel—including 304, 316, 400 Series, 420, and more.

Fortunately, Bonzai Blade’s manufacturer indicates they used Japanese surgical steel, also known as 420J stainless steel. Here’s what the A Guide to Pocket Knives link above has to say:

“[It] is a low carbon stainless steel which is used in lot of inexpensive imports … 420J has a high chromium content that gives it great corrosion resistance but is has lousy edge retention. It is a very soft steel which means it will knick and dull quickly. It is often used in Novelty and Art/Decorative knives.”

We’ve covered a decent amount of territory in a relatively short space here, so let’s see what we can conclude about whether or not you’ll be satisfied with your Bonzai Blade purchase.

Is Bonzai Blade “the Last Knife Set You’ll Ever Buy”?

Honestly, your satisfaction is in your hands. What we mean by this is that your expectation is the biggest factor that determines your satisfaction—especially when it comes to ASOTV products.

By getting four different knives for $20, might a set of Bonzai Blade knives provide you with some solid, non-stick cutting power? We don’t have any reason to believe this wouldn’t be the case. But do we think it’ll provide you with a lifetime of use, as indicated by the “last knife set” claim?

While it’s positive that 420J stainless steel can be resharpened, due to its relatively low quality and propensity to dull quickly, we’re not so sure.

Does this mean Bonzai Blade is worth giving a try? Ultimately, that’s a question only you can answer, although the company does provide a 30-day refund policy. Just keep in mind you’ll lose a few bucks in return S&H to the manufacturer.

And Steve Harkey? Based on his bio, it appears he’s a professional demonstrator—not a culinary expert, so you can decide how much stock you’d like to put in his Bonzai Blade endorsement.

Tell us: Did Bonzai Blade deliver on its promises? We want to hear about your experience in your very own review below!

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