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Developed in 2013 by Jane and Sans Emmert, Bootati claims to create resistance when performing isolation exercises, and promises that “in only minutes a week your bum will be shaped to whatever degree of perfection you desire.” If all the products marketed to flat-bottomed girls are any indication, pert booties are big business these days, and Bootati wants in on the action.

Bootati is a sleek, hot pink exercise system that, when not in use, can be easily stored under the bed. It consists of a longish strip of flexible plastic, which is secured to your lower hips and then held down with foot pegs for resistance as you lift.

Bootati has an adjustable band that increases resistance for five stages of intensity, which the developers claim to be enough to provide a satisfying workout for anyone, “from novice to advanced athlete or fitness model.”

And for those who want a curvier bum without risking larger thighs, Bootati promises to only work the muscles that shape your rear, allowing users to avoid developing that “awkward clunky shape” caused by squats and lunges.

How Bootati Works

Using Bootati is a fairly straightforward process. First, it’s recommended users warm up with several solo glute bridges before strapping in, which is essentially the exact same exercise, minus the resistance strip.

When you’re all warmed up, place Bootati on the ground and:

  1. Lay down
  2. Clip the belt around your waist
  3. Stabilize the system by placing your feet on the foot pegs
  4. Raise your hips near the ceiling and perform a glute bridge

The tension created between 1) holding one end of Bootati at your feet and 2) strapping the other end to your lower hip area is claimed to simulate the intensity of performing a glute bridge using weights, but without the discomfort of maneuvering under cast iron discs.

But watching an instructional video on YouTube shows that adjusting the resistance looks more difficult than the exercise itself.

To create additional tension, users must first unhook from the system and sit on the device to hold it in place. Then, the intensity can be increased by elaborately wrapping an elastic band (that doesn’t appear much thicker than a hair tie) around a knob located in the center of Bootati’s footpegs.

The wraps, each slightly different, can be performed one, two, three, or four times in order to achieve the desired intensity, while the knob flips up for higher level resistances. However, when watching the video, the system appears so flimsy that you wonder how long it could possibly last if used rigorously on a regular basis.

How Do I Get Bootati?

Not sold in stores, ordering a Bootati is currently only possible through the official Bootati website. The current cost is two payments of $19.99, plus $12.99 shipping and handling. The total of $52.97 includes a Bootati system, DVD, and an instructional poster, which are all that’s required to complete the workout.

A closer look at the legalese on their Terms and Conditions page makes no mention of available returns for dissatisfied customers. It does state that they’re not responsible for any misrepresented claims on the site, which is quite common but worth noting.

So, Can Bootati Really Turn Me Into Beyonce?

Hype aside, we all know (though we hate to be reminded) that there is no magic body-sculpting bullet that offers near-instant results, and that doesn’t involve going under the knife.

Isolating any muscle group, or even simply limiting your fitness routine to muscle building, is a lot less likely to get results. So if you’re really intent on building up your back-end curves, you first need to ensure the rest of your body is in your desired state of fitness using a carefully planned combination of diet, cardio, muscle work, and perhaps a consultation with your physician.

That being said, the glute bridge and its more difficult cousin, the hip thrust, are frequently advocated in non-competitive fitness as the “best butt-building exercises.” So, it’s fair to say that with roots in the bridge movement, Bootati does some noticeable good to your backside.

Regarding their claim that results can be seen in “just minutes a week”? Sure! I mean, you have to give it to them - They don’t particularly say how many minutes, just that it’s more than one.

The Bottom Line about Bootati

The Bootati system is based on a popular exercise called glute or butt-bridges, that’s been shown to provide results when implemented as part of an ongoing fitness routine. However, if you want to look like any of the ladies in the Bootati promotional video, you’re probably going to have to sweat for much longer than the minimum minutes Bootati’s packaging suggests.


  • Claims to shape your bum to any height you desire​
  • Promises to do so in mere minutes a week
  • Based on an exercise that is often implemented in successful fitness routines


  • No refund or money-back guarantee
  • The product promises results that seem difficult to believe with the minimal time commitment suggested
  • Non-promotional videos show a product that appears flimsy and too cheaply made to withstand prolonged tension
  • Limited online customer reviews are available

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