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Have you ever power washed and thought, “I’d love to have a broom at the end of my wand to help sweep away debris!” Or, have you ever swept your driveway and longed for an extra blast of water for added cleaning power? If so, Broom Jet might be right up your alley.

According to the company, Broom Jet is a multi-action cleaning tool that features an industrial grade scrub brush head with an attached “super” squeegee, along with a telescoping handle for hard to reach places. Then, when you attach Broom Jet to any garden hose, its 14 built-in water jets spray water in front, which can be regulated using the flow control switch on the handle.

For added versatility, once you pop off the broom and put on one of the jet spray tips (includes pinpoint and wide spray tips), Broom Jet turns into an “instant pressure washer.”

Taken together, Broom Jet’s ability to scrub and power wash at the same time means that it can be used to deep clean exterior siding, jet clean and remove stains from masonry (such as brick, stone, and tile), and—using a soap dispenser—even for washing car tires and wheels. It’ll even scrub your car without scratching the clear coat!

There’s little doubt that the basic concept behind Broom Jet is enticing; after all, who hasn’t thought about something similar when struggling to achieve the best clean? But how well can you expect Broom Jet to perform in the real world? In this review, we’ll help provide some insight into these—and other—important questions.

How Well Will Broom Jet Clean?

Broom Jet provides cleaning power in two ways: 1) Its handle attaches to a garden hose, which then routes water through 14 individuals holes in the front. Or, if the broom attachment is removed, through one of the jet spray tips. 2) Using the bristles attached to the broom.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Is Broom Jet an “Instant Pressure Washer”?

If you’re looking to achieve the best possible clean with water, you want as much pressure (measured in pounds per square inch, or PSI) as possible—along with the ability to control this pressure, whether through levers, switches, or interchangeable tips. Otherwise, you probably won’t do much more than create a wet, muddy mess.

How much pressure, exactly? Imagine that you put your thumb over the opening of a garden hose, which restricts its flow and increases pressure, resulting in a longer stream of water. There are a lot of variables at work here, but in general, this probably creates 5 pounds or less of pressure.

To put this into perspective, Pressure Washers Direct notes that a standard spray gun attached to a garden hose creates 10-40 PSI using the same basic principle; restricting water flow. However, pressure washers use a motor to take this to the extreme, providing anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 PSI+.

Looking at it this way, we can see that Broom Jet isn’t an actual pressure washer. How much water pressure does it provide, though? The manufacturer doesn’t provide any insight into this, but assuming it uses the same basic concept as a sprayer attachment, you probably shouldn’t expect more than 40 PSI. Keep this in mind, because we’ll circle back around to it in the final section.

Is Broom Jet a Super Sweeper?

The other part of the equation is Broom Jet’s broom attachment, which provides manual scrubbing and sweeping power. Although brooms might not exactly come across as technologically advanced, there are still some unknowns to consider.

For example, some bristle fibers are more suited for flat surfaces (they’re often better at pick up fine, smaller debris), while others specialize in rough, textured surfaces (for larger, course debris). Other than that they won’t damage your car’s paint, we’re not told anything about Broom Jet’s bristles.

Head width is an important consideration as well. Will you mainly use Broom Jet on your home’s siding, or will it mostly be used to sweep the driveway? For the former, you’ll probably want something a bit narrower for lighter weight and easier maneuverability, while for the latter, you’ll likely want something wider for maximum coverage. Again, we’re not told how wide Broom Jet’s attachment is, but it appears to be at the narrower end of the spectrum.

How Much Does Broom Jet Cost?

One Broom Jet multi-action cleaning tool is priced at $29.96, plus $6.95 S&H. You can purchase a second Broom Jet at checkout for an additional $3.95 S&H charge.

All Broom Jets come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to request one, you’ll need to call customer service at 866-783-8247.

Important Note: Broom Jet’s Arbitration

Arbitration agreements basically state that, should you experience damages from using a product (whether financial, physical, or both), instead of going to court, you’ll attend arbitration proceedings conducted by a third-party company. In fact, you’re specifically waiving your rights to a trial by jury and becoming part of a class action lawsuit, among others.

Obviously, we’d imagine the likelihood of something like this happening with Broom Jet is slim to none, but it’s certainly worth mentioning what you’re agreeing to when placing your order.

Is Broom Jet Your First-Class Ticket to a Superior Clean?

As we outlined above, there are some important unknowns when it comes to Broom Jet, primarily regarding its water pressure—and subsequently, its overall cleaning power. But using what we learned during our research, we may be able to draw some reasonable conclusions about who Broom Jet might be ideal for:

Are you planning to use your Broom Jet for light duty exterior cleaning, such as sweeping dirt and large debris from your driveway or cleaning siding after a long winter? In these cases, Broom Jet’s roughly 40 PSI spray and scrubbing head might work great.

Or, are you looking for more intense cleaning power, such as what you’d find with a basic motorized pressure washer? Do you need to remove years of stuck on dirt or grime on your siding, or oil or rust stains from your driveway? According to the Pressure Washer’s Direct article mentioned above, this would require breaking chemical bonds, which just isn’t something you’ll be able to accomplish with Broom Jet.

One final note: Even if you fall into the first category, keep in mind that we found a nearly identical option at a local big box home improvement retailer for $5 less than Broom Jet, along with no S&H charges.

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