About Brushbie

Brushbie warns that your dirty makeup brushes can infect you with all kinds of icky bacteria that can give you acne or blemishes. That’s why they implore you use their product, which they say is the quick, easy way to sanitize, reshape, and dry your makeup brushes.

Brushbie is marketed by Idea Village, a direct response company based in Wayne, NJ. This business is not BBB-accredited, and currently have a D rating, based on a failure to respond to a dozen complaints.

How Brushbie Works

Brushbie appears to be a specially-contoured brush with stipples instead of bristles and a foam handle. To use Brushbie, they say to add foaming cleanser (included with your purchase) to the Brushbie. Then rub your makeup brush against the stipples; they boast these different-sized nubs work to clean every size and shape. Rinse off and then place the brush through the opening in the foam handle to dry and shape. They claim this handle is super-absorbent and will quickly soak up all the water.

They claim Brushbie helps remove liquid foundation, minerals, powders, or lipstick. They tout your brush will go from dirty to new in under an minute and you won’t have any nightmares about Staphyloccous Epidermidis lurking in your makeup brushes again.

Each Brushbie includes Order:

  • Brushbie brush cleaner
  • Foaming cleanser (extra fees)

Brushbie Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They say Brushbie is $9.95 plus $4.95 S&H, but in reality there is another $3.95 in additional fees for the foaming cleanser added to your purchase, making the true total $18.85. They state you have 30 days to try Brushbie. If you don’t like it, they say to return using your own postage and they will refund the purchase price, minus the initial S&H.


  • Cleans, drys, and reshapes all makeup brushes
  • Great for Germophobes


  • Expensive non-refundable fees (buy at your local Wal-Mart as we always imply)
  • As Seen On TV products sometimes fail to deliver on all their promises

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