About Bullseye Potty Stone

Bullseye Potty Stone is a pheromone-infused rock that claims it will train your dog where to do its duty every time they have to go. They exclaim it’s like having an outdoor litter box for your dog.

Bullseye Potty Stone is from Telebrands, a 30-year old company that specializes in late-night infomercial products (including the Bullseye Pee Pad, an indoor version of the same product.) Telebrands has been accredited by the BBB since 2007, and receives an A- rating; this is based on many factors, including volume, response to, and resolution of complaints.

How Bullseye Potty Stone Works

Bullseye Potty Stone appears to be more like a Potty Brick - a red and flat cinder block with a brown bullseye target on its face. They claim its secret lies in the pheromone-infused scent which they say draws dogs to it like a magnet.

To use, place the Bullseye Potty Stone anywhere in your yard you would prefer your dog to go to the bathroom. They claim where ever you place it, you have created an instant potty place for your dog.

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They boast this will make cleanup easier because there is no more searching around the yard for it - and you won’t find an unpleasant surprise under your shoe. They add you will have no more pet urine spots across the lawn, either. They claim even the most stubborn bulldog will be attracted to the Potty Stone.

They also state that using the Bullseye Potty Stone is the best way to housebreak your dog, as it will train them exactly where to go every time. John McWilliams, who claims to be a professional pet trainer for Paws-itive Pet Services, says the pheromones in the stone attract the dog’s heightened sense of smell making it really easy to train your dog where to go.

Bullseye Pet Stone includes:

  • Bullseye Potty Stone
  • 1 “free” stone (extra S & H)

Bullseye Potty Stone Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They say you can have a Bullseye Potty Stone of your very own for $19.99 plus $7.99 for a total of $27.98. At the time of your order, you may add an additional Potty Stone for an additional $9.99 shipping and handling, making the total $37.97 for 2 stones. Telebrands says most Potty Stone orders ship within 1 week but that you should allow up to 6 in case of back order. They claim you may try your Potty Stone for 30 days and if you do not like it, return it for a refund of the initial $19.99 (but not the S & H).

Bottom Line: Is Bullseye Potty Stone a Scam?

Pheromones are definitely a good way to train most dogs where to go to the bathroom, but it does not always work. We question how long the scent will last on a outdoor stone exposed to the elements and we blanch at the expensive price and non-refundable S & H. We suggest buying a bottle of pheromone spray, which can be regularly re-applied to any stone or brick.

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