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BuySelliQ provides trading guidance using their proprietary stock trend analysis apps that are claimed to help you know when to buy and when to sell. BuySelliQ believes that stock trading is often time consuming and difficult to fit in with your already busy life. On top of this, BuySelliQ also claims that everything is presented to you in an uncomplicated, reliable, and streamlined format, which gives you the tools necessary to take control of your investments.

But is committing to a full year of BuySelliQ’s services a good idea, and can they really help you protect your investments? We charted the facts and here’s what we found out.

How BuySelliQ Works

According to their website, the basic premise behind BuySelliQ is that everyone wants to be a successful investor, but that not everyone knows what they’re doing, which can ultimately cause them to lose more money in the stock market than they make. However, the whole process of becoming a successful investor simply boils down to buying and selling at the right times, which is exactly what BuySelliQ claims to help you do.

BuySelliQ’s trend-following software uses technical analysis to calculate up to 25 different stock, ETFs, and/or mutual fund symbols, in addition to 3 indices. On a weekly basis, BuySelliQ takes all of this market-generated data and condenses it into an easy to read, six-month chart, where green dots indicate that you should buy or hold, and red dots indicate that you should sell or avoid buying. By publishing data on a weekly basis, BuySelliQ claims to “smooth out the noise of the market,” and that you’ll be notified via email or text any time one of your positions have changed.

On top of this, BuySelliQ claims to allow you to compare up to 10 years’ worth of historical data with BuySelliQ’s algorithmic results, which are claimed to have been invented by Bill Hinckley and perfected over the last 30 years. As an example of this, a video on BuySelliQ’s website displays their software’s performance for Netflix, and that if you had owned shares in the company during this time, they could have helped you avoid a 55% loss, and then immediately realized a 280%+ profit.

In short, BuySelliQ’s proprietary iPhone (Android app coming soon) and web-based apps are claimed to tell you what to do, when to do it. And even if you already have an existing broker, the company claims that they can act as a kind of “checks and balances” system in order to add another layer of security for your investments.

In addition to their apps, the BuySelliQ website also features a blog that’s updated once per month and is authored by Bill Hinckley’s widow, Laurie Hinckley. You’ll also be able to see how BuySelliQ’s performance has fared for specific stocks under their Case Studies section.

BuySelliQ Pricing & Refund Policy

If you’d like to try out BuySelliQ prior to making a commitment, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial, during which time you’ll be given full, unrestricted access to their apps. The company claims that they will not automatically charge you once your free trial is up, and that you’ll need to provide your express consent in order to begin a subscription.

Outside of this, BuySelliQ’s services are priced at $150 per year, which are automatically renewed. Keep in mind that if you decide to terminate your yearly subscription early, there are no refunds available.

Will BuySelliQ Be Useful?

Now that you’re up-to-date about what BuySelliQ is and what it claims to provide, what’s the bottom line: Is it worth your time and money?

Most importantly, although the company’s URL was registered in June 2013 and their trademark was approved in January 2014, there were no online professional or customer reviews for BuySelliQ at the time of this writing. This is important because there’s no way to gauge how well it’s performed in the real world, and whether or not the case studies featured on their website are just cherry-picked examples of when the software performed well, or if they’re indicative of what you can regularly expect. And in combination with the fact that you can only purchase yearly subscriptions, it represents a big investment on your part with no insight into BuySelliQ’s true performance capabilities.

Stock Decisions Aren't Made For You

Next, keep in mind that BuySelliQ doesn’t make stock decisions for you. Instead, it simply tells you whether you should hold or sell stocks you already own or are interested in. So if you’re looking for a more in-depth stock analysis tool, BuySelliQ likely won’t meet your needs. On top of this, if you primarily invest in newer stocks without a fair amount of historical trading activity, BuySelliQ won’t be of much benefit either.

30 Years of Experience: How So?

Finally, BuySelliQ is claimed to be based on 30 years of research and to use models designed by the now deceased Bill Hinckley. However, if you’re not already familiar with the world of investments—which appears to be BuySelliQ’s target market—then this probably isn’t very informative, and the company’s website doesn’t provide any additional information about these models and/or techniques.

Bottom line on BuySelliQ

Without any personal or professional online reviews regarding BuySelliQ, it’s difficult to say whether or not their models actually work, and whether or not they’ll be useful for beginning investors who are simply trying to manage their stocks, ETFs, and/or mutual funds. And considering the high price for a yearly subscription, it might be a good idea to take advantage of their free 30-day trial. However, keep in mind that this probably isn’t enough time to discern how well BuySelliQ’s apps work, considering you’ll only receive 4 notifications (at most) during this time.

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