About Bye Bye Blisters

Bye Bye Blisters is a colorful shoe heel insert they say will make your favorite pair of pumps (or other footwear) more comfortable. They claim it contains microfibers and memory foam that contours to the back of your foot preventing those painful, ugly blisters (hence, the name).

Bye Bye Blisters is marketed by Creative Concepts USA, a company accredited by the Better Business Bureau that currently has an A+ rating.

How Bye Bye Blisters Works

Bye Bye Blisters are a pair of adhesive pads that come in bright colors including red, pink, and even leopard skin (there are a total of 6). To use Bye Bye Blisters, remove the backing and stick inside the heel of the shoes that are giving you pain. They claim the memory foam combined with the microfiber covering will cool your feet as well as provide relief from the friction oft associated with fancy shoes.

Each Bye Bye Blisters Order includes:

  • 3 pairs Bye Bye Blisters
  • 3 pairs “free” (extra S&H)
  • “Bonus” Miracle Foot Repair Cream (extra S&H)

Bye Bye Blisters Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They claim if you buy 3 pairs of Bye Bye Blisters at $9.99 plus $7.95 S&H you get another 3 pairs “free” – but a closer look at the offer reveals an additional S&H charge of $7.95 for a total of $25.89 for 6 pairs. The website also states that as a “bonus” you can order a tube of Miracle Foot Repair Cream for yet another $5.95 in fees; however there is no way to add or reject the foot cream on the order page, making us think this fee and the cream are also automatically added to your order, making the real total $31.84 (a customer service representative was unable to clarify). They say you have a 30-day money back guarantee on your $9.99 but not any of the shipping fees, which total $21.85.

Bye Bye Blisters Privacy Policy

This product should be called “Bye Bye Privacy” – their privacy policy page states: “collected information may be used for commercial solicitation and/or general marketing and/or other commercial purposes by the Website” as well as shared with unnamed third parties.

Bottom Line: Is Bye Bye Blisters a Scam?

Manufactures put a stiffening agent in shoes so that they will stay firm in the heel, which helps keep the shoe from falling off your foot but often causes discomfort to the wearer. But this product is too expensive for what it is. A good rule of thumb is that if the S&H fees are more than the product itself, the product is a ripoff. Fortunately, there is a solution for preventing those painful heel sores: it’s called moleskin and is available at any pharmacy or online for a fraction of the cost of Bye Bye Blisters. Avoid this product.

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