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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 8, 2016

From the makers of PedEgg comes Bye Bye Ridges, an easy-to-use buffing system that makes your nails look younger in minutes. How? By using a lilac head to file and shape your nails (or what the company calls “nano-abrasion”), a blue head to buff away ridges that can reveal your age, and a white smoothing head to make them shine.

And all of this comes together with Bye Bye Ridges’ micro-oscillating action, which takes all the work out of buffing your nails. Now, you can have instantly younger-looking nails, without damaging them, using polish, or constantly worrying about chipping. It can even be used on your toenails!

This is why the company calls it the “fastest and easiest way to get rid of ridges for healthy looking nails.”

What’s actually going on here? How is it possible that Bye Bye Ridges might be able to shine and polish your nails, without polish or damage? Let’s start answering your questions by taking a look at how Bye Bye Ridges works.

How Does Bye Bye Ridges Polish Your Nails?

Have you ever rubbed sandpaper against a piece of glass? If so, it might not make sense that doing essentially the same thing to your fingernails would bring out their shine. But it’s fairly commonplace.

Basically, what happens is that you’ll polish your nails “using buffers of successively finer grit in order to make nails look more consistent and shiny.” This is the nano-abrasion referenced in the Bye Bye Ridges commercial.

Generally, a medium grit buffer is used to smooth ridges and other irregularities, a fine grit buffer to provide a matte finish, and an ultra-fine grit to leave a glossy shine. And compared to manually buffing your nails, Bye Bye Ridges’ micro-oscillating action can accomplish this with much less time and effort on your part.

But, while Bye Bye Ridges might be able to temporarily shine your nails, as well as improve nail strength and blood circulation, you shouldn’t do it more than once per month to avoid over-thinning the nail and possibly leading to pain. And be gentle!

Alright, so buffing your nails to a polish-mimicking shine is well within reach. But is Bye Bye Ridges the only way to accomplish it?

Is Bye Bye Ridges Your Only Option?

No way. Just try searching online for “electric nail buffer” or “cordless nail buffer” and you’ll be met with hundreds of options. Want even more? Try visiting the beauty section of just about any big box retailer and you’re sure to find a least a couple you can put your hands on before spending any money.

And if you’re willing to learn the proper technique and throw in a little elbow grease, you can probably purchase manual nail buffing kits for just a few dollars at these same stores.

The point? If you’re just starting to investigate nail buffing, be sure to learn about all your options—and what customers are saying about—using consumer advocacy sites like HighYa. Speaking of which, just what are customers saying about Bye Bye Ridges?

Are Customers Saying “So Long!” To Bye Bye Ridges?

The HighYa team attempts to review products soon after they’re released, so there weren’t any online customer reviews for Bye Bye Ridges at the time of our research.

However, we’ve reviewed a couple of other ASOTV nail buffers in the past, including PedEgg Bare Nails and Naked Nails. In fact, Bye Bye Ridges is manufactured by the same company (Telebrands) who makes Ped Egg Power and other popular products like TouCan Can Opener, Lazer Bond, and more.

The verdict? Most Telebrands products—and As Seen On TV products in general—come with relatively low customer ratings (often 2 stars or less). Complaints typically reference 1) failure to work, 2) poor quality (products might only last a handful of uses), and 3) negative customer service experiences.

Despite this industry reputation, probably one of the most attractive things about products like Bye Bye Ridges is the price, which is what we’ll discuss next.

Is Bye Bye Ridges a Solid Deal?

One Bye Bye Ridges system is priced at $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H, which includes one shaping head, one buffing head, and one shining head. You’ll also get three additional heads absolutely free, we well as Deluxe Cuticle Oil to “soften cuticles and care for dry brittle nails.”

Pro tip: There isn’t any indication that replacement buffing heads can be purchased separately. So, once your heads wear out (which might only last a few uses), you might have to purchase a whole new Bye Bye Ridges system.

Want a second Bye Bye Ridges system? You’ll be able to purchase another at checkout for an additional $9.99 S&H. How does this compare to the competition?

Remember that online search we talked about earlier? During it, you probably learned that you’ll pay about the same for very similar options, especially when you factor in Bye Bye Ridges’ high, non-refundable S&H charges.

All Bye Bye Ridges systems come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. Still want to request one? You’ll need to call Telebrands customer service at 855-668-1655.

Bottom Line: What’s the Ultimate Value In the Bye Bye Ridges System?

Whether we’re talking about nail buffers or mail openers, ASOTV products or something from a mainstream manufacturer, your expectations ultimately define your satisfaction level. What do we mean?

If you’re expecting Bye Bye Ridges to perform as amazingly as the commercial made it seem, or for it to stand up to years of abuse—given the low satisfaction ratings and nearly identical customer complaints for ASOTV products—you’re likely to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you’re interested in trying out Bye Bye ridges before moving on to a higher-end model, and understand that its performance is probably in line with its price, Bye Bye Ridges might just live up to your expectations.

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