About Cabinet Brite

Instead of spending thousands of dollars remodeling your kitchen, Cabinet Brite suggests you use its furniture polish. They claim Cabinet Brite uses a 4-in-1 formula that cleans, polishes, seals, and protects, and promise your kitchen will be back to looking like a model home in no time.

There is no information about the company behind Cabinet Brite on their website or the Better Business Bureau. The Cabinet Brite store is created and run by Digital Target Marketing, a for-hire marketing firm for aspiring inventor/millionaires.

How Cabinet Brite Works

They don’t list the specific ingredients of Cabinet Brite but claim it is a “unique” 4-in-1 formula containing cleaners, polishers, sealers, and protectants. To use Cabinet Brite, spray on any wood surface that is dull or smudged and wipe (a microfiber cloth is included.) They claim Cabinet Brite will remove grease splatters, fingerprints, dust, and built-up residue left by other polishes. They say you can use it on kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, dresser drawers, nursery cribs, and essentially any wood item in the house that needs rejuvenation.

They state Cabinet Brite will return a deep, rich luster to all natural wood surfaces with just one application. They say it’s much less expensive than gutting your kitchen and putting in new furnishings and they claim the results will be just as dramatic. The infomercial uses something they call a “shine meter” to show that cabinets spritzed with Cabinet Brite are 35% brighter. The testimonials from women in the informercial all claim to have saved thousands of dollars in remodeling costs and their kitchens look brand new now that they have switched to Cabinet Brite.

Each Cabinet Brite Order includes:

  • 1 bottle Cabinet Brite
  • 1 microfiber cloth
  • 1 extra bottle and cloth “free” (extra S & H)

Cabinet Brite Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Cabinet Brite says it’s $10 plus $7.95 shipping for one bottle and cloth, but they automatically double your order, charging you $7.95 more S & H in the process. This makes the non-refundable fees larger than the price of the product itself, which we consider a red flag. This means, even though they claim you have 30 days to try Cabinet Brite, if you do decide to return it you will only get your $10 back and not the $15.90 in fees (plus what it costs to ship it back).

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