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  • Excellent care

    Our experience with the Location in Atlanta has been excellent. We thank the center for taking my husband's case. Everything about the center is professional, done with a sense of urgency. We were taken care of in every way. I highly recommend this location to anyone facing cancer.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Great hospital

    I was diagnosed by a local doctor with a baseball sized tumor in my left lung. We were not happy with the pace of treatment locally, so we went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). We have Anthem Blue Cross and it was accepted by CTCA. We were given a guide as soon as we arrived to help us navigate the hospital, hotels and local areas. We were also provide with a detailed schedule for all three days we were there.

    I met with lung, heart, and cancer doctors. And had a CT Scan, MRI, breathing test, blood test, PET scan and a surgery consult in 72 hours and met my oncologist with the results the next day. I had surgery and chemo and remain convinced these people saved my life. They have Naturopathic doctors and ministers of different faiths if you want them, but I was never pressured to see anyone I didn't want to. They help pay for your travel, meals, and hotels, and even have transportation to hotels, stores, etc. for your spouse or caregiver.

    I'm three years cancer free and owe it to CTCA. If any of my family became ill, I would take them there immediately. Even suffering from cancer, it was the best hospital treatment and service I have ever had.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

  • Horrible Experience

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago, and now it is at a point where it requires immediate attention. My local doctors say that now surgery is my only option. And even if surgery is done, there is a strong possibility that it may have spread.

    Knowing this, I decided to contact Cancer Treatment Centers of America as the last alternative, but mostly to get a second opinion. When I contacted them, I was given a call back. I talked to a lady about my situation, and she took my information and gave me a call back. I live in Macon, Georgia so I figured that I would be assigned, if accepted, to the CTCA in Newnan, Georgia since it was the closest one. Well, that was not the case.

    I was told that the CTCA in Newnan, Georgia was out of network for me and the CTCA in Philadelphia, PA would be in network for me, and if I wanted to be seen, I had to be flown there. I agreed, and all the arrangements were made for me to be flown out. They sent me a schedule of all the activities that would take place during the four days that I would be there. I flew out on a Sunday with my first day being that Monday morning at the Center.

    As stated earlier, they do treat you with first class service by picking you up from the airport in a limo, and they put you up in the finest of hotels. Once you arrive at the center, the service from the staff that greets you is first class as well. While there, I was told that none of the CTCA centers are in the network. They all are out of network. So, I could have gone to any of the CTCA centers. The rep told me that about 80% of the patients who come to them, their insurance is out of network, but they don't refuse to treat anyone because they will work with you.

    Anyways, my four days were a waste of time. I met with about six doctors who, like they show on the television commercial, work as a team. So each one is getting a share of the pot. In all, during my four-day stay, I talked to about 12 people. No exam was given by any of the doctors. I may have talked to each one about ten minutes, with that being the longest time frame. They had copies of all my medical records from my local doctors. No one never examined me or did any kind of test to determine what my local doctors said was true. They did draw blood in the lab.

    They did come to the conclusion that I needed to have surgery and I never could understand how they made that assumption without any routine tests or examinations. Some of the doctors that I talked to were nice, and the ones that I asked questions seem to get a little irritated the more I asked questions.

    Anyways, during the four days (in which was a wasted trip and nothing accomplished), they raped my insurance company, not to mention the out of pocket expenses I have incurred. Even if I did decide to have the surgery through them, I couldn't because there is nothing left on the insurance, and I am now left in debt with what the insurance didn't pay.

    For instance, I was charged $3,033.00 for that blood work I mentioned earlier. And the way that they make sure each doctor gets paid is they assign you a different account number for each doctor you see, so that each doctor would not be under the same claim number with the insurance company. Each doctor was paid between $300 - $800 on numerous occasions for a five to 10-minute consultation.

    And the bills are still coming in. Most of all of the doctors are getting paid three or four times, and for what, I have yet to determine. I guess they figure that since I decided not to let them do the surgery, they have to get their money some other way to make up for me wasting their time. I would recommend anyone to ask a lot of questions to be clear if you decided to use CTCA, but if it were my choice, I would just stick with your local doctor.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Unethical with patients and employees

    • By Kathy W.,
    • Newnan, Georgia,
    • Dec 19, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    I would just like to offer some inside information on CTCA. Yes, they cherry pick patients and only offer a little care to poor people to keep the government off their backs. They are a private business and their financial bottom line is their top priority. After having worked there I can tell you their greed extends to employees too. Especially low level employees.

    They will take money out of your paycheck for "benefits" you never agreed to. They purposely have very convoluted benefits sign up processes to try and sell you everything you don't want and need and even if you decline it all but medical insurance something will suddenly appear on your paycheck.

    Patients and employees who dare to speak up or ask questions or who catch on to CTCA ways are kicked out or fired immediately. What patients of CTCA need to realize is that as a private company they can kick you out of their care at any time for any reason and they do - a lot. If a patient questions their integrity or ethics they get discharged from care. They even have a "bad" patient book with banned patient's pictures that they keep in various offices in the hospital. These people are not criminals, they are just people who spoke up and asked too many questions.

    CTCA is not the place I would go or would want my family to go for treatment. They have nice buildings and they offer limo rides and fancy decorations but the facts are they offer no better treatment than any other top cancer hospital and I have heard they will offer unnecessary treatments or treatments that don't benefit the patients in any way just to increase their profits. They push products and services in every department. They want to get the most profit out of every department.

    For example, the retail pharmacy. All those expensive supplements that are not going to help you cure or treat your cancer help increase the profit of the pharmacy. They push those like crazy. Every thing at CTCA is planned and carried out in a way as to maximize profits. The final word is not the doctor's. It is the business executives who decide and that is not the way medical care should work. All healthcare is a business but CTCA takes it to a whole other level. They should not be allowed to use the term "hospital" because that gives people a false sense of what they are. They treat people unethically and they know it and that is why they fear retribution from banned patients and past employees.

    Instead of having a "bad" book of past patients and employees they need a "bad" book of CTCA executives and managers and doctors because the only ones who need to be feared are them and the only ones who should be afraid of CTCA are the patients and employees.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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