About Car-Insure

Car-Insure is an online lead generation website that claims to provide free auto insurance quotes using a fast and easy process that is 100% risk-free, with no obligation to purchase. In order to accomplish this, Car-Insure.org claims to provide you with custom rates from up to 8 major insurance companies, which are tailored to your specific budget and needs.

But when it comes down to it, if you’re asking yourself, “how can I get car insurance?” can Car-Insure really help, or is it just another way to get ahold of your information? Keep reading in order to find out.

How Car-Insure.org Works

Whether you’re looking for new or used car insurance quotes, Car-Insure claims that their proprietary technology can provide you with quotes from up to 8 insurance companies, which can ultimately help you lower your rates without sacrificing protection for yourself, your family, or your vehicle.

In order to obtain a Car-Insure.org quote, you’ll need to go through the following process:

  • Enter your zip code on the Car-Insure.org home page.
  • You’ll then be taken to a screen where you’ll enter your vehicle information, including year, make, model, and usage.
  • Next, you’ll choose your coverage levels and enter your current carrier information, as well as driver information and citation/accident history.
  • Finally, you’ll enter your name, address, email, and phone number.

Once this occurs, you’ll be contacted by one or more insurance agents who can go over the details of your auto insurance quote.

Can You Get Car Insurance Quotes for Free Using Car-Insure?

Because Car-Insure.org acts as a lead generation website and earns money by selling your information to insurance companies and their agents, their service is completely free of charge.

Can Car-Insure.org Really Help You Find the Best Auto Insurance Quotes?

With all of this in mind, can Car-Insure really help you obtain inexpensive car insurance quotes? Perhaps, but keep the following in mind before handing over your information:

What Car-Insure.org Is vs. What It’s Not

First and foremost, similar to Compare.com and Get My Insurance, Car-Insure.org simply acts as a lead generation website. In other words, after you enter all your information, insurance companies and/or their licensed agents will purchase your “lead” from Car-Insure, who will then contact you to provide you with an auto insurance quote.

This ultimately means that Car-Insure cannot advise you which is the best car insurance to have, or provide you with any other form of guidance. Instead, they only pass your information along to a third-party, who will contact you about the possibility of purchasing auto insurance. If you have questions about the carrier, coverage levels, or anything else, you’ll need to present these questions to the representatives who contact you.

Online Reviews & Company Reputation

Despite the fact that Car-Insure’s URL has been registered since 2006, there are essentially zero online customer reviews that can be used to gauge overall satisfaction levels. The company is also not listed with the Better Business Bureau.

However, when it comes to other auto insurance lead generation websites, it appears that the most common complaints reference taking the time to enter all information, only to find out that no quotes are available that match your criteria.

What Happens When You Give Your Information to Car-Insure?

According to the Car-Insure.org Privacy Policy, after you submit your information through their website, up to “eight insurance companies or their agents, the owner of this website, and partner companies” will contact you with auto insurance quotes. As such, you can expect several emails and/or phone calls soon afterward.

While you can choose to not accept any of these quotes, keep in mind that insurance companies and their representatives will likely pull your credit history, which could have an impact on your overall score.

Bottom Line

While lead generation websites such as Care-Insure may be able to help you find inexpensive auto insurance quotes, it can be a hit-or-miss process. If you find this to be the case, you may be better served by contacting a local insurance agent who represents several different auto insurance carriers, and who may be able to provide you with more personalized service.

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