About Charge-Tastic

Charge-Tastic bills itself as a 4-in-1 car adaptor that allows you to charge on your devices while on the road. It has 2 USBs and 2 DC ports and it claims to keep all your gizmos and gadgets juiced.

There is no information on who makes or sells Charge-Tastic, other than its website is created by a for-hire company called Digital Target Marketing.

How Charge-Tastic Works

Charge-Tastic is a plastic adaptor that fits in your car’s DC power outlet (formerly known as a cigarette lighter). It has 4 inputs: 2 round DCs and 2 USB ports. They say this allows you to charge up to 4 mp3 or portable video players, as well as tablets, smartphones, and much more (provided they have either a USB or DC car adaptor plug) at one time. For additional versatility, they tout Charge-Tastic’s ability to swivel 180 degrees to fit a variety of spaces.

Charge-Tastic includes:

  • Charge-Tastic 4-in-1 Car Adaptor
  • Additional Charge-Tastic “free” (extra fees)

Charge-Tastic Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They state that Charge-Tastic sells for $14.95 plus shipping/handling and if you buy one, you get one free. BUT. You are really not getting an additional one for free, as they automatically add another $7.95 handling to your order. This makes the real total $30.85 for 2 Charge-Tastics, more than half of which is non-refundable. That means, should you buy, try, and then deny (within 30 days) they will only refund your $14.95, plus you have to pay to ship them back.


  • Charges 4 devices at once
  • Good for long trips and families with lots of devices
  • Swivel mount


  • Expensive (see pricing above)
  • Devices need to have DC car charger or USB (not plug)
  • As Seen on TV products oftentimes don’t live up to expectations

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