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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Apr 25, 2016

Created by a professional weight loss trainer known only as Xavier, the Chio Diet Ultimate System claims to target and break down stubborn fat into fatty acids, which can be burned by your body and turned into energy. This way, you’ll be able to lose weight faster and safer than ever before.

According to Xavier, the science-based Chio Diet system will provide you with a straightforward, step-by-step plan of action that can help you lose up to 25 pounds—and carve 3-5” off your waistline—in just 30 days. On top of this, you’ll be able to shed fat from problem areas, boost your metabolism and energy levels, and become physically and mentally healthier!

Despite these profound benefits, the Chio Diet Ultimate System doesn’t require any special abilities, and it’s guaranteed to work, regardless of your age or weight.

But how does the Chio Diet System accomplish this? Is it really a “complete body transformation system” based on science, or just a bunch of marketing hype? In this review, we’ll help you put the puzzle pieces together and decide whether or not the Chio Diet Ultimate System is worthwhile.

How Does the Chio Diet Ultimate System Help You Lose Weight?

When it comes down to it, despite the lengthy video and landing page, we’re told very few concrete details about what we’ll learn in the Chio Diet System. Basically, all we’re told is that:

  • It focuses on feeding your body essential nutrients (known as “good calories”) that can boost health and metabolism. Specifically, you’ll stop your body from producing triglycerides, while helping to break down existing triglycerides and turn them into energy.
  • These foods are combined in a specific way to “address your body’s hormones” and boost fat loss.
  • You’ll learn what (and how much) to eat to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass.

That’s about it. While the Chio Diet Ultimate System website doesn’t provide any clinical evidence to back up these vague claims, what does science say?

Are Chio Diet System’s Claims Science-Based?

Good Calories vs. Bad Calories

Until relatively recently, the old calories in-calories out equation was thought to be the key to successful, sustained weight loss. In other words, if you continually consumed 1,800 calories per day but used 2,000 calories, you’d lose weight.

However, in recent years, science has come to understand that not all calories are created equal. Specifically, that some foods have different hormonal effects on the body that can cause you to release sugar (carbohydrates), store fat (sugar), build muscle (protein), and so forth. So, while counting calories is still important in the battle against weight gain, so is considering the types of foods you’re consuming.

The Role of Fatty Acids

Without going into unnecessary detail, enzymes break down the foods you eat into fatty acids. In turn, these fatty acids stimulate the pancreas to create a hormone called insulin (remember how we talked about the role of different hormones above?), which tells your body to absorb fatty acids (among other chemicals) and start building fat, namely triglycerides.

While some triglycerides are necessary for proper bodily function, too much in can lead to heart disease and other unwanted complications.

The good news is that there are a wide variety of ways that can help reduce triglyceride levels, such as avoiding red or processed meats, eating low cholesterol foods like fruits and veggies, increasing omega 3 intake, and more.

What does this mean when it comes to the Chio Diet Ultimate System? We’ll come back to this in a moment, but let’s talk about price first.

What Will You Pay for the Chio Diet System?

Chio Diet Ultimate System will cost you $37 and can be immediately downloaded once your payment is processed. With your order, you’ll also receive two bonus reports:

  • 4 Tricks to Never Store Carbs as Fat
  • The 4 Best Foods to Eat Before Bed

The Chio Diet is sold through Clickbank, an online retailer who specializes in these types of e-books, and who offers a 60-day refund policy on all purchases. Based on customer feedback for other Clickbank e-books, instead of emailing the creators at support@chiodiet.com, you might achieve faster results by contacting Clickbank directly at 800-390-6035.

Speaking of which, what are customers saying about the Chio Diet Ultimate System?

Customer Feedback for the Chio Diet System

Although we didn’t encounter any legitimate customer feedback for the Chio System at the time of our research, the good news is that we’ve reviewed dozens of other Clickbank-based e-books in the past—many of which relate to weight loss—including Smart Blood Sugar, Fat Diminisher System, New You In 22, and many more.

Overall? Customer feedback for these types of e-books is typically negative, with the most common complaint citing incomplete information that didn’t live up to the hefty hype. Specifically, many customers claim they could’ve found much of the same information for free using a quick Google search.

In fact, you can see this firsthand using the fatty acids information we outlined above. While the Chio Diet System made it seem like you’ll learn some ultra-scientific information, it’s really just commonplace knowledge that any online search can quickly uncover.

Do we know anything more about the author behind the Chio Diet Ultimate System?

Who’s Behind the Chio Diet Ultimate System?

As we mentioned previously, the only information we’re given about Chio Diet’s author is that they go by the name Xavier. However, one of the free reports included in your order is authored by Joel Marion and Brett Hall, R.D., while the other was written by Joel Marion and Tim Skwiat. Who are these people and what are their credentials?

Joel Marion is a well-known fitness coach, author, and developer of Body Transformation Insider and Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. Joel is also the co-founder of BioTrust nutritional supplements company.

Interestingly, both of these reports’ co-authors are also closely involved with BioTrust, where Tim Skwiat is the company’s Nutrition and Fitness Expert and Brett Hall, R.D. is their VP of Research & Development.

Does this mean that the Chio Diet System was created by the folks over at BioTrust? Not necessarily, although we think it’s certainly something worth keeping in mind.

Is the Chio Diet Ultimate System Right for You?

Regardless whether the BioTrust team is responsible for the Chio Diet System or not, it’s fairly clear that a non-Native English speaker was hired to write the script for their promotional video and the copy for their website. In fact, there were so many grammatical errors in some areas that it was difficult to understand exactly what they were trying to convey. Compounded with the fact that much of what we’re told was vague information that’s only a Google search away, we think it’s difficult to reliably discern what you’ll actually uncover by placing an order, whether or not the e-book will realistically help you lose weight, and whether or not it represents a good use of your money.

But we are sure of one thing: If the Chio Diet Ultimate System really can help you lose up to 25 pounds in 30 days, this 1) isn’t healthy, and 2) isn’t sustainable. In other words, it would meet the very definition of a crash diet, which most doctors recommend avoiding altogether.

What can you do instead? You should always discuss any new weight loss program with your physician, who can make sure you’re approaching the process from a healthy perspective, and can even suggest specific weight loss methods based on your overall goals and diagnosis.

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