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Dogs might be man’s best friend, but when it comes to dirty messes, they’re sometimes your worst enemy.

Clean Pup Mat is out to change this though, with their microfiber mat that features ultra absorbent “fingers” to soak up all the water, dirt, and mud your dog tracks in. Clean Pup Mat can even be used in your cars and RVs!

Then, after Clean Pup Mat has absorbed its fair share of dirt and debris, it’s machine washable for easy cleanup.

You love your dog, but you need a solid option for preventing them from tracking water and mud into your home. Is Clean Pup Mat your solution for cleaner floors, carpets, and furniture, or is it just a dirty scam?

There are many options, which is what we’ll talk about first.

Many Microfiber Mats

You’ve probably seen the word “microfiber” thousands of times when out shopping, so you already know that this material is used in bath mats, towels, car detailing cloths, bathrobes, and even bedding.

We’ll explore this aspect in greater detail next, but for now, you know that microfiber isn’t anything revolutionary, despite how the Clean Pup Mat commercial might make it seem.

What’s the point? Type the phrase “microfiber dog mat,” “microfiber pet mat,” or “mud rug” into any search engine, and you’ll find that there are hundreds of different options available—many at local retailers and pet stores.  You’ll also notice that many of these options are less expensive than Clean Pup Mat, especially when you factor in its non-refundable S&H charges (more about this in a moment).

Is there anything about Clean Pup Mat’s microfiber that distinguishes it from the competition?

The Basics of Microfiber Mats

When you were searching online for other microfiber dog mats, you probably noticed that they come in all kinds of designs and thicknesses. What’s going on here?

The term “microfiber” simply references a type of synthetic fiber that’s created from the sludge left over from the oil refining process. This sludge, known as polypropylene, can “be processed into a thin olefin fiber” in a limitless number of ways, which is why there are so many products that feature these fibers.

Pro tip: A microfiber is also defined by its thickness, which must be less than one denier

Although they’re flammable and not often used in clothes, microfibers are known for their ability to absorb moisture; as much as 8 times their weight. Microfiber is also known to retain dirt.

With all of this in mind, Clean Pup Mat’s microfibers are woven into long, thick “fingers” that are claimed to better retain dirt and water. And at least from this aspect, there doesn’t appear to be anything exactly like it on the market.

This doesn’t mean that Clean Pup Mat will necessarily perform any better than these other options. And considering its price, they might provide a better value for your money.

We’ve talked about Clean Pup Mat’s pricing a couple times already, so let’s dig into the details.

Is Clean Pup Mat a Good Value?

One Clean Pup Mat will cost you $19.95 plus 7.95 S&H. Like most ASOTV products, you’ll be able to purchase a second at checkout for an additional $7.95 S&H.

If you’re not happy with your Clean Pup Mat, they come with a 30-day refund policy. This is less S&H of course, so if you purchased the BOGO offer, you could end up losing/spending more in S&H than you’ll receive as a refund.

Some might question if this provides a good value, just for giving the mat a shot.

If you decide to process a refund, you’ll need to call customer service at 973-287-5132.

Now that you know all this, should you give Clean Pup Mat a doggone try?

Will Clean Pup Mat Keep Your Dog’s Soggy Paws at the Door?

Will Clean Pup Mat’s microfibers soak up water and mud from your dog’s paws? Probably so. But think about this:

Does Your Dog Wipe Their Paws?

If you had wet or muddy shoes and walked inside, what would you do first? If you didn’t take off your shoes, you’d probably wipe them several times on the mat.

Why? Because you want to get as much debris off as possible before walking into the house.

But unless your dog has a habit of wiping their feet every time they come in (more like bolt in) from outside, then Clean Pup Mat might not work as well as the manufacturer makes it seem.

Their paws might not touch the mat at all, and even if they do, probably not long enough (or vigorous enough) to remove a meaningful amount of debris.

Where Does Your Dog Get Dirty?

Next, ask yourself: How often does your dog come in with just wet or dirty paws? It’s usually the case that their belly is dirty as well, and Clean Pup mat only addresses their paws. They’re also likely to shake off once they come in, creating even more of a mess.

The Bottom Line about Clean Pup Mat

The bottom line? When your dog touches a microfiber mat like Clean Pup Mat, it probably does a decent job of soaking up water and dirt with limited contact.

But considering Clean Pup Mat’s relatively small size and the fact that dogs get dirty everywhere, it might not keep your home as clean as you were hoping.

Still feel like giving it a try? We might recommend searching for local microfiber mats, which can help you save money (an extra bone for Fido?) on S&H charges.

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