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Cleanse Colon 100 claims to help you lose weight by improving waste elimination, purifying your system, increasing energy levels, and burning fat. And all of this using only natural ingredients and herbs!

Sure, all of these benefits sound great, especially if you’re looking to maximize your health. After all, it makes sense that nasty toxins could accumulate in your body from foods, lifestyle factors, and the environment.

But the harsh reality is that we don’t think Cleanse Colon 100 will provide what you’re looking for. To explain why, we’ll begin with this recent “cleansing” fad.

Does Your Body Require Detoxification & “Cleansing”?

Whether you call it colon cleansing, nutritional cleansing, or something else altogether, detoxifying your body is a process where you “flush” accumulated toxins from your body. This can involve avoiding certain foods and lifestyle factors (like smoking and alcohol consumption), drinking only specific juices, or in the instance of supplements like Cleanse Colon 100, facilitating waste elimination (making you poo, at the risk of being too blunt).

But here’s the thing: Regardless of what a “cleanse” claims to do or how it claims to do it, it’s completely unnecessary. Why? Because, your body already does a good job of eliminating waste and the toxins it contains, and supplements like Cleanse Colon 100 don’t add anything to the process.

What about Cleanse Colon 100’s claim that you could have 30 pounds of toxic waste in just sitting in your colon? There is zero science to support this, and it simply seems to be a persistent myth used by the cleansing industry to sell more products.

Alright, so Cleanse Colon 100 might not “cleanse” your body of anything, but it’ll at least help you lose weight, right?

Will Cleanse Colon 100 Help You Lose Weight?

This might come as a surprise, but Cleanse Colon 100 will probably help you lose a negligible amount of weight; probably in the neighborhood of 1-3 pounds. But it’s probably not the weight you’re expecting. What do we mean?

By using laxative ingredients to temporarily empty your bowels, you’ll lose all of the associated weight, as well as take an inch or two off your waistline. However, as soon as you drink a couple glasses of water or eat something, most of this weight and/or bloat will immediately return. Doesn’t exactly fit into a long-term weight loss plan, right?

Speaking of ingredients, exactly what kind of natural laxatives does Cleanse Colon 100 contain?

Ingredients Found in Cleanse Colon 100

Here’s where we come to a big goose egg. In other words, Cleanse Colon 100’s manufacturer doesn’t think it’s important to list a single ingredient, so there’s no way to know exactly what it contains. Well, almost.

We’ve reviewed dozens of popular detox supplements here at HighYa, including nearly identical products to Cleanse Colon 100, such as Pro Power Cleanse, Pure Detox Max, Ultimate Flush Colon Cleanse, and many others.

Pro tip: You probably noticed that many of these websites are eerily similar to the Cleanse Colon 100 site. As with online-only anti-aging products, it could be the case that all of these supplements are made by the same group of companies, who “recycle” products over and over again, changing only the product name and picture each time. We’ll come back to this in a second.

Not only are their websites similar, but these products also use many of the same laxative ingredients, including cascara sagrada, psyllium, rhubarb, senna, fennel, and aloe. And while the high fiber content of these ingredients can certainly help you go number two, as we detailed above, they won’t actually remove toxins or “cleanse” you in any way.

Based on what they do to your body, its reasonable to believe that common side effects include bloating, gassiness, cramping, and digestive upset.

If these actually are some of the ingredients contained in Cleanse Colon 100, how much will they cost you?

Cleanse Colon 100 Pricing & Refund Policy

As with many of the other supplements we talked about in the previous section, Cleanse Colon 100 can only be purchased through a “free” 18-day trial. You’ll pay $4.97 S&H and will be sent a full size bottle.

On the 18th day, your credit card will be charged a whopping $77.99, and you’ll also begin receiving a new bottle of Cleanse Colon 100 every 30 days. Whenever this occurs, your card will be charged another $77.99 each time.

Outside of the trial, no refunds are available for Cleanse Colon 100. But to cancel your trial or autoship enrollment, you can call customer service at 844-343-7253.

An Important Note About Cleanse Colon 100’s Arbitration

In a nutshell, an arbitration agreement states that if you experience any damages from a product, you’ll have to settle your claim outside of court. This means you won’t be able to litigate against the manufacturer through a jury by trial, or become part of a related class action lawsuit.

In short, most arbitration agreements heavily favor the company and strip away many of your most basic legal rights, so it’s definitely something to consider before placing your order.

What else do we know about the company behind Cleanse Colon 100?

Details About Cleanse Colon 100's Manufacturer

Cleanse Colon 100 is manufactured by GreenFit Health, LLC. But outside of learning that they’re based out of Scottsdale, AZ, there’s zero information about the company online.

Fortunately, we can learn a lot from customer feedback for the other detox supplements we discussed above. What’s everyone saying?

Overall, these supplements come with an average rating of 1.5 stars (read: stay away), based on complaints referencing failure to work and high price. Inarguably the biggest complaint most customers referenced though was poor customer, primarily related to problems cancelling trials/autoship programs or obtaining refunds. In fact, multiple consumers claimed the only way to put a stop to the madness was to get their credit card company involved.

Remember how we talked about these companies recycling the same websites over and over again? In our opinion, they do this once too much negative feedback accumulates, which allows them to stay one step ahead of consumers and keep the scam going.

Is this what you can expect with Cleanse Colon 100? Based on our experience, we’d say it’s almost certain.

Will Cleanse Colon 100 Only “Cleanse” Your Bank Account?

When it comes with Cleanse Colon 100, you’re basically paying an exceptionally high price for a completely unknown product—and you probably don’t make a habit of swallowing completely unknown substances.

For this reason alone, we’d strongly recommend avoiding Cleanse Colon 100. And when you add to this the supplement’s similarity with many other less-than-stellar products we’ve reviewed—and the very poor online customer reviews that come with them—it’s almost certain that your money would be better spent elsewhere.

In fact, you could probably achieve identical results as Cleanse Colon 100 by purchasing a $5 bottle of generic laxative from your local pharmacy. And this way, you wouldn’t have to worry about any pesky autoship enrollments!

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