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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 21, 2017

Clever Clear claims to offer a way to get crystal clear, streak-free lenses with just a wipe using its prong-shaped design. The makers of the device claim that it uses carbon-embedded microfiber pads that are capable of locking onto dirt, grime, and dust, removing them with ease.

The pads themselves are contoured to match the corners of your glasses, and the manufacturer states that the device is safe for use with any type of lens, including those with anti-glare and polarized finishes.

In addition to the main cleaning pads, there is also a retractable, non-abrasive brush that is meant to remove larger dust and lint particles to prevent scratching. According to the company, you can use this brush first before switching to the pads, applying mild pressure as you clean around the edges of your lenses.

They also claim that the case acts as an electrostatic friction recharging station, saying that sliding the pads back into it will renew their cleaning powers. Clever Clear can be “recharged” up to 500 times using this method, according to the product’s website.

Anyone who frequently wears glasses knows that streaks and smudges are simply a way of life, but can you really expect the Clever Clear to be able to remove them effectively as shown in the product’s commercial?

Can the Clever Clear Really Deliver Crystal Clear, Streak-Free Glasses?

The makers of Clever Clear state that the product is an effective alternative to standard microfiber clothes, water rinses, and impromptu shirt cleanings, allowing you to truly achieve streak-free lenses with its super-charged carbon.

Despite these claims, we did not encounter any authoritative evidence online during our research that an electrostatic carbon system could measurably aid the cleaning process. Does that mean that the device is likely to be ineffective? Not necessarily.

Of course, the product’s ability to deliver streak-free cleaning may also depend on how dirty your lenses are, and what exactly is on them. For small grease spots or smudges, we can envision it working as described, but larger, more dramatic messes may potentially prove to be too much for the smaller microfiber pads to handle on their own.

Without testing it out for ourselves, we can’t say for certain whether or not you can expect the results described on the website, but based purely on the microfiber pad design, we can potentially see the Clever Clear being at least as effective as a standard cloth made out of the same material.

Couple this with the included retractable lint brush, and we can envision some users getting enough value out of the product to justify the asking price, if only for the convenience factor of having an all-in-one device in your pocket.

Clever Clear Pricing & Return Policy

As of this writing, the Clever Clear was only available online via the manufacturer’s website. It is sold for $14.99, plus $4.99 P&H. There is also a mandatory double offer which adds an additional fee of $4.99, bringing your grand total to $24.97. The device comes in seven different colors; black, blue, green, red, purple, white, and pink.

As for the return policy, the website lists that each order includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, less any P&H fees. To initiate a return on your order, you’ll need to reach out to customer service at 800-510-8067 to obtain an RMA number. You’ll be required to cover any fees associated with shipping your Clever Clear back to the manufacturer.

Clever Clear vs. Other Glasses Cleaning Options

At first glance, the Clever Clear looks as though it allows for some unique functionality, but are there any other, similar products available online that may offer comparable features?

Interestingly, we were able to find a few products that feature similar designs to Clever Clear, including one that seems to be functionally identical, the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner. In fact, it appears that the Peeps device is a rebrand of the Clever Clear (or vice versa), as the Peeps branding can be seen in several images on the product in question’s website. Why is this important?

On Amazon, Peeps run from $14.51 to up to $24.99, depending upon the color you choose. Crucially, the product featured over 770 reviews on the platform as of this writing, and in general, customers seem to have mixed feelings about its effectiveness overall. While a large number of positive reviews can be found, there is also a worrying consistently to the common complaints about the product that we observed.

For instance, we read many complaints about the device breaking too easily after just a few uses, with several customers upset that they could not return it for a refund. We also read a wide variety of less-than-stellar accounts of its overall effectiveness, with several users stating that it did nothing but add to, or smear dirt and smudges around on their lenses.

It’s important to keep in mind that these complaints only apply to the Peeps branded product, and aren’t necessarily an indication of what you’ll experience with the Clever Clear. Having said that, because of their extremely similar design, it’s important to weigh these user opinions when considering making a purchase.

In general, most of the highest-reviewed products on Amazon for glasses cleaning tend to be liquid solutions, frequently accompanied by a standalone microfiber cloth. For instance, the WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner held a 4.5/5-star rating across nearly 700 reviewers. Notably, it also was cheaper than both the Peeps and the Clever Clear at $12.99 as of this writing. Of course, you may simply prefer not to deal with a liquid solution, due to the inherent potential for added mess.

Ultimately, choosing the right cleaning product for your needs may come down to a bit of trial and error. If you like the all-in-one design of the Clever Clear/Peeps devices, you may opt to give them a try and see how they work for you in practice. However, if you’re looking for the solution with the most social proof, it does appear that a liquid-based solution is both more popular (in terms of review scores) and less expensive than the product at hand.

The Bottom Line: Is Clever Clear Right for You?

Let’s briefly recap what we’ve learned about the Clever Clear. For one, the device features an all-in-one cleaning solution, allowing you to remove loose dust and lint from the lenses using the retractable brush. From there, the company claims that the electrostatic carbon microfiber pads can provide crystal clear, streak-free cleansing, regardless of the glass type or finish you currently use.

Despite this claim, we did not encounter any authoritative evidence illustrating that an electrostatic functionality could improve the cleaning abilities of the device. We also found that many customers shared complaints about a highly similar product’s effectiveness and construction quality online.

When you combine the above information with the fact that several highly reviewed, liquid-based cleaning solutions exist online–and at less expensive rates in many cases–as consumers ourselves, we’d feel hard-pressed to make a hasty purchase before slowing down and reviewing all of our options online.

If you’d like to give Clever Clear a shot (either because you prefer not to deal with a potentially messy liquid solution, or because you simply enjoy the idea of the product’s all-in-one design), keep in mind that you’ll be able to leverage the 30-day return policy should you find that it doesn’t deliver the results you were looking for. Just be prepared to lose a few dollars to shipping & handling fees in the process, if you go this route.

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