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Clever Investor claims to offer tactical, actionable information you can use to jump start your real estate investing career or to take it to the next level. See what customers are saying.

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Posted on Jul 23, 2017

Education great, Support far from it.

By Justin Rusak, New York, Verified Reviewer

To everyone considering Clever Investor,

I would really like to give a great review on the material and education from Clever Investor, because all in all the material they give you is very good and well thought out. I have purchased the Fast Track system and I would say I have learned a ton, with videos to make the learning more entertaining.

The reason this review is only one star is because Clever Investor has failed me on the support side. As I was looking into mentoring with Clever, I had scheduled an appointment with one of their business service members and he failed to contact me, and never called for the appointment.

I messaged support and Leif Meyerson called me, said this was unprofessional and that it would never happen again. He said he was going to work with me personally and that he could always be reached by email. Now after countless attempts and multiple phone calls and emails, I'm back to where I started.

Clever Investor let me down, and I feel that you should all know the almost two months of trying to get into contact with Leif, I could have been investing my time and money into something else.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Company Response from Clever Investor

Oct 5, 2017

My name is Leif Meyerson and I am the Director of Business Development here at Clever Investor. Cody came across this review and wanted to give me the opportunity to comment personally since Mr. Rusak mentioned me by name.

First, I would like to say I take our students success very seriously. “Our student’s success is our success” is not only our main company value but is also my personal mission. Having said that this review caught me completely off guard. I rarely deal one-on-one with our students so I clearly remember Mr. Rusak.

Mr. Rusak submitted an application for mentoring with us back in May. He had never purchased any of our training and was not a current student. He had simply found us online and requested information. Those of you that have worked with us, and are familiar with our mentoring program, know it is not an easy program to be accepted into. You must to go through a very thorough interview process. We do this to ensure we only work with a student that is a perfect fit. This is not a program for everyone.

When Mr. Rusak started the interview process he did not click with one of my Business Development Consultants. At this time my consultant approached me about his conversation and I immediately reached out to Mr. Rusak. I did this to be certain that he understood just because the mentoring program wasn’t right for him at this time did not mean we could not help him on his journey with real estate investing. And just to be clear, money was not the issue as I am sure some of you are assuming.

While speaking with Mr. Rusak I came to the conclusion that he was a great person that just needed to believe he was getting the right help. At that point I gifted him our entire Fast Track training course. I want to make that crystal clear, he did not purchase the Fast Track, as he claims in his review. I gave him a $500 course and did not charge him a dime. I then let him know how to go about getting through the training. I also told him once he completed my instructions to reach back out to me directly.

A few weeks had gone by and I had a very serious family emergency. My 3 month old son spent 5 days in the ICU at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I was distraught to say the least. During this time Justin did email me stating he was ready to move forward. Even though I was going through the scariest moment of my life I still responded letting him know the situation and apologized for the inconvenience. I was out of the office for several weeks spending time with my family. We are so blessed that my now 6 month old son is doing amazing and is in perfect health.

When I returned to the office I saw that Mr. Rusak had been calling my office line. I reached out to him as soon as I possibly could and explained that at this time I could not personally work with him due to the catch up I was playing after being out for an extended period of time. I then offered to have my Senior Business Development Consultant continue working with him and complete a game-plan. Again we have done all of this and never charged Mr. Rusak a cent.

The last I heard from my consultant he completed the game-plan with Mr. Rusak and gave him a clear path to get his investment business going.

All that said I can understand how frustrating it can be for someone who is just starting out in real estate to find the right team to trust and follow. I truly hope Mr. Rusak is on the right path and is finding the success he wants. I am very proud of the support we give our students on every level and I hope this response sheds some light on the reality of the situation.

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Posted on Jul 2, 2019

Clever Investor complete garbage!

By Daniel H., Houston, TX, Verified Reviewer

So why don't I have any access to the free materials that were promised for signing up for the 30-day deal challenge? Cody himself stated that if for any reason you didn't decided to stick with the course you still got those three items to keep. So this program is just a complete sham I see? This company does not keep it's word or give any real working materials. I asked before I signed up was this just basic fluff and it completely is. I work hard for my money to just be sold on a pipe dream, I bought into the challenge looking for real help but just got hit with the happy to take your money and thats it attitude. These big so-called gurus market you more than they actually market real estate deals. It's sad that they prey on people who actually are looking for a way out of the rat race, looking to be able to provide a better life for their families, looking to dig themselves up out of the slums. They prey on your hunger to want to actually take action to change your life. Then you get stuck with a whole list of BS promises, please do not spend your money with these people. They exactly what they are bad people! Eat greedily off the hard earned work of people who want to build a better life for themselves. It should be illegal to market to people and then just crash all their hopes and dreams at actually shifting their circumstances around.

See, one thing about me I'm a go-getter and I've already been putting hundreds of hours in and building my knowledge, so just because these people burned me and really just spit in my face with their customer service. Then to completely lie about you being able to keep materials that were so-called gifts just for giving them a try and taking the call to action. Please, I beg of you, don't get excited about this company, please don't give them your hard earned money and please don't believe they have what it takes for you to change your life. They are selling you crap by literally marketing to your hopes and dreams of a better life. If these gurus are making so many millions a year, why market a student product so heavy? Because the truth is that you are their cash crop, you are the dollars that fund their hopes and dreams. Your hard work, blood, sweat and tears are not respected here, as of matter of fact, they downright don't give one hoot about you. As long as you have the funds to do a transaction with them to load their pockets, then you're a priority. Then as soon as they sell you and that money clears here comes the BS, here comes the million upsales, here come the fluff and then they say you have a 30-day money back return policy. Oh no, you don't not on the 30 Day Challenge, you have three days, yeah that's right, 3 days to determine how you like the product.

Oh and it gets juicer from there, all of the product is not open for your review, you get things week by week. So here you are ready to dive into a course and take the bull by the horns and nope, huge stop sign in your way. So the kicker here is to sign up as many people as they can and keep pitching, it's a limited number of students they are taking on, so the numbers pile in and BOOM, three days and your money is gone forever. Oh and back to those free courses and materials, yeah, good luck with getting those.

Scam, scam, scam, scam, scam, that's exactly what this business is, good luck trying to get a deal in 30 days. I'll be surprised if you ever get one deal through this garbage. Again, please people, I'm begging y'all, do not spend your money with Cody Sperber or his company Clever Investor. More like Clever Rip Off Artist, a complete waste of time, energy and money. You're better off putting in the time learning yourself, because these people or crooks. I even asked the intake agent what was the student percentage on deals done in 30 days guess what she did hung up on the chat. She couldn't close me fast enough so she had to drop my chat and wiggle their marketing bait infant of the next targeted prey. Guys, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Terrible customer service, terrible company, false promises and just a complete lack of respect of their fellow human being. Stay far away from these people, they will do anything to get in your pocketbook and squeeze every dollar out of you that they can.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Company Response from Clever Investor

Jul 2, 2019


I am writing this response with my jaw literally on the floor. You have verbally slayed Clever Investor with slander and libel intent. I feel the need to formulate this response so you're outlandish accusations are not taken seriously by people who really do want to put in the work and be successful.

I first want to address your claim that you do not get to keep the materials if you decide not to proceed. Well, you are right, IF you cancel within 24 hours and receive a full refund you are not entitled to any materials that come along with the 30 Day Deal Challenge. The fact that you would call our company a "scam" and "just looking to take peoples money" is foolish, and apparently, you are just the type of person that is looking to scam the system yourself to get free stuff. Unfortunately for you, that is not how real business works. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

As for our actual policy, when it comes to the 30 Day Deal Challenge, if you decide not to continue with the program after the 30 days is up, you WILL get to keep all of the bonuses you received with the initial purchase of $97. But again you canceled within 24 hours and received a full refund, so this, of course, would be null and void in your case.

Let's move on to your next ridiculous complaint, that you tried to lay out our feet. When you stated "I asked before I signed up was this just basic fluff and it completely is," there is no possible way that you could make that statement and be truthful. First of all, there are over 50 hours of training that is made available to you when you sign up for the 30 Day Deal Challenge, you gain access to all of our contract suite (this alone is priceless), you gain access to our private Facebook Community (in which you personally never requested to join because you simply didn't give it any time), you get weekly live Q&A sessions with one of our mentors, I could keep going here but I think I have made my point. Again, you did not even have the program for a full 24 hours, how could you speak to things you do not know, unless you have a different agenda altogether. I feel the bottom line is you are upset that once you requested a refund you didn't get to keep anything for free. This is completely unethical of you as a consumer and "human being".

Another claim you made was that all of the material is not made available to you right out of the gates, well, I guess this is sort of true, but the only pieces of the course that are not available right away are the weekly trainings that coincide with the challenge. The challenge was set up with a very strategic path. Week 1 is about educating yourself, Week 2 is about practice, Week 3 focuses on implementation, and Week 4 covers cashing in on a deal. So the videos that you are referring to are unlocked to you in conjunction with that part of the challenge. Again it seems as if you are upset for no reason here and trying to get something for nothing.

You also claimed that it would be impossible to get a deal closed within the 30 Days. Well it is not impossible we have had many students accomplish that goal, but just as Cody talks about in the webinar for the 30 Day Deal Challenge, it isn't about just closing a deal it is about jump-starting your business and achieving breakthroughs that you had not experienced before. Real estate is all about momentum and the 30 Day Deal Challenge helps propel you in the right direction. At the end of the day it comes down to putting in the work and seeing it through, I just talked to a student yesterday that has been working with us for 8 months and he finally closed his first deal and now has 3 more under contract. Real estate is not easy we never claimed it was, but we do know it is worth it!

The bottom line here, Daniel, is you did not give the course a chance, you jumped to conclusions without facts, and you are playing the victim where there is no victim. You requested a refund and we issued one, apparently that wasn't good enough for you so you decided to lie about and slander an amazing company that is full of real people like myself that do in fact care a great deal about our students. And we have the thousands upon thousands of successful students to prove it.

At the end of the day, we do hope you find the success that you are searching for, and we find it very unfortunate that you had to try and lay the blame of your shortcomings at the feet of a company that just did not deserve it.

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Posted on Sep 5, 2019

Company is a lie

By Emerson L., Los Angeles, CA, Verified Reviewer

I ordered the product based on the 30-day return policy. Every step of the program they say you need to buy something else to succeed. It’s a crappy program that is designed to drain your bank account, not help you invest. Once I asked for a return, I received a rude phone call telling me that I was the reason the program failed. He was smug and rude while appearing to be pleasant. A very smooth communicator. He insulted me while appearing to give me a compliment. When I called him on it, he deflected and tried to back peddle his statements. He told me there was only a 3-day return policy (it’s 30 days, he lied) and I was screwed. But because he wanted to remain "friends" he would honor my return now. The money hasn’t been returned yet, but it’s only been a day. It’s a scam and people should avoid it.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Company Response from Clever Investor

Sep 6, 2019


I feel like I needed to take some time here and respond to your "complaint" personally. There are a couple of really big red flags with your claims. First of all, you purchased our 30 Day Deal Challenge, which has a no refund policy other than the legal 3 day R.O.R. required. And you can absolutely confirm this within the terms and service agreement. So you were not lied to about the return policy, I wanted to clear that up right away.

Second I would like to address your attitude and feelings towards the program itself. You stated that "it's a crappy program that is designed to drain your bank account", well the program is only $97 and I give you 4 additional courses (that I sell for a lot more than that for each one) at no additional cost. Yes, we do offer other things here at Clever Investor and I stand behind each and every one of them. We create the most comprehensive training out there and we offer it for far less than we could. We do this because we actually care about our students. The reason I bring this up is because in the 5 days you had the course and all the training, you spent less than 10 minutes in the Online Learning Center (this is the platform we use to share our training and tools). My question is simple, how can you be within your integrity by stating the program is "crappy" when you went through less than 10 minutes of the 60+ hours available?

AS far as the "smooth communicator" you refer to I listened to your call with my Business Development Consultant and he did everything but insult you, he was trying to help you get the most out of what you had purchased and when he realized that you simply did not want help or guidance, he went above and beyond by issuing you a refund. This is something that I would not have done. We spend countless hours and a ton of money creating the World's best real estate education. We pour our hearts and souls into it, and education is one of those things that we can't take back. This is the reason for our refund policy. All this being said, Emerson, I truly hope you find the success you are looking for, honestly, I do. But to all of you who are reading this that really want to take their real estate businesses to the next level, you will find no better company than Clever Investor to help you on your journey. For every one of these empty complaints, we have hundreds of people singing our praises, because Clever's motto of "Our Students Success Is Our Success" really means something to myself and our entire team.

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Posted on Mar 19, 2018

Hey! Want to be SIMILAR to a car salesman?

By B, Arizona, Verified Reviewer

I signed up for this for the sole purpose of finding cheap deals since the market was/is still is hot. They set you up with a guy to help you and answer your questions, they are friendly and probably mean well. Mine was a big advocate of the internet marketing section.

This comes with a 30-day fully refundable trial. So if you do sign up, go directly to the section after the marketing and see if this is for you because you essentially cultivating leads. (This is the DOING section). To me, this will give you a good taste of what it is like to wholesale houses.

Anyway, after you go to this section, this should be your determining factor if you want to do this or not. They use similar tactics car salesmen use to close deals. It feels manipulative to me. The choice is yours though. If you want to get into real estate, don't be fooled by this.

Nonetheless, they have some good content in there but you need access to the MLS to put it to work, and I'm sure 90% of the people that sign up for this don't. I also wouldn't pay $500 again to learn these small things.

All in all, it was a poor use of my capital and time.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Company Response from Clever Investor

May 9, 2018

Thank you for taking the time to review us, after reading your review, it seems like you may have some additional questions about our program. We would love to get these cleared up immediately. Our program teaches you how to generate leads in your business to find motivated sellers in many areas, from calling, and direct mail to putting out bandit signs, and creating an internet presence.

These are SALES tactics that are proven that we use in our real estate investing business every day. You also mentioned it was a poor use of your time and capital, remember we have a 30-day money back guarantee, which you also stated. This program isn't for everyone, especially for people who do not want to work for their money.

We can help provide systems and processing to help decrease the amount of work on you and your business, that is what we are here for. We would love another chance to earn your heart and a better rating. Please feel free to contact us @ for a consultation and see how we can answer some of your questions.

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Posted on Sep 30, 2020

Not what I was hoping for

By Lex T., New York, Verified Reviewer

We are making an update to this review since our Mentor from Clever did reach out to try and resolve the issue. We do appreciate the attempt to try and resolve this. Our Mentor offered 2 extra calls with him and we were extended an invitation to some Zoom video calls with other students to discuss different topics regarding real estate. Our Mentor also extended the option to reach him by phone, which is very nice.

We joined Clever's mentoring program in November of 2019. After all was said and done, we paid Clever $26K with LABS included. There are different mentors, and depending on who you get paired with, you get a different experience. It is not a uniform program using Cody's road map. You receive a call for 1 hour every 2 weeks (our program came with 12 calls). After the call, it was hard to reach our mentor whenever we felt we hit a roadblock. We could reach out through email, and from our experience, we weren't able to easily reach our mentor. They also have a Mentor Advisor that you can call in between calls and she was quite helpful with learning to do comparables.

We just want something understood. When we initially signed up for Clever back in Nov 2019, we thought we were going to get help with communicating and negotiating with sellers on the phone and how to handle seller objections. We had this idea because of Cody’s story with his Mentor Lyle (Lyle noticed Cody had phone reluctance and had Cody role play scripts with him). Only on our first call did we go through a questionnaire sheet (which was given to us by Clever). We went to LABS thinking that would be where this training will take place, but there is no phone training on communication and objection handling, and we expected more focus on scripts, role-playing, and objection handling training. When we asked about this at LABS, we were just directed to go to the Online Training Center and to look at the course there. (Which we did watch many times before LABS, but I didn’t feel that handled being able to be on the phone.) At the end of the day, we did have to go to YouTube to get the information we wanted and we also had to buy other wholesale sales systems to fill the missing piece, which for us was how to communicate with sellers, how to negotiate, and handle objections.

Our 2-star review is a 2-star review because we didn’t feel the mentorship focused on what we felt we needed help with, and we had to figure that part out on our own. Now there is no question in our mind that Clever has good information about real estate investing and that the Mentors have a lot of experience, which would be good once you’re not scared of picking up the phones and you’re able to communicate with confidence, handle objections and negotiate. But I do think the courses we initially signed up for were good and we paid $400 for them. By putting this up, we mean no disrespect to any of the mentors or mentor advisors who helped us. We just don’t feel we got the training we expected when we signed up for Clever.

Length of Use: 6–12 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Great Mentor Advisor in between calls

Got a call back by my mentor to fix the problem

Overall information is good

Didn't receive the services I thought I was signing up for

Too expensive

Didn't get what I wanted out of LABS

Posted on Sep 4, 2015

My Clever Investor Program Experience

By Merydith Endelman, Caldwell, NJ, Verified Reviewer

I have been in the Clever Investor mentoring program since last year. I signed up with this company because I was impressed on how the company delivers information to the student, which is predominantly step by step video.

Aside from all the really great instruction that Cody Sperber and his team put together on the Clever membership, there is solid value in having a coach to discuss and separate all the information you're being fed.

My coach Dave has been great, and I really appreciate his knowledge of real estate and how he has guided me so far. I am still waiting to hit that one big deal, but I trust he will get me there.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 19, 2016

A product review

By Timothy Acker, Richmond, VA, Verified Reviewer

I joined Clever's apprentice program for $7,000. I'm sure some of you think I'm crazy. Maybe you're right, well I decided to invest in education instead of blind marketing campaigns. You go on to sites like bigger pockets and nothing against them as a lot of stuff on there is really good information but when you see companies like Cody's, they bash them as every other company. They say things like, “Don't spend money on a program like this, do a direct mail campaign and net yourself 2-3 deals.” That's also not as easy as you think it is.

Then again I'm not going to lie, I haven't closed a single deal in my three months of working with them. They have given me every single thing I need and then more to be a successful real estate investor. The only thing holding me back is me. I slacked at times, I wasn't as persistence as I needed to be.

Bottom line is – even though I haven't closed a deal yet, i couldn't be more happy with my experience with Clever Investor.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Feb 15, 2017

Clever Investor, thumbs up?

By Jai, Las Vegas, Nevada, Verified Reviewer

Hey, it's Jai Thompson, US Navy Veteran and Real Estate Investor here.

I have brought into the Clever Investor system, and even though don't like the website that was designed for me (in my personal opinion it sucks), however, my website does get buyers, but no sellers. It integrates well with the Podio, which is the only Customer Relationship Management that it work. The fact is I hate Podio. Cody is a great trainer the material is TOP notch, but his business support staff SUCKS. You will never get a hold of anyone in his office that is an actual real estate investor. You will get a customer service group of people who has no idea what you are talking about.

I have been a real estate investor for almost four months, and I have never gotten any help with any deals from any member of his team. My budget is not very high at all (actually, I had nothing but $100, which I used for a direct campaign) and his team laughed at me and told me that was not enough. So I did it anyways, and guess what? I got nothing.

I was determined to get my first check, which I did, and it was a co-wholesale deal, and it was a small check ($3k), which is not much, but at least I went to Fidelity once to pick up a check. I immediately tweeted about my check, and I have to say I was the first one to get my check and it was not a $20k check like he said is so easy to get.

I am sorry this is very long, but the training is good, I would recommend the training, but if you have $20k to put up just make sure you get Cody himself.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Sep 1, 2018

A must go experience you will never forget

By Jeffery C., Tinley Park, IL, Verified Reviewer

First of all, this summit is a must go if you are a beginner, intermediate, and expert real estate investor. Experience what real honest and like-minded real estate investor entrepreneurs do. The support from the Clever Investor Team was dynamic. Networking and meeting a sure to be lifelong friends and an addition to your sphere of influence is what it is all about.

My highlight of the entire summit had the opportunity to meet the Genius himself, Mr. Cody Sperber. Cody's fun loving, honest and caring personality is very contagious. Behind his great smile is a true genuine genius who is displaying his dreams and aspirations right in from of his students and peers. Cody's spirit loving nature makes you a believer, and his team and army transforming into elite soldiers are forming all around the world. Nothing but love for you Cody! God bless you and your family. Thanks!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Oct 2, 2014

Cody is The REAL Deal...

By Doug , New Jersey

I have been a mentor student with Cody and his team for about 8 months now, and I'm extremely pleased. His technology, processes, education, and personal mentoring have propelled me in my real estate investment business faster than I expected when I signed up. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous and uncertain when I signed up as there is a significant investment to get started with the 1:1 mentorship. That said, I come from no real estate background and so I knew this was the best way to dive right in. I recently closed on a transaction that literally took less than 2 hours from start to finish and brought me just under $5,000 in profit. This is just one example of many deals that Cody and his team have helped me put together. Our business is booming and I owe everything I know to Cody and team. They are the REAL deal!

P.S. I have met Cody personally twice now and spoken to him on the phone and via text countless times. He is extremely smart and witty but also super humble. Cody is one of those people that you feel like you've known forever even though you only hung out with them a couple times. Moreover, his entire team of mentors, Dave, Franklin, Matt, Ivan, and everyone else are awesome - they will always lend a helping hand whenever you need them and don't mind slowing things down for folks like me that have no prior real estate or real estate investment background.


Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 8, 2015

Clever is the word

By Mike Murphy , Atlanta

After trying a few others, Clever Investor is the one that gave me the education, tools, and motivation to become successful in real estate investing.

None of the programs out there are free, (I don’t work for free either) but Clever Investor was reasonable and didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time up selling. You graduate with everything you need but your own effort. I more than covered my expenses with my first two contracts.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the real estate market will always fluctuate, the systems taught are current and I will be updated with the most effective methods as the market changes.

Organization is one of my weak points. Clever Investor provides scripts, examples of proven techniques, and computer programs needed to be efficient. I no longer let deals “fall through the cracks”. No more relying on sticky notes, my disorganized desk, or my faulty memory to ensure follow up work is done on time. Much of the work is automated with the Clever Investor system. Emails, appointments, and reminders are generated automatically.

What has made the system most effective for me is the mentor (ask for Franklin) provided. The scheduled mentoring calls solve problems, give continuing advice, and hold me responsible for assignments given on the previous calls.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Mar 4, 2015

Clever investor company and labs

By Nick Macrinos, Warren, OH, Verified Reviewer

I went to my first clever lab in February and it was great. You learn by doing not reading. Can't wait to be back. The team is very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure for my group and I and they care about each and every one of their students.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 15, 2015

Clever labs and Cody 'Sperber

By Nick Macrinos, Warren, OH, Verified Reviewer

I was impressed from the start. I have been to several courses where you sit in a lecture type setting and learn from books and then, the support goes away. I have seen all the support. The team of people that work with Cody are genuine caring people. They truly want to see you succeed. The money I spent to attend was minimal compared to others, they take you by the hand and guide you, as opposed to throwing you to wolves.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Mar 23, 2015

I've learned so much.

By Valerie France , Fullerton, CA

I've had a great experience working with the Clever team. They have a lot of knowledge and experience and help you with any road blocks that may come your way. The mentoring was exactly what I needed to take myself and the business to the next step.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 31, 2015

Clever Investor Products and Mentoring

By Sean McLean, Minnesota, MN, Verified Reviewer

Hey all. I hope this review finds you all well as you're obviously here to make a decision to join the Clever Investor Adventure as I like to call it. I highly recommend you just don't think about it and go for it. (After reading my review of course.) Anyways, not sure how you came across Clever investor but feel privileged and lucky that you did because you just found the best real estate mentor and educator ever.

I started back in March 2014 with just the Fast Track Profit System and that small investment changed my entire life. The amount of information and education along with all the paperwork and scrips you would need to get a deal done is mind blowing.

I just recently joined the inner circle as a mentoring student with Cody and his team as of January 2015. I started just like you by researching the crap out of Cody and Clever Investor. I can assure you that Cody and the Clever investor team are outstanding, amazing and most genuine group of people I have ever met and have gotten to know personally and have talked to and met in person several times now. Cody and his team are true mentors, not guru's, as I have come to know Cody hates "gurus". 

I originally found Cody on Facebook through an advertisement and did the same thing your doing, researching, but I realized after a week of that I couldn't find a reason not to. So I invested into the entire Fast Track Profit System knowing there was a 30 day money back guarantee, what did I have to lose? Nothing. That was probably the greatest investment I could have ever made in my life and I'm 24. (At this time I did interview to become a student of theirs but decided not too, I'm human sometimes I don't make the best choices, I should have done it.)

I watched all his videos and training in about a week and was amazed with the amount of information and training provided along with all documents ever needed including scripts. I set up the entire business within a month. However, nothing happened until I took action later that year. I followed all of Cody's guidance and training I got from all the great videos and sent out advertising in September 2014. I used all of Cody's training and systems to get my first deal under contract, flipping it to and end buyer in four days and later closed in November for a profit of $20,487.95. I only used $250 of my own money in that transaction for earnest money when I probably didn't even have to use that much as we closed in nine days. Since then I have made much more money. Feel free to search YouTube for my testimonial videos, and many others who have had great success and isn't camera shy.

I have met and talked to personally several of the other students and they are all making huge profits and having breakthroughs as well as myself but they are also working very hard for their success and Cody and his team are there every step of they way guiding myself and many others in the background making it all possible with the training, systems and programs to make sure every student is successful. They truly all are dedicated to each and every student's success.

Bottom line, Cody and the Clever Investor team are amazing and completely dedicated to their students and their success. After joining the mentorship program, I wish I would have done it back in March 2014 as I would have been so much further ahead verses doing it all myself at first. Anyone that is truly successful in life has a mentor in someway or another. If you still have doubts, concerns or questions feel free to reach out to me 763-452-9000, I don't mind chatting. Much success to you all and I can't wait to hear from you about your success and hopefully possibly meet you at a Clever Investor event.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 18, 2015

The best RE Education.

By Barbara Dachman, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Verified Reviewer

In the past 4 years, I have been a "student" of nearly every RE educational system out there. Thousands of dollars later, I have a closet full of DVDs and RE manuals, but not one deal under my belt and no real support system to depend on. Sure, the basic education is sound in theory, but it gets you nowhere in practicality, because once you try implementing what you learn in the 3-day workshop or DVDs, there are obstacles and hindrances that only a real mentor can guide you through. These educational systems were expensive, promising success and great wealth, but they were nothing more than "hit and run" scams, with no support system to help you through the bumps in the road, leaving you frustrated, discouraged, and sure to fail.

That changed when I found Cody Sperber's Clever Investor mentorship program. This is the only real mentorship I have encountered along the way in my four years trying to make RE investing work.

I am not getting paid to say this. Neither Cody nor his staff even know I am writing this review, but if this will prevent you from floundering around from RE guru to RE guru, spending your life savings with no result like I did, then I'm glad to help.

Cody's mentorship program is very simple: Mentorship. He really cares for his students. He assigns us a personal coach who consults with you by phone every two weeks (and every day in between, if necessary), and he himself will consult with us every other month. He provides us with all online educational content: modules, videos, scripts, real estate laws and definitions, negotiation procedures, contracts, how to find motivated sellers and cash buyers. I mean, he holds nothing back and reveals all his trade secrets. He provides us with his proprietary software and marketing methodology. For Christ's sake, he even gives us his personal cell phone number in case of extreme crisis. But we always have our personal coach and other staff members available to help us at all times. No other so-called mentorship program even comes close to Cody's Clever Investor.

So what have I gotten from this program? Since studying under Cody's tutorship, I am never alone. I have gained more knowledge, which in turn has raised my confidence level. I am equipped with all the tools needed to move forward in this business, and both Cody and my coach (Franklin Cruz) have made it their mission to see that I succeed. I now have a cash buyer's list which continues to grow, and I am on my way.

How wonderful to finally be able to say, after four long, frustrating years, that I am a real estate investor.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 9, 2015

Let's Go Places.

By David Bui , Seattle, WA

Being a complete beginner in real estate investing, I joined the Clever team not knowing what to expect. What I received is world class education and training from a world class mentoring team. My first impression was that this team really do have my best interests in mind. They want me to be successful, and push me to new levels of excellence I never thought I could reach. The education taught by Cody and the Clever team are simple, applicable, and effective. And the mentors will push you way beyond what you are comfortable with so that you can experience tangible breakthrough in your business. My mentor, Torsten Coulson knows how to dig out the champion in me underneath the layer of self-doubt and skepticism when I'm discouraged by setback or failures.

Ultimately, you are the master of your destiny. If you want to be a successful real estate investor, are willing to work hard, and leverage some of the best in the business, then Clever Investor is the express train that will get you there.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 7, 2015

Clever Training is the best

By Carlos Balagot , San Francisco, CA

I was absolutely blown away by the 2-day training I received with the clever mentors. I had no idea I could get myself setup in a new market and be ready to make offers in such a short time. Not only that, but the networking and business coaching they provided give me confidence that I can grow and succeed anywhere. I really appreciate everything they've taught me and would recommend Clever Investor to any real estate investor who feels stuck, but knows they want to become a better businessman.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Ultimate Experience

By Kim Pittman , Sibley, MO

This has been a great experience. They actually sit with you and work real deals. Your investment into this program will pay for itself quickly. One to two deals and all of your money will come back to you and then some. There are no hidden agendas with this company. They are honest and upfront. My personal mentor Dave is great to work with and the Ultimate Experience with Franklin is just what it says. We closed deals while he was here.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 3, 2015

Clever Labs 2015

By Jeff ,

A weekend of non-stop calling and deal making. First conference/workshop that I have ever attended that I have left with more money in my pocket that when I came. Mentors and coaches were literally a 3-1 ratio.

Only two days, but the knowledge and confidence gained will last a lifetime and generate me 1000's of real estate deals in the coming years.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Some insights

By Russ Koenen , Easton, PA

I've been involved with Cody and his team for about six months now and benefited a great deal from joining the mentoring program. Dave Ludena has taken the time and effort to recognize my weak areas and provides direct solutions for improved performance. Before I found Cody I checked out several other sites and programs. All of them have their own flavor to them, some I'd say run from them, (Armando Montelongo). While you need to recognize all of them are business entities, having one on one calls with a seasoned and successful mentor is awful hard to beat.

An entire business model is provided right down to scripts for numerous call types. The entire base for a business is provided. All you need to do is use, practice it and get better. It's not rocket science. If you're the type of person who can't do this, take a look at your abilities without being so far up in the Nile that you see pyramids and seek out something that fits your life. I would and will recommend Cody to anyone serious about learning real estate investing.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 26, 2015

Great coaching

By Kim , CA

I am getting great hands on training for doing real deals thru my coach Torston, and special coach Bridget, alongside my specific team members that are designated and hand picked just for me, the student.

They are very experienced real estate investors and they have given me coaching strategies that are tailored to the market that I am working in and it is really helping me work toward getting deals. I am able to talk with them specifically concerning specific things that I am working on, things I need understanding or help with, and/or problem areas. They also help give me specific strategies and experiences that they have gone through and what they recommend for me with powerful strategies to move forward to be successful and focused, not just general stuff. I even get help with walking through a live deals, and steps to take for progression, which is the main part of the coaching program.

I really appreciate the personal touch with the team and they are so helpful in getting me to be successful in real estate investing. And my coach was very caring when my dad passed away half way thru the program and helped get me one session with specialist coach Bridgett who was so great, in order to catch me up when I had to take a few weeks away after my dad passed -- that's care! Her strategies were so helpful. And Torsten gives some great coaching, direct strategies, focus planning for my market, and pushes me to forward to get real deals done. I am always energized when I have my coaching sessions and get moving in my real estate investing business.

Also my Clever Investor team sent me and my family a condolence card, which meant a great deal, especially for a business to take time to show care at that time. Anytime I call for help, everyone is so positive, nice, kind and willing to help, and will get you help as fast as they can. They treat you like family. I recommend these coaches and the coaching program at Clever Investor.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 21, 2015

Whatever they are selling, buy it.

By Dudley Green, Indianapolis, IN, Verified Reviewer

I have looked at many courses concerning investing in Real Estate. Many made big promises, many charged more money, but none delivered like Clever Investor. I purchased their "Fast Track" program and at the exact same time and the exact same price purchased a direct competitors program to do a split test and see which worked best for me. I found the test to be over almost before it started. Both programs had the exact same language and pretty much the same techniques; however, the Clever Investor program was more thoroughly thought through on the psychology of the process from beginning to end. I was so impressed that I purchased the Mentorship program to keep myself accountable to someone else. The mentorship program is top notch and very cost effective as my mentor saved me from rushing into a marketing campaign to early and suggested a great approach that has proven to be quite successful. I trust this company and its claims as they are doing active real estate deals at all levels of the company.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jan 2, 2016

So much info

By Faith , Miami, FL

I never leave reviews, I never make the time. But for The Fast Track Profit system I had too. I absolutely love this program and all the step by step information it provides. Cody isn't hiding anything, he literally educates you on real estate and shows you step by step how to be successful in this business. I've tried other programs and they were nowhere near as informative as this program. I highly recommend it.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Feb 23, 2016

Great Company. To recommend

By Bridget, New York, Verified Reviewer

I wish to retract a negative comment I made earlier. After writing my original review about Cody Sperber, I realized that I may have overreacted and said some things that went way overboard. I have had some bad experiences in the past with other coaching programs, and I allowed my past to effect how I felt about Cody and his team.

After getting to know them, I realize that they are actually pretty genuine people that really do care about their students, and their success. I was trying to do wholesaling in the U.S., but I live in Europe and this was much more difficult than I originally thought it would be. They did everything they said they would do, and have some of the best training I have seen online.

I feel bad that I took out my frustrations on Cody Sperber by saying some of the things I did. He immediately reached out to me, and we resolved our differences. He stepped up and made things right, and I truly do apologize for saying some of the things I did about him online.

At the end of the day I believe that Cody is very knowledgeable about real estate, and that the Clever team works hard to teach their students to invest in real estate the right way.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Apr 23, 2016

Clever Investor Mentoring Program

By Claudette E., Verified Reviewer

Mentoring program will be used to help our business get off the ground that we can start buying and selling real estate properties.

Pros: Price - My business partner and I have spent lots of money in the past without getting a one on one mentor. If we needed one in which we did, it would have cost us at least another $20,000. The cost that Clever Investor offered is more than reasonable and they worked with us and we did not have to pay all at once.

Pros: Staff - We cannot find the words to express the professionalism and friendliness of the staff at Clever Investors. We are very pleased.

Pros: Service - Clever Investor has provided us with excellent service thus far and even though we no longer have a one on one mentor, my mentor and the other staff at Clever Investor is still available for us.

Cons: Wish we had a little more time with our mentor Andrew Massoro, who was really great to work with. He held us accountable for our assignments and that kept us on our toes. Thanks Andrew.

We would 100% recommend Clever Investor. No we are not a paid or non-paid spoke persons for Clever Investors. We are two sisters from NYC trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents and we are on our way to doing it with Clever Investor's help.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 9, 2016

Really was the best!

By Greg Sollecito, Clearwater, FL, Verified Reviewer

I have been a real estate investor off and on to one degree or the other for years and a licensed real estate agent. I have purchased and studied over these years numerous real estate training and even "mentoring" programs and I can sincerely say that this was by far the very best! It actually took you from beginning to end and clearing up things I had always been confused about even from my agent training.

What impressed me was that they DID NOT strategically hold back information or leave you with confusions, like the others, so that they could continuously solve such with an upsell program. They laid it out easier and better than anybody ever has and left me feeling like I could actually do it and now I am!

I am interested in the other levels because they did such a good job on the first levels and lessons to others. Thank You!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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