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With two super bright lights at each end, Clever Scope from Bell + Howell is a flexible flashlight that can bend into any shape and provide light where you need, including hard-to-reach places like between your car seats, down drains, behind your tool bench, under your couch, and more.

And with Clever Scope’s powerful built-in magnets on each end, you can pick up metal objects in these same areas, without any strain or stress.

Each Clever Scope flashlight features six super bright LED lights that can last over 100,000 hours, which means it can help provide hands-free light for a long time to come. So, whether you’re out fishing or hunting, working in the garage or under the sink, or reading at night, Clever Scope might be just the right fit!

Should you go ahead and give Clever Scope a try, or will it just leave you bent out of shape? That’s exactly what we’ll help you decide in this review.

We’ll begin by taking a look at the competition.

Is Clever Scope a Unique Flexible Flashlight?

Type the phrase “flexible flashlight” or “magnetic flexible flashlight” into any search engine, and you’ll quickly find that you literally have thousands of options to choose from in all shapes, styles, and colors.

Granted, we didn’t find one that offered a long neck and lights/magnets on both ends like Clever Scope. But if you’re looking for the same basic functionality, you’ve got options galore.

Flexible flashlights are even so commonplace that you’ll almost certainly be able to find some at local big box retailers, home improvement and hardware stores, and even many national pharmacy chains. This way, you might be able to put your hands on one before making a purchase, while saving a decent chunk of change in S&H charges.

So, other than perhaps its lights on both ends, there doesn’t appear to be much difference between Clever Scope and the competition. But does the flashlight’s price set it apart?

Clever Scope’s Price vs. the Competition

One Clever Scope flexible flashlight is priced at $10 plus $4.95 S&H. During checkout, you can buy a second for an additional $2.95 S&H.

Regardless of the number you purchase, all Clever Scopes come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. Did you buy the BOGO offer? This means you could lose just as much in shipping as you’ll get back as a refund!

To request a refund, you’ll need to call 844-620-3707.

Important Note: Arbitration Agreement

Before moving on, it’s important to note that Clever Scope’s manufacturer automatically applies an arbitration agreement to all their orders. Among other things, this means you won’t be able to take the company to court if you experience any damages, or become part of a class action lawsuit.

In short, your legal rights (at least when it comes to Clever Scope) will be severely restricted.

Just who is Clever Scope’s manufacturer, anyway?

Does Bell + Howell Have a Reputation for Quality?

As a company, Bell + Howell has technically been in business since 1907, known for their motion picture machinery. However, the company has been under the ownership of BHH LLC since 1999, and now seems to focus more on low cost consumer electronics, including their Solar Charger, microBrite, and Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, as well as basic products like Car Cane.

Like most other ASOTV product manufacturers, many HighYa readers have found that these Bell + Howell products didn’t work as advertised or were of poor quality. And if they ultimately attempted to request a refund, many claim to have been met with poor customer service.

Should you expect the same with Clever Scope? There’s no way to know. But do we think you should keep it at the forefront of your mind when purchasing? Definitely.

Let’s take everything we’ve learned here today and summarize it so you can have a clear picture of the situation.

Is Clever Scope a Bright Idea?

We’re not going to lie: After reviewing hundreds of different As Seen on TV products over the years, we’ve come to realize that many are just slightly redesigned versions of existing products. Often, they’re made inexpensively overseas and then sold at extremely high profit margins—much of which is made through excessive, non-refundable S&H charges.

Is Clever Scope different then much of the competition? Perhaps, since it features lights and magnets on both ends.

Pro tip: Magnets only stick to metals containing iron, nickel, or cobalt. So don’t expect Clever Scope to pick up just any metal object!

But does this mean it’s worth $15 of your hard-earned money, especially since you’ll lose much of this in S&H fees if you decide to return it (or more if you picked the BOGO option)?

Ultimately, only you can make that decision. To help you maximize your money though, our recommendation would be to search for local options before placing your Clever Scope order.

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