Clipple Anti-Snoring Reviews - Does It Really Work?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Jun 12, 2019

Made from soft, lightweight silicone, Clipple is an easy-to-use device that promises to comfortably, securely, and immediately improve nasal breathing, prevent snoring and related side effects like dry mouth, and help you sleep better.

It also features built-in therapeutic magnets, which the website explains are rooted in traditional Tibetan medicine and help “stimulate the nose’s sensory nerves and prevent it from falling out during sleep.”

Clipple is reusable, drug-free, hypoallergenic, and easily stores away in its clear travel case when not in use. Together, the website advertises it’s used by tens of thousands of people to sleep better.

We’ll quickly explore everything you need to know about the device, starting with Clipple’s underlying functionality.

How Does the Clipple Nasal Dilator Work?

Clipple features a horseshoe-shaped design, with thin rails that terminate in round nubs at each end.

After gently inserting these nubs into your nasal passageways and resting the “U” curve against the apex of your nose (the outside lower portion that separates each of your nostrils), Clipple gently widens them, which is why it’s known as a nasal dilator.

The manufacturer advertises it reduces “respiratory resistance,” helps improve airflow to your lungs, and decreases instances of chronic snoring, without disturbing your sleep like chinstraps and other anti-snoring devices.

With these details in mind, there are several pieces of important information missing from the dilator’s website. For example:

  • How long can you use Clipple? Does it ever wear out or lose its effectiveness (dilation or magnets)?
  • How should you clean it?
  • Specifically, what types of magnets are found in each “nub?” How powerful are they?
  • Can everyone safely use the device, or should some avoid it (such as those using pacemakers)?

We called the toll-free number listed on the Clipple website several times, but only encountered messages for Penske Truck Rental in each instance. We also sent an email to the company’s primary email but did not receive a response as of publishing.

Putting these concerns aside for the moment and zooming out to the larger picture, when it comes to reducing chronic snoring or improving sleep, is there clinical support that nasal dilators or magnetic therapy can help you achieve snoring relief?

Is Nasal Dilation & Tibetan Magnetic Therapy Effective for Reducing Snoring?

In A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding an Anti-Snoring Product That Works, we explain that a wide variety of factors can cause snoring, including certain medications, age, physical attributes, lifestyle choices, and sleep position.

However, it’s ultimately the result of tissue loosening at the back of your throat, which then partially blocks your airway when you inhale. As air passes this tissue, it vibrates and leads to the telltale sounds of snoring.

As a nasal dilator, how does the Clipple device help address the situation?

How Nasal Dilators Address Snoring

If you snore through your nose (versus your mouth), explains, “Nasal dilators work by mechanically opening your nasal passages, [thereby] decreasing the resistance to the incoming air, without resorting to medication.”

There are two types: external and internal. External nasal dilators, more commonly known as nasal strips, stick to the skin on the outside of your nose and gently pull open your nostrils. As a result, they’re not reusable.

Comparatively, internal models prop open your nostrils from the inside using a variety of designs, although the most common are cones, clips, prongs, stints.

Their “springy material forces outwards when compressed to fit inside your nostrils,” SnoreLab explains, “expanding the alar cartilage on your nose, which is very prone to collapse.” This collapse is something Clipple is specifically supposed to address, according to its website.

While internal nasal dilators offer the greatest variety of shapes and designs and are also reusable, SnoreLab emphasizes “there is only a handful of studies that look at the benefits of using” them.

Is it the same case for the Tibetan magnet therapy frequently referenced on the Clipple website?

The Clinical Support for Magnet Therapy

According to LiveScience, “magnetic therapy is an alternative medical practice that uses static (i.e., unmoving) magnets to alleviate pain and other health concerns” by implementing them into “bracelets, rings, or shoe inserts, [or] though therapeutic magnetic mattresses and clothing.”

From an efficacy perspective, they go on to explain, “many well-conducted studies over the past three decades have shown that static magnetic devices offer no more or no less benefit than sham devices devoid of a magnet.”

In other words, they “may not work at all beyond having a placebo effect on those who wear them,” they conclude.

How Much Does Clipple Cost?

There aren’t any prices listed for Clipple on the website that seems to be the product’s main website. Clicking on any of the links only lands you on a blank page.

However, the Clipple was available on e-commerce site Juicy Trends at a cost of $59 for three.

With this said, at least one third-party online retailer is also selling Clipple for $29.

Are There Other Magnetic Nasal Dilators Like Clipple?

If you search Amazon for keywords like “magnetic anti-snoring nostril dilator clip,” you’ll find multiple products are competing for the same customers as Clipple.

In fact, you’ll see that they’re functionally identical to the dilator in question, and are indistinguishable from a design perspective.

This includes “U” shapes, magnets at each end (although none specifically referenced magnet therapy), silicone construction, and promises to relieve blocked nasal passages and subsequent snoring. Many competitors even use the same product descriptions and images in their listings.

Here’s how their basics compare:

Brand Price Average Amazon Rating
Clipple $59 for three N/A
HYHD Anti-Snore Nasal Dilators $17.58 None
Body Back Company Snore Free Nose Clip $2.15 3.1 stars, 81 reviews
LuckyStone Silicone Stop Snoring Device $6.99 2.2 stars, 98 reviews
Easyinsmile Stop Snoring Nose Clip $9.99 4 stars, 4 reviews
MSmask Anti-Snore Magnetic Nose Clip $4.95 4.6 stars, 2 reviews

We can see from this table that HYHD’s Anti-Snore Nasal Dilators are by far the highest priced option among popular competitors on Amazon, with Body Back’s model coming in at a fraction of the price—despite its identical design.

Along these same lines, it’s important to note that while some customers reported positive results (e.g., improved breathing, reduced snoring), most claimed to have experienced no difference in their snoring with third-party models—regardless of the price they paid.

HYHD also doesn’t come with any Amazon customer feedback, whereas LuckyStone comes with the most reviews, but the lowest average rating. MSmask comes with the highest score, but it’s only based on two customer reviews.

Pulling all of these details together, Clipple features a design that’s indiscernible from third-party models, is more expensive than other products and comes with zero online customer feedback.

Bottom Line: Is Clipple Worth Your Money?

SnoreLab reported earlier that traditionally designed internal nasal dilators come with limited clinical support they can effectively address chronic snoring.

But, with its basic, U-shaped design that only presses against your septum (the middle, inside portion of your nose), we’d wonder if Clipple actually dilates your nasal passages at all—or, at least enough to function comparably to traditional models.

On top of this, the Clipple costs more than competing devices that seem to function the same way.

Considering that the research we saw regarding the efficacy of nasal dilators like Clipple is pretty thin, we think trying a dilator that’s cheaper may be a smarter way for you to spend your money. At the very least, you won’t be too invested in the dilator if it doesn’t work.

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