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Published on: Jun 16, 2015

Fake tan lovers have been flocking to purchase Cocoa Brown products after Kylie Jenner recently posted an Instagram picture and blurb stating how much she loves the brand.

Both Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse and Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan Mousse have won multiple awards since creator Marissa Carter debuted her line in November 2012, which she developed while on maternity leave from her Dublin, Ireland salon, Carter Beauty. The proclaimed “Mumtrepreneur” also has a weekly ask-the-expert slot on Irish TV Station, Xpose TV3.

Cocoa Brown Faux-Tan Claims & Product Information

Cocoa Brown claims that both of their tanning products, One Hour Tan Mousse and Night & Day Tan Mousse, deliver a beautiful bronze faux tan that lasts from dusk until dawn. In addition to claims of durable color, Cocoa Brown promises that their formulas avoid the unnaturally orange hue caused by many other fake tan formulas.

While the two separate products are formulated to deliver different benefits, they each claim to be:

  • Pleasantly scented with Cocoa Brown’s signature Tahitian Gardenia scent
  • Gentle and moisturizing enough to be used on both face and body
  • Formulated with vegetable-derived DHA
  • Free of any parabens

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse Features & Directions

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse is designed for use like a normal fake tan—this isn’t an “instant” bronze formula. However, it is said to contain unique accelerating ingredients that deliver a revolutionary, speedy self-tan that develops into a rich “Cocoa Brown” color in only one hour. The product also promises to be:

  • Long-lasting. Once rinsed off, your fake tan will last for between five and seven days
  • Easy-to-apply, fast-drying, non-stick, and fades without streaking

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse is best applied with a tanning mitt, which can be purchased separately through the Cocoa Brown website, or at any local store with a cosmetics section.

The product is smoothed onto dry skin. While drying time isn’t stated, the website recommends that users wear only dark fabrics until their skin is dry to the touch, in order to avoid color transfer or staining.

The color achieved varies between light and dark, depending on how long you leave the tan on before showering:

  • 1 Hour = Light Glow
  • 2 Hours= Medium Glow
  • 3 Hours= Dark Glow

One Hour Tan Mousse is also available in Dark through the Cocoa Brown website, but may be limited in availability stateside.

According to the website, users should apply the tan shortly before a night out for a “brown not orange” look that delivers instant, ultra-dark color. The following morning, users can then shower without fear of tan streaks and patches. Instead, they’ll be left with a light and radiant glow that lasts, as the tan continues to develop after rinsing.

Cocoa Brown Night & Day Instant Wash-Off Tan Mousse Features & Directions

Cocoa Brown designed Night & Day Tan Mousse to deliver instant color. Users may apply the product any time they desire an immediate bronze, and leave the house only minutes after application. The product also promises to be:

  • Long-lasting, delivering a radiant glow for up to five days after application
  • Twice as dark as Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan

Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan Mousse is also best applied with a tanning mitt. However, users may find this formula is easier to use as it delivers instant color that also helps guide application, lessening the chance that you will miss a spot.

It’s important to note that the Night & Day Tan Mousse develops while you’re out and about. So, users should apply the product post-shower, as wetting the skin soon after would ruin their chances of achieving an immediate glow.

Cocoa Brown Faux-Tanning Tips

Anyone who has attempted a fake tan knows that, while you can just slather on a formula, careful preparation goes a long way towards lessening your chances of resembling a radioactive zebra.

Cocoa Brown shares application tips on their website that include using additional products within their skincare line. It should be noted that similar off-brand products could likely be substituted without lessening the final results.

Tip 1: Prepare your skin for tanning by exfoliating with Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Tough Stuff 3-in-1 Body Scrub in the days leading up to your tan application. Follow exfoliation with moisturizing using Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser.

Tip 2: To protect your nails from staining, give your fingernails and toenails a coat of clear polish several hours before applying your fake tan.

Tip 3: Protect dry skin from dark spots by using an oil free moisturizer on feet, ankles, knees and hands.

Tip 4: Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on eyebrows. Additionally, if you have dark circles around your eyes, a little bit of petroleum jelly will stop the tan from further darkening the area.

Tip 5: Finally, to ensure your tan looks as natural as possible, leave your face, hands, knees and feet until last and apply product sparingly to these areas. If you’ve used a tanning mitt, it should still have just enough tan left to ensure these areas are lightly bronzed.

Cocoa Brown Pricing & Refund Policy

Cocoa Brown products originated in Ireland and are only available to U.S. shoppers through select online retailers. The most popular appears to be FeelUnique.com, so the prices and policies stated below are as per their website:

  • Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse 150ml: $12.46
  • Cocoa Brown Night & Day Instant Wash Off Tan 150ml: $12.46

FeelUnique.com also stocks the following Cocoa Brown products:

  • Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Tan-Removing Body Scrub 50ml: This product helps exfoliate the skin and claims to remove stubborn instant tans that won’t fade. It’s available for $3.90.
  • Cocoa Brown Tanning Mitt: The tanning mitt ensures you get a smooth, even application while also protecting your hands from any transfer. Suitable for use with all tanning products and gentle enough for both face and body, it’s available for $6.22.
  • Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser 200ml: Most body lotions currently on the market contain oil, which causes your tan to fade unevenly. This moisturizer was specifically formulated to prevent the fading of your fake tan and is also suitable for acne-prone skin. It’s available for $9.34.
  • Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan 200ml: This lotion appears to deliver the same results as Cocoa Brown mousse tanners with added moisturizing benefits. However, it does not promise faster drying or immediate results. It’s available for $10.90.
  • Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Spray Medium Bronze 75ml: This product offers instant coverage when applied to the legs, hiding any veins, stretch marks, lumps or bumps with a natural, bronze tan. While not specified, it appears to rinse off after each application and is available for $12.46.

It should be noted that the full range of Cocoa Brown tanning products are also available through various sellers on Amazon.com. However, prices appear to be much higher on average when compared to those listed at FeelUnique.com.

Shoppers interested in purchasing Cocoa Brown products through Amazon will need to read the shipping and refund policies unique to each product listing.

Alternatively, FeelUnique.com offers shoppers free worldwide delivery on any order over $20. Additional sample products are offered on orders above $50.

Items can only be returned to FeelUnique.com if they are unopened, unused and in a re-saleable condition with all tamper -resistant seals, packaging and any cellophane intact and unopened. All returns and must be made within 28 days of dispatch. Returns will be processed within 10 working days.

Customers Say Cocoa Brown Tanning Products Give Great Results

The overwhelmingly positive response to both Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse and Night & Day Tan Mousse is apparent in Amazon and FeelUnique.com reviews, as well as the awards both products have won.

Various YouTube beauty bloggers, such as The Girl Inspired, also give the products high ratings. General consensus is that both products:

  • Go on smoothly
  • Have a pleasant smell
  • Leave a healthy, natural-looking glow

Beauty product reviewers do support the claim that a tanning mitt aids in application. One reviewer found that her knees and ankles “were a bit of a mess” afterwards, but blamed it on her inexperience, and still gave the product positive marks.

The only potential caution is that both products are reviewed as leaving a light color that must be layered with another application, in the case of Night & Day Tan Mousse, or left on for longer, with One Hour Tan Mousse, to achieve a deeper tan.

Bottom Line on Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter

Overall Cocoa Brown tanning products seem like a great buy!

Both Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse and Night & Day Tan Mousse appear to deliver exactly what they promise: a natural looking tan that’s relatively quick to apply and offers long-lasting color.

Reviewers are overwhelmingly supportive of the brand’s claims of creating only high-quality formulas. With a growing fan base, the Cocoa Brown brand is building a positive reputation as fast as their products build up a good fake-bronze.

And with the additional appeal of availability at affordable prices? Cocoa Brown tanning products give those seeking a good glow one more reason to stay out of the sun.

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