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Cogni Lift is a complete, fully balanced nootropic that can help improve your memory, focus, and processing speed. You’ll be able to think faster and sharper, experience more lucid dreams, boost alertness, and “achieve untold performance.”

Cogni Lift works using nine natural, comprehensively studied compounds, including vinpocetine, huperzia serrata, and neuro-specific antitoxins, which can give you clearer mental cognition and “revitalize your whole mind.”

Whoa! Cogni Lift almost seems to provide something similar what Bradley Cooper’s character experienced in the movie Limitless!

Can it? We’ll get right to the point and say “probably not.” To give you the whole picture though, requires some explanation. Let’s start with pricing.

Cogni Lift’s Free Trial & High Price

Since Cogni Lift is offered through a “free” 10-day trial for $4.97 S&H, you probably think it’s a good deal. Not so fast.

What you might not realize is that you’ll be charged a whopping $139.97 after the trial ends! You’ll also continue being sent a fresh bottle (30 capsules) of Cogni Lift once per month, and you’ll be charged $139.97 plus $9.97 S&H each time.

If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, you’ll have to call customer service at 855-511-1614 to request a refund. Keep in mind that this is less S&H charges and a 35% restocking fee.

With pricing out of the way, let’s address some of Cogni Lift’s claims.

Is There a Link between Acetylcholine & Memory?

The Cogni Lift website claims that by providing a balanced combination of huperzine and vinpocetine (more about this next), it can boost acetylcholine levels in your brain, leading to faster information processing. What’s this all about?

Acetylcholine is one of 100+ neurotransmitters in your brain, which (as the name might imply) simply means that it transmits information from one place to another. Without neurotransmitters, our bodies wouldn’t be able to function at all.

As we age, our bodies begin producing less neurotransmitters, so our brain might begin functioning less than optimally. As a consequence, we can start experiencing side effects like memory loss, depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, and more.

Can Cogni Lift’s ingredients really increase acetylcholine in your body, leading to all of the amazing benefits claimed by the manufacturer?

The Effectiveness (& Side Effects) of Cogni Lift’s Ingredients

Huperzine is an ingredient derived from Chinese club moss, which is though to increase acetylcholine levels in the brain. As such, it’s considered possibly effective for improving memory and treating some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Vinpocetine is also listed as possibly effective for treating some mild impairment related to Alzheimer’s disease, although WebMD notes:

Vinpocetine might have a small effect on the decline of thinking skills due to various causes, but most studies have lasted 4 months or less. Most of the studies were published prior to 1990, and results are hard to interpret because they used a variety of terms and criteria for cognitive decline and dementia.

Recommended dosing of huperzine is 30mcg and 200mcg per day, while vinpocetine is 15-30mg per day. This is important because we’re not told how much of each ingredient is in Cogni Lift, or if this is enough to provide any benefits.

We’re also not told if huperzine and vinpocetine are the only ingredients contained in Cogni Lift. If they are, most individuals will experience no side effects, although some might experience mild digestive upset, headache, dizziness, or nervousness.

Where does this leave us? Despite its possible effectiveness for mildly improving memory (mainly for those suffering from some form of dementia), any benefits you’ll experience from Cogni Lift will likely be mild, and nowhere near as outstanding as the manufacturer makes it seem.

Overblown claims aside, are there other products similar to Cogni Lift?

A Marketplace Full of Nootropics

Over the past couple years, a lot of nootropic supplements have entered the marketplace, including options like Brain Storm Elite, Neuroflexyn, and Addium. The trend has even become so popular that we outlined many popular claims in our article titled The Truth about Memory Supplements.

What are HighYa readers saying about these products?

With nearly 100 reviews, they have an average rating of 2 stars. Common complaints seem to revolve around high prices, failure to work as advertised, and difficulty with customer service (problems cancelling trials/autoship programs).

And in our opinion, given their overblown claims and nearly identical business model, you’ll probably experience much of the same with Cogni Lift.

Which leaves us with …

Should You Try Cogni Lift?

Even if Cogni Lift worked exactly as the manufacturer claimed (which there’s no evidence for), the fact that it’s only sold through a free trial is enough of a red flag for us to recommend avoiding it. More often than not, you’ll have a great deal of trouble cancelling trials or getting your money back.

And despite the fact that huperzine and vinpocetine have been shown to provide some brain benefits, Cogni Lift’s price is almost certainly far out of line with what you can expect to achieve.

For these reasons, if you’re experiencing memory problems, we’d recommend speaking with your physician instead of placing an order for Cogni Lift. They’ll be able to provide much more insight into your condition, as well as more effective treatment options.

Still intent on a supplement? Remember that there are no dietary sources of acetylcholine and also no acetylcholine supplements. So, you’ll need to eat choline-rich (a precursor to acetylcholine) foods like eggs, liver, soy, certain nuts and fish, and more.

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    I thought I'm just going to pay for the shipping, but they billed me $143.49. I called them for a refund and they said they can't, but what they can do is send me an extra bottle. That was in 2015. Just today, May 26, 2017, Nationwide Recovery System's third party collection agency said I owed them $139 for the second bottle they sent (?).

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