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  • 43 out 47 people found this review helpful

    Terrible fraudulent product. Scam alert.

    • Ohio,
    • Oct 23, 2015

    This product is a full blown scam to take advantage of people looking to help their everyday life. Better off eating right and getting sleep.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 51 out 68 people found this review helpful

    This a ripoff!

    • Abilene, TX,
    • Oct 9, 2015

    This is a big rip off. A horrible company. They should not be allowed to have a company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Oct 18, 2015

      James Hamdan, Customer Service


      I looked up your Cogniflex order, and I see that you were refunded in full for $144.00. Why do you say that you were ripped off?

      Is there anything else that we could've done to make your Cogniflex experience more positive? Our goal is to provide the best possible customer support and we appreciate all comments and suggestions that may help us improve in the future.


    • Oct 19, 2015

      Susan Caspar ,

      I ordered Cogniflex last night than immediately tried to cancel the order because it was more expensive than what I calculated

    • Oct 20, 2015


      I've been taking it for about a week and I can feel a difference. I am a big gamer and I have been doing a lot better at them. Also I noticed myself getting a lot less stressed and being able to focus a lot more on different tasks. Thanks for the product guys.

    • Oct 28, 2015


      I ordered the buy two get one free. But when the order was processed, I was charged for all three bottles. I called their 800 number and they did process a credit for the third bottle. It should take about five business days to process. Will keep you informed as to whether I receive the credit and if the product is actually helping.

    • Oct 29, 2015

      Ronald Brown,

      What are the side effects?

    • Oct 30, 2015


      You should have heard the way the person I talked to on the phone talked to me. It was awful! I still believe that your product is a complete scam.

    • Nov 23, 2015

      Asa Rowlett,

      I did not buy this product. However, I did have a focus of cognitive neuroscience in college and this product attracted my attention. I did a lot of reading all over the internet and was not wholly impressed by what I found. Consumer reports averaged out to somewhere above placebo effect, as vitamins should. To be fair I was not massively unimpressed by what I read, but reviews were mostly what I found. I don't trust reviews. I trust science. And I did not find much of that. Thus far my research on this product has concluded with not enough information because there is nothing to be found. By the way my specific interest in college was finding a generic cognitive improvement method. The best solutions to this are all mentioned above: vitamins, exercise, sleep, being a healthy person (go figure). Does this product work? Yes, vitamins and other simple natural ingredients improve cognitive function to some extent. Is it a miracle drug? No, but neither are daily multivitamins and they do a hell of a job. Looking for the ultimate brain solution? Be healthy. Need it tomorrow? Go to bed early, and run when you wake up. Yes a jog pace is okay and anywhere from .5-5.0 miles will do the trick. You might not notice it right away but running specifically of all exercise methods helps prevent brain deterioration and improve cognitive function much more than anything in history. Good luck.

    • Dec 9, 2015


      I cannot rate this product because I have not ordered any. Like most of you, I saw an ad on Facebook and thought about getting some. I always research the reviews of a product before making a decision to order anything online. So far the only conclusion I have come to, is that mind over matter is such a real thing! Yes, more sleep and eating right and exercise are really what's best for your body, but there is no such thing as a miracle quick fix. If you take a sugar pill and are told all of these things will improve I believe they will in many ways. If you believe, it will work it just might.

    • Jan 14, 2016


      I was considering possibly trying this product, however it has way too many negative comments associated with it. I will go with the number one rated product as per my research.

    • Feb 6, 2016


      I wonder if this is the same company that created the other scam supplement. I can't remember the name right now but I remember the line that suckered me into buying it: "a calm state of euphoria." Hook, line and sinker.

    • Apr 7, 2016

      Carmen Woodie

      I ordered it today, before I found this article. For me $96 is a huge amount of money so I'm not feeling very good right now. I will give it a shot I guess and go from there. Not much else to do at this point. I will get back here with my results. I really wish I would have found this article before.

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