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Cold Brew Cafe’s manufacturer tells us their easy to use cold brewing system can help you make rich, smooth, cold brew coffee right at home, as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Fill with water.
  2. Add your favorite ground coffee.
  3. Place in your refrigerator overnight, where the slow steeping method extracts grounds’ flavor, but without heat.

Once it’s finished, the company claims Cold Brew Café will leave you with coffee that’s ultra-smooth and full bodied, with much (up to 65%) less acid. We’re also told Cold Brew Café can make up to 20 cups of coffee per batch, while the brew can remain fresh up to three weeks in your fridge.

When it comes down to it, the manufacturer seems pretty confident in the results you’ll achieve with Cold Brew Café. In fact, they specifically claim it’s “guaranteed to make the best coffee you’ve ever had.”

But is this really true? Are there other factors involved? Is Cold Brew Café necessarily the best value for your money? We’ll cover all the basics here in order to help you make a more informed decision.

What is Cold Brew Coffee? How Does It Work? What Are the Pros & Cons?

Although these are three quick questions, if you’re looking for a full understanding of the concept, it would take much more space (and time) than we have here. For a nice summary, we’d recommend this Tech Insider article.

The Chemistry Of Coffee

In a nutshell though, a chemical reaction pulls solubles (oils, acids, and other compounds) from coffee grounds when they’re added to water. However, this can be accomplished using hot water, similar to a percolator or pour over, or cold water, similar to a cold brew system like Cold Brew Café. What’s the difference?

Flavor Differences

If exposed to hot water, the grounds tend to produce coffee that is aromatic, sour, and acidic. But if exposed to cold water over the course of hours or even days, the coffee produced is decidedly stronger, less acidic, and has a generally deeper flavor.

Which Is Best For You?

While personal preference plays a big role as to which of these options is suited to your tastes, undoubtedly the biggest drawback to cold brew coffee is the length of time it requires to brew. On the upside, it can last anywhere between two and four weeks in your refrigerator—and since it’s stronger than traditional coffee, it can be used as a concentrate to make a dozen (or more) cups per batch.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that many other factors can impact the flavor of coffee (even if you’re only referencing cold brew), including how the bean is roasted and ground. This is important if you’re looking to achieve the same flavor profile enjoyed at your local coffee house.

How Does Cold Brew Café Compare? Are There Any Reviews?

The reality is that you need surprisingly few things to make cold brew at home. In fact, you can simply take any container with a top (like a mason jar), add the grounds of your choice, pour in four parts water to one part coffee, and pop it in your fridge overnight.

The next day, all you’ll have to do is strain the brew through cheesecloth into another container and you’re good to go. Given this, if you don’t already own a mason jar, you could feasibly make cold brew tonight after spending only a few dollars at your local big box retailer (plus the cost of grounds, of course).

With this in mind, systems like Cold Brew Café make the process a little more streamlined, and perhaps a little less messy. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily provide you with better results, so only you can decide if their added convenience also means added value.

While Cold Brew Café was too new at the time of our research for any online reviews to accumulate, you’ll find you many different systems online, many of which are functionally (and even visually—especially the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System) identical to Cold Brew Café. What about price, though?

How Much Does Cold Brew Café Cost?

One Cold Brew Café system is priced at $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H. During checkout, you’ll be able to order a second system for an additional $9.99 S&H.

Comparatively, the seemingly identical Toddy system mentioned earlier falls between $34.95 and $39.99, depending on the retailer.

Regardless of the number you order, each Cold Brew Café system comes with two reusable filters, a stay fresh lid, and a free recipe guide. You’ll also get a 30-day refund policy and a 1-year warranty, less S&H charges.

If you need to process a refund or file a warranty claim, you’ll need to call Telebrands customer service at 855-668-1655.

Speaking of which, what do we know about the company behind Cold Brew Café?

Who Manufactures Cold Brew Café?

Cold Brew Café is brought to you by Telebrands, the largest company in the ASOTV universe, who’s been in the game since the early 80s. As such, they have produced some big hits over the years, including recent ones like Red Copper Pan, Atomic Beam USA, Light Angel, and many others.

From a consumer perspective, HighYa readers have given these products an average rating of 2 stars, with common complaints that they don’t work as advertised and feature less-than-stellar quality. Many also complain that their customer service experiences left something to be desired.

From a company perspective, Telebrands got into some hot water with the NJ Attorney Generals’ office in 2014, who claimed the company had violated the Consumer Fraud Act. Ultimately, Telebrands settled the suit a year later to the tune of $550K, after admitting no fault.

When it comes to Cold Brew Café, what does everything we’ve discussed mean for you?

Is Cold Brew Café the Right Choice for You?

Will the Cold Brew Café system help you produce delicious cold brew coffee in the comfort of your own home? Although we didn’t test it firsthand, we have no reason to believe it won’t perform exactly as advertised.

On top of this, the Cold Brew Café system seems essentially identical to at least one other popular cold brew system sold online, but at a meaningfully lower price.

Perhaps the biggest potential drawback we can foresee (we shop online, too!) with the Cold Brew Café system is their fairly steep S&H charges, which are non-refundable if you end up dissatisfied with your purchase.

Is it worth rolling the dice? Only you can decide—but if you ordered the Cold Brew Café system, be sure to tell us about your experience below by writing a review!

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