About ColorCove System

The ColorCove System is a line of sprays they claim will give you a beautiful golden tan, just like your favorite celebrities and models but without harmful sun exposure or tanning salons. They say to first apply the Instant Bronze for the initial burst of color, spray on the Daily Enhancer to keep it glowing, and use the Contouring Spray to accent (and hide) certain areas of the body.

There is no information about ColorCove Beauty, the company behind this product, on its website or at the BBB. (The ColorCove site was created by Digital Target Marketing, a gun-for-hire that specializes in ASOTV products.)

ColorCove System Ingredients

ColorCove is essentially 3 different spray-on tanning products. They list all the ingredients on the website, along with what they claim they will do to your skin. A few examples are resveratrol (“potent natural antioxidant derived from the skin of red grapes,”) Kona coffee seed extract (“a natural skin firming agent,”) and hydroxytyrosol (“derived from olive fruit for the prevention of aging”). The ingredients listed seem to be natural and some are even labeled “organic”; however, ColorCove says to consult with a healthcare professional if pregnant or breastfeeding, making us wonder what else is in it.

How the ColorCove System Works

To use the ColorCove System, spray on the Instant Bronze and dab with the Blending Tool (which looks like a giant makeup sponge). They claim in “minutes” you will have a beautiful, even tan without the expense of a salon, the mess of other creams, or the dangers of exposure to UV rays. They fail to give specific application instructions or an exact time frame for results, but say upon order they will provide access to a “Tips & Tricks” section of the website which will ostensibly give you just that.

To keep your pseudo-tan lasting longer, they say to spray on the Daily Enhancer, but they fail to give a specific time frame. Finally, they say for an added benefit to use the Contouring Spray to make certain areas of the body “pop” as well as “hide” others, but, again, they do not mention any other details.

Each ColorCove Order includes:

  • Instant Bronze, Daily Enhancer (size unknown)
  •  “Free” Contouring Spray (extra S&H)
  • Blending Tool
  • Online Tips & Tricks Guide
  • Travel Bag

ColorCove System Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

ColorCove sells for 2 payments of $29.99 plus 2 separate S&H fees of $9.99 – we’ll do the math for you. TOTAL: $79.96 (You have 30 days to try ColorCove, return for refund minus $19.98 S&H and what it costs to send back.)

Bottom Line: Is the ColorCove System a Scam?

We are very skeptical of this product, which appears to be marketed towards women worried about aging and think they will look better with a fake tan. (ColorCove uses Lesa Wilson, former Miss Georgia USA as its spokeswoman.) It makes a lot of promises, many of which are psychological: you’ll feel younger, look thinner, have a healthy glow, and appear more desirable to men. They say it’s a “healthier alternative” but the disclaimer about not using when pregnant gives us pause. There is no company information and as we mentioned an attempt to reach them via the listed (800) number resulted in a busy signal. Finally, there are no reliable reviews as to the product’s effectiveness – the Before & After pictures on the website are hardly convincing (and, in our opinion, the models look better in the Before). If you really want a tanning cream, look to products that have lots of positive reviews on Amazon. But, honestly, we love the way you look “au naturel”.

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