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The Comeback Wrap is an “As Seen on TV” smart shaping compression wrap that claims to help reduce stress on your abs, ribs, lumbar discs, and surrounding muscles during bending and twisting movements, thereby helping to relieve pain. Because of this, the Comeback Wrap is claimed to give you the compression and support you need to maintain an active lifestyle.

The Comeback Wrap is claimed to be made of a super strong but ultra thin thermoplastic fabric that adjusts to any size, which is wrapped around your midsection and is claimed to start working instantly. The support brace is also claimed to slim your stomach and “love handles” as it supports, while keeping you cool and comfortable, and to be easily hidden discreetly underneath your clothing. On top of this, the Comeback Wrap can also hold your cold and hot packs firmly in place for maximum pain relief.

The Comeback Wrap is a one size fits all brace that should be comfortable for most individuals between 28” and 60” waist sizes.

Comeback Wrap Pricing & Refund Policy

The Comeback Wrap is priced at $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H. Like most ASOTV products, you’ll need to purchase a second wrap with your order for an additional $7.99 S&H, bringing your total to $35.97.

The Comeback Wrap comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to initiate the refund process, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-668-1655.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About the Comeback Wrap?

Although the Comeback Wrap’s URL was first registered in July 2014, there are currently no online customer reviews that can be used to gauge overall satisfaction levels for the product.

With this said, the Comeback Wrap is manufactured by Telebrands based out of Fairfield, NJ, who also manufactures a wide range of other ASOTV products, including the Pocket Hose Ultra, Ankle Genie, and Trusty Cane. Among these products, the average HighYa reader rating is 1.5 stars, with some of the most common complaints citing poor quality (e.g. hoses/zippers that quickly break after just a few uses), products that don’t work as advertised (e.g. cane doesn’t stand upright as advertised), and poor customer service (e.g. difficulty processing refunds, numerous upsells during phone calls, etc.).

Telebrands also has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau based on more than 1,750 complaints as of 10/13/14 (143 of which the company never responded to), many of which reference the same concerns noted above. In addition, the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs filed an action against the company in August 2014 for  “aggressively upselling products through its automated phone system and websites, failing to provide means for consumers to opt out of the ordering process, shipping and billing for products not ordered by consumers, and using misleading advertisements, among other violations.”

Can the Comeback Wrap Really Help Relieve Your Back Pain?

If we’re being blunt about it, dealing with back pain stinks. So when a new product comes along like the Comeback Wrap, which claims to be an “amazing” new support wrap and to be “the last back brace you’ll ever need,” you might get your hopes up in anticipation of some relief from your pain. But can the Comeback Really help reduce your back pain and help you become more active? Perhaps, but keep the following in mind:

Do “Wrap” Back Braces Really Work?

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are hundreds of causes of back pain, including degenerative disc disease and sciatica, which means that no single pain relief method will work for every individual. This is a big reason why so many models of consumer back braces are available on the market, including everything from the Wedgy Wedge and BeActive Brace, to other belt-like devices such as Dr. Ho’s Decompression Belt.

With this said, in general, compression on any area of your body can help provide it with support, while also providing improved blood flow to the region. This is true of anything from soft braces like the Comeback Wrap, to compression hose such as RejuvaHealth.

However, if you think of the Comeback Wrap as one big ACE bandage, it will likely only provide relief from some of the mildest forms of back pain. In other words, if your back pain is moderate to severe, it might be the case that the Comeback Wrap won’t provide adequate relief.

As always though, your physician will be able to recommend the best brace based on your specific diagnosis, so you’ll want to speak with them first.

Can the Comeback Wrap Help Keep You Cool?

Next, although the manufacturer claims that the Comeback Wrap’s thermoplastic fabric will help keep you cool and comfortable, keep in mind that thermoplastics are most often used for rigid braces (such as for broken bones), which are rarely considered breathable. Granted, the Comeback Wrap’s fibers appear to stretch somewhat, which will provide an increased level of airflow, but this effect could be reduced if you’re on the smaller side and have to overlap some sections of the brace to achieve a snug fit.

With all of this said, while the Comeback Wrap may actually be cooler than some other soft back wraps, if you think you’ll be able to wear it on an 80 degree day without sweating, you might end up being disappointed.

High S&H Charges

The Comeback Wrap also comes with high S&H charges that are non-refundable. In this instance, it means that if you’re dissatisfied with the product and decide to return it, you’ll immediately be out $15.98 in S&H fees, in addition to whatever it will cost you to send the product back to the manufacturer. This means, by the time everything is said and done, you could spend more in shipping charges than you’ll ultimately receive as a refund.

Is Your Private Information Secure?

According to the Comeback Wrap’s Privacy Policy, “We may arrange to have marketing and promotional information of other companies sent to you that we think might be of interest to you.” This means that you can realistically expect spam/sales calls soon after placing your order.

Bottom line:

While the Comeback Wrap may be an effective method of reducing some individual’s back pain, before spending any money on a brace, we would strongly recommend speaking with your physician first. This way, you can make sure you’re buying the best brace to address your specific symptoms.

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