What Is Comfortisse Posture?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jun 12, 2017

Using three adjustable straps for a fine-tuned fit, the Comfortisse Posture brace promises to help naturally align your spine to the right position; allow you to stand, walk, and sit straighter, while also relieving back, shoulder, and neck pain once and for all.

The product’s website indicates you just need to slip the straps over your shoulders, secure the closure around your midsection, and you’ll see and feel the difference immediately. You can wear the support brace as often as you like, although 30-60 minutes per day is all you need to retrain the musculature in your back.

And since the Comfortisse posture brace can be worn under your clothes (such as a jacket), you can wear it just about anywhere, and no one will know the difference.

It’s easy to see how its adjustable straps and criss-cross design can help pull back your shoulders and straighten your back.

But will this necessarily provide any clinically proven benefits, whether related to pain relief or anything else? This is exactly what we’ll help you decide here, starting with the causes of back pain.

Your Quick Guide to Back Pain Basics

As we outline in Winning the Battle Against Sciatica & Chronic Back Pain, there can be almost as many causes of back discomfort as there are individuals to experience it. However, common sources include degenerative disc disease, sciatica, muscle strain and trauma, nerve damage, osteoarthritis, and deformity (such as scoliosis).

What about posture, as referenced on the Comfortisse website?

According to Spine-Health, while sitting or standing with poor posture usually won’t cause immediate discomfort, if this continues over a long period of time, it can actually change the shape of your spine. In turn, this can cause pain and discomfort by restricting circulation and straining certain areas.

To rectify, the website recommends walking with your head balanced straight above your spine, sitting with your back flush against the chair, and lifting with your chest forward and leading with your hips. Can devices like Comfortisse potentially help, too?

Are Posture Braces Like Comfortisse Clinically Proven to Relieve Back Pain?

The manufacturer didn’t provide any clinical data to support their claims that Comfortisse can properly align your spine, or that this alignment will result in meaningfully less pain and discomfort. We also didn’t encounter any directly related clinical evidence on sites like the National Institutes of Heath’s PubMed.

However, the basic function of these devices is to pull the shoulders back, which many of us have been told for years delivers can better posture and all the potential benefits that come along with. But is there a lot of evidence to support this common assumption?

In a nutshell, on sites like PhysioDetective, Robb Wolf, and ThePosturePolice, we’re told that pulling back the shoulders won’t necessarily give you good posture, since it won’t directly address spinal angle. In other words, you can still experience a slouched spine with your shoulders back.

In Can Posture Correcting Products Help You Sit Straight, we spoke with several industry professionals who recommended that these types of braces could potentially help you remember better posture, but that ultimately, they weren’t much more than a “quick and easy fix—and [are] therefore worthless.”

Another factor to consider is that wearing these devices excessively can actually lead to worse posture, as the muscles and other tissue become used to the extra support. This is probably why the manufacturer only recommends wearing Comfortisse 30-60 minutes per day.

With all of this said, does the Comfortisse Posture brace come with a high price?

How Much Does Comfortisse Posture Cost?

Available in sizes S/M (60-95cm underbust) and L/XL (96-130cm underbust), two Comfortisse Posture braces are priced at £29.99, plus £4.99 standard delivery.

During checkout, you can also purchase two Backnetix acupressure cushion pads for an additional £19.98 fee.

Best Direct provides a 30-day refund policy on all Comfortisse orders, less S&H, which according to their website, you can process by:

  • Please fully complete the return form at the rear side of your invoice
  • Enclose it with your parcel
  • Peel off the returns label you have received along with your order and attach it to your parcel.
  • Find your nearest Parcelshop on the link you will find in the returns label slip
  • Drop-off your parcel and keep the receipt as proof of return for your records

Are there other posture support braces like Comfortisse?

Comfortisse Posture vs. the Competition

Whether you search online for terms like “shoulder posture brace” or “pull shoulders back brace,” you’ll encounter dozens of options like might not be designed exactly like Comfortisse, but are based on the same basic design.

At the time of our research, these ranged in price between about £15 and £50, putting Comfortisse squarely in the middle. In addition, you’ll find dozens more options that only support the lower part of the back (known as a lumbar lordosis brace), or electronic devices that provide positive reinforcement to help you be more conscious of your posture.

Given all these options, how can you find the best match for your needs and preferences?

Any time you’re dealing with pain, whether infrequent or chronic, along with a complex system like the back, the first person you should speak with is your doctor. They’ll be able to run the appropriate tests and then recommend options based on your specific diagnosis.

Outside of this, according to the professionals we interviewed in the article above, as well as sites like WiseGeek, some of the best equipment to improve posture is stability balls and free weights, which can strengthen muscles.

And if you don’t want to purchase additional equipment, you can also try sitting and standing up straight, keeping your head neutral, and frequently stretching throughout the day. Just remember: you must want to have great posture!

Our Final Thoughts About the Comfortisse Posture Brace

Based on everything we learned from industry sources above, braces that pull back your shoulders could potentially help you remember better posture—but there isn’t much clinical support that they can necessarily align the spine, or thereby reduce or eliminate back pain.

With this said, the manufacturer backs Comfortisse with a 30-day refund policy, which should be more than enough time to discern whether or not it’s the right option for you. But if it isn’t, just remember that you’ll have to pay a few pounds to send it back to the manufacturer.

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    Good for posture

    Having purchased this Comfortisse Posture to help correct my poor posture due to using the computer for many, many years, I have found that the shoulder straps tend to "cut in" under the arms (armpits) and this is very uncomfortable. I have found a solution by sewing a folded new face cloth around the length of the shoulder strap. The Comfortisse Posture does do what it says. I am now more aware how I sit at the computer and also when I am walking, much more upright. I suffer from many medical problems and in constant pain, but this Comfortisse Posture does relieve my neck and shoulder pain. Thank you for a great item, but maybe think of some sort of padding with the shoulder strap.

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