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Instead of causing you to toss and turn with an uncomfortable pillow, Comfy Sleeper claims their 6-in-1 design allows you to customize the height and firmness to match your preferences.

Comfy Sleeper consists of two main parts: six stackable inner pillows filled with “ultra soft down alternative microfiber,” which fit inside an oversized, zippered pillowcase. We’re told all you need to do is add layers to increase height and firmness, or remove them to lower and add plushness.

This way, whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, Comfy Sleeper promises to be a pillow that fits everyone perfectly.

But is it really, or is the commercial glossing over some pretty important considerations? You want to know if Comfy Sleeper’s worth the money, and we want to help you make an informed decision.

To get you there, let’s start with where Comfy Sleeper might have originated.

Is There Anything Else Quite Like Comfy Sleeper?

Over the years, the HighYa team has reviewed more than 700 As Seen on TV products and written several in-depth buyer’s guides, including Your Ultimate Guide to Buying As Seen On TV & Infomercial Products and Not Following These 6 Tips Could Cost You Money on Your Next “As Seen on TV” Purchase. What’s the point?

When it comes to the ASOTV industry, we have a fairly good handle on how it works. And one of the first things we learned during our research is that these products are often just slightly redesigned versions of existing mainstream products.

For example, Comfy Sleeper seems to be nearly identical (it even has the same blue sides) as The Pancake Pillow, which appears to have been the original. Did the manufacturer sell their rights to Comfy Sleeper? There’s no way to know, but we can tell you that The Pancake Pillow is available in Queen and King sizes, whereas Comfy Sleeper appears to only be available in one size.

Are there any other big differences between Comfy Sleeper and Pancake Pillow?

How Much Does Comfy Sleeper Cost?

One Comfy Sleep Pillow (no mention of size or overall dimensions) will cost you $59.95, plus free shipping. Each set includes one (1) Comfy Sleeper zippered case and six (6) stackable pillow layers.

Comparatively, The Pancake Pillow is priced anywhere from $79.99 to $149.99, so Comfy Sleeper comes in meaningfully less from a price perspective.

All Comfy Sleeper purchases also come with a 90-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges. In order to request one, you’ll need to give customer service a call at 888-200-9353.

Given its similar design but lower price, are customers having good experiences with Comfy Sleeper?

How Does Comfy Sleeper Stack Up In Customer Reviews?

Typically, the HighYa team tries to review many ASOTV products as soon as they hit the market. As a result, they’re generally not around long enough to have garnered any customer reviews, and Comfy Sleeper follows this same trend.

Looking at The Pancake Pillow’s 142 Amazon reviews though, we can see that it earned an average rating of 4.5 stars. There, common compliments referenced easy customization, solid support (even after several months of use), and high-quality materials.

On the other hand, more than one customer complained that it wasn’t comfortable and that the layers compressed a great deal.

Obviously, Comfy Sleeper and The Pancake Pillow come from different manufacturers, so there’s no way to know if you’ll experience any of the same, but these experiences can reasonably help point you in the right direction.

However, both these pillows contain “ultra soft down alternative microfiber.” What, exactly, does this mean? Let’s carry this thought over into the final section.

Our Final Thoughts About Comfy Sleeper

In addition to everything we’ve discussed up to this point, we think there are a few more important factors you should consider before placing your Comfy Sleeper order:

What Is Ultra Soft Down Alternative Microfiber?

Alternative down (commonly also called synthetic fill) is intended to mimic the comfort and warmth provided by natural down (i.e. feather lofts), but without the ethical and/or health concerns.

The issue is that there isn’t one kind of synthetic fill, as it can be made from rayon, polyester, cotton (or a combination of these), and more. Even if made from the same material(s), alternative down can be manufactured many different ways, some of which will provide better overall performance than others.

In short, “ultra soft down alternative microfiber—despite being wordy—tells us next to nothing about what’s actually found in Comfy Sleeper.

Will Comfy Sleeper Meet Every Sleeper’s Needs?

Comfy Sleeper’s manufacturer wants you to believe that it “perfectly fits everyone.” Is this true?

Obviously, based on a whole slew of factors (the least of which is personal preference), no single pillow from any manufacturer will work for everyone. There are just way too many variables.

But ask yourself this: It seems like you can create a tall, firm sleeping surface with Comfy Sleeper (since all layers will be squished inside the case), or a short, plush pillow (since many layers will have been removed).

But can you make a tall, plush pillow? What about a short, firm one? Also, if you only have one or two stackable pillows inside, will you have an excess amount of pillowcase flopping around while you’re trying to sleep?

Speaking of which, when stacked-out, will your Comfy Sleeper fit inside a standard pillowcase, or will you have to go out and purchase a new one?

Bottom line: There’s no doubt that a product like Comfy Sleeper can deliver a level of customization that you won’t find with an ordinary pillow. But whether or not this will translate into increased comfort or a better night’s sleep remains to be seen.

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