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Copper Crisp is a two-piece bake pan with a raised design that allows the top grate to crisp food evenly, while the bottom tray collects the drippings. You can even use it on the stovetop, or use the bottom as a baking pan by itself.

This way, the manufacturer tells us that you’ll be able to cook perfect pizza, nachos, s’mores, bacon, whole chickens, and more with Copper Crisp, but without using messy, dangerous, or unhealthy frying oil.

Speaking of health, we’re told that Copper Crisp is constructed with heavy duty carbon steel and 100% pure copper, but without potentially harmful PFOA or PTEF.

And when you’re finished cooking with Copper Crisp, the company claims it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Take a couple minutes to read through the statistics on the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition website, and you’ll quickly learn that Americans aren’t ideally healthy.

But can products like Copper Crisp help us—or more specifically, you and your family—take one step closer to healthier cooking, while retaining all the deliciousness? Let’s find out what we learned during our research.

How Do Products Like Copper Crisp Work?

The concept behind products like Copper Crisp (more shortly) is pretty basic; on top, you have a ventilated pan that fits into a larger, solid-surface pan on the bottom.

This way, as your food cooks, unhealthy oils and grease will drip to the bottom, while also allowing hot air to surround your food and provide even cooking results.

Now, the important thing to remember here is that in a traditional oven, air doesn’t circulate, like the Copper Crisp commercial might’ve made it seem.

Instead, this air circulation is only available with convection ovens that feature built-in fans to move the air around, along with exhaust systems to vent this hot air out and maintain constant temperatures.

What’s the point? Unless you own a convection oven, Copper Crisp won’t circulate any air around your food, which might not deliver the results you’re after. But what about frying?

Can You Fry Foods in Your Oven With Copper Crisp?

Again, we won’t go into unnecessary detail here, but with traditional frying, food is places in hot oil, which quickly dehydrates the surface and creates a golden brown finish (known as a Maillard reaction). In other words, it’s a very specific chemical reaction.

The frying process also helps keep the interior of the food moist, which ultimately delivers some tasty results. Unfortunately, fried foods are also full of trans fats and high in calories, potentially leading to increased risk of obesity, stroke, and diabetes.

Given this, if you don’t cook your food in boiling oil (such as using Copper Crisp in the oven or on the stovetop), it’ll be much healthier—but it also might not taste as good.

But perhaps the bigger point is this: Unless you submerge foods in oil, you’re not actually frying; you’re simply baking, roasting, or cooking in a pan on your stovetop.

Instead, in order to achieve the same taste with Copper Crisp, it appears you’d have to use pre-fried frozen foods, which won’t help you avoid any of the health concerns we’ve already discussed.

Copper CrispSince Copper Crisp works without using oil, you almost certainly won’t be able to fry foods in your oven. Image credit: Copper Crisp

Are There Other Products Like Copper Crisp?

If you search online for terms like “raised baking pan” and “raised baking tray,” you’ll find that you have dozens of options that are meaningfully similar to Copper Crisp. It even appears to be identical to the 2 Piece Nonstick Bakeware Crisper Pan Set sold on Rachael Ray’s website.

In fact, it’s the same concept behind a previous ASOTV product we reviewed named Copper Crisper, but with a different design and marketing approach.

Want even more options? Copper Crisp uses the same premise as a standard broiler pan, which can be found at just about any retailer—online or off—with a kitchenware section.

Compared to broiler pans though, while there weren’t a whole lot of up-close images on the Copper Crisp website, there seems to be very little space between its top and bottom pans, which might not provide much room for heated air (circulated in a convection oven, or otherwise).

Again, while we didn’t test the Copper Crisp firsthand, this means it might not deliver results on par with what was demonstrated in the commercial.

From a price perspective, you’ll find that many broiler pans fall somewhere around the $20 mark. How Does Copper Crisp compare?

How Much Does Copper Crisp Cost?

One Copper Crisp set will cost you $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H (and a $1 web service fee), although you’ll be able to purchase a second set at checkout for an additional $7.99 S&H.

Each set will include a gourmet recipe guide and a 60-day money back guarantee, less S&H.

In order to request a refund, OnTel Products’ customer service department can be reached at 844-570-9863.

Why Aren’t There Any Copper Crisp Reviews?

When the HighYa team researches ASOTV products, it’s common for them to not have any consumer feedback since they’re often newly released. It wasn’t any different for Copper Crisp.

However, OnTel Products has released some pretty big hits over the years, including Big Vision Eyewear, Hot Hands, Miracle Bamboo Pillow, and more.

While some customers claimed to have had great experiences, like most other ASOTV products, the majority seemed to complain that these products didn’t work as advertised or weren’t high quality. Many also complained about ultra-long shipping times and orders processed without permission.

Is this what you’ll experience with Copper Crisp? Obviously, without any online feedback yet, there’s no way to know. However, we certainly think it’s something worth keeping in mind.

Will Copper Crisp Transform Your Cooking Experience?

Can you expect Copper Crisp to help some unhealthy fats and oils drain from your food while cooking? We don’t have any reason to believe it won’t work as advertised. However, will it:

  • Help circulate air around your food and provide more even cooking results? This isn’t possible without a convection oven.
  • Deliver fried food taste, without the unhealthy consequences? Unless your food is pre-fried, it can’t provide the necessary chemical reaction, which will negate any health benefits.
  • Provide a better value than a traditional broiling pan? Perhaps, but you’ll pay a hefty amount in S&H charges, none of which are refundable if you’re not satisfied.

Given this, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth rolling the dice on Copper Crisp. If it was our money, though (after all, we’re consumers too!), we might explore local options before handing over our credit card information.

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