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The Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro is a compression back support that allegedly helps relieve stress and strain on the lower back while also improving your posture. Learn how customers are reviewing this product.

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Posted on Jan 8, 2020

Refused to honor free shipping orders over $19.99 on their website and credit me back

By David O., Colorado, Verified Reviewer

I ordered a Deluxe Copper Fit back brace yesterday for $29.29, $5.99 Shipping & Handling, and $2.66 Tax. Upon entering the order, saw on their website that orders over $19.99 have free shipping. (Order number 29405923.)

I emailed immediately (within the hour) and included a screen-capture that I did to prove this, asking them to resolve this, credit me back for the $5.99 shipping, nobody got back.

Next, today at 10:16 AM MST, I called the customer service number 866.533.1182 and reiterated the request to credit me for the shipping or I'd cancel the order in a pleasant discussion with a representative who said: 1. It had not been shipped 2. They'd escalate to a supervisor.

By 2:18 PM MST today, 1/2/20, they did not call back so I called them where their representative said he saw the same Free Shipping offer on the website - had me hold to get this fixed and came back saying supervisor would not credit me for the shipping - also that it had gone out and I'd have to pay for returned shipping.

Their own representative shared that they have horrible customer service and he was sorry he had nothing to offer and the supervisor would not comply with the promotional free shipping. I shared I'd be happy to go to the press, offer this to the BBB, the State AG - he said "I don't blame you and good luck".

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 9, 2019

Size does not fit as listed, just another scam to get money

By Brian S., Pinellas Park, FL, Verified Reviewer

Yes, you can return but it costs more to return than it is worth, and you pay postage. I called and they could care less that the size that was supposed to fit does not fit. Never could try because it does not fit as listed.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Jul 22, 2019

Love Copper Fit

By Ken V., Florida, Verified Reviewer

I have the older Copper Fit back support and it works great but it's getting very old and in bad shape so I just ordered the new back pro deluxe and can't wait for it to show up. Yes, when you order from Copper Fit it takes a very long time to receive the product and that's just crazy nowadays. I'm sure it will be worth the wait, people complaining about how long it is taking to get their Copper Fit products should have read it on the Copper Fit site, they are very slow. I make it a habit to check eBay first before ordering anything but no one on eBay has this brace, just the older version, so I ordered from Copper Fit and I'll just keep using the old one until the new one arrives.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Jul 16, 2019

Helped tremendously

By Dustin G., Utah, Verified Reviewer

I am 6' 4" and at the time of this review I am 300 lbs. I was in the United States Army in a Combat Arms position for 6 years. I have always been fairly active in physical fitness. I am the stereotypical big guy everyone always wants to help them move or pick stuff up, haha, you know what I'm talking about. As you can imagine as I age I'm starting to feel the toll of my active life. Long story made short, I feel like I hear the 60-year-old guys talk about at 32.

My mother threw the Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro at me as I walked into her house about 6 months ago. She said, "Stop being stubborn and use this at your work when you need to lift heavy stuff!" So I listened to my mother.

I've learned two things since that day.

1) The Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro actually works. Now I'm not saying it will turn back the clock and you'll be able to lift like you were 20 years old again. (We all lifted stupidly at that age anyway because we thought we were Superman. News flash, we weren't.) It does help stabilize everything and stop your lower back from moving incorrectly. As long as you actually use it properly. Anyone who says it doesn't work is either a) using it incorrectly or b) should not be lifting heavy things at all because their back is too far gone.

2) You're mother still knows what she's talking about. So stop thinking you're old enough to stop listening.

This product works as advertised.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on May 1, 2019

Still no product, misleading tracking info.

By Peter V., Montevallo, AL, Verified Reviewer

I ordered on April 13th, still have not received product, and both DLH and USPS show misleading tracking info. After reading the fine print on their "shipping policy", it states it will be shipped within THIRTY DAYS of ordering. Who in the world takes that long in this day and age? At least I paid by PayPal and can get my money back. We'll see if I ever get the product. If I had read the 30-day ship policy I would have NEVER ordered this from the website.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Dec 4, 2018

Misleading product description

By John M., Baton Rouge, LA, Verified Reviewer

The Product description says: "double belt," with adjustability, and which would indeed be a great improvement over the previous belt, which I own, whose single belt (also with two ends) becomes permanently wrinkled and offers no adjustment.

This belt is actually just two ends, as if of one "belt." A true double belt config would allow custom tension, top to bottom, which is not provided but is needed.

However, my older non-advanced "Back Pro" helped my stenosis symptoms of hamstring pain/weakness and radiated neck pain for year and more than did P.T., so I'll probably buy this if I can't find a true two belt one.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Nov 10, 2018

Rip off!

By John W., Blue Springs, MO, Verified Reviewer

I ordered this near the end of October 2018 and still have not received the back brace. Today is November the 6th and it has not shipped yet. I cannot believe Brett Farve is a spokesman for a company that rips off a disabled veteran. But then again, money is money, right Brett, to hell with the truth.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Posted on Aug 10, 2018

Very pleased

By Al J., Bismarck, ND, Verified Reviewer

I have been using the Copper Fit for about a month. I have a couple of bulged discs, and this has helped with my back problems. I walk about 8-10 miles a day, and since I have started wearing this brace, I have not had to take any pain medications. The brace is very comfortable and does not restrict movement. I am hoping that by wearing this brace that it will keep me from taking pain medications.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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