What is Copper Fit Balance?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 23, 2017

Using a sleek, low-profile design to fit almost any shoe, Copper Fit Balance performance orthotic insoles promise to lift your arch, hold its shape, and maintain the correct foot position. What’s this mean for you?

According to Copper Fit, Balance insoles were designed by a podiatrist with a deep heel support cup and semi-rigid orthotic base to cradle your feet and keep them aligned.

As a result, you can experience improved comfort, stability, posture, and body alignment; reduced feet and body aches, and correction of mild-to-moderate over-pronation. And with its cushion blend and wicking fabric, you can even help reduce odors!

Look, the reality is that there are thousands of third-party insoles competing directly with Copper Fit Balance. What—if anything—distinguishes it from all your other options? Is it worthy of your time and money, or should you keep looking?

That’s exactly what you’re here to find out and what we’ll help you decide by discussing what we learned during our research. First up? Let’s get pricing out of the way.

How Much Do Copper Fit Balance Insoles Cost?

Available in sizes XS-XL, (men’s 4.5-14 and women’s 5.5-15), one pair of Copper Fit Balance insoles will cost you $29.99, plus free shipping.

All orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less S&H. To request one, you can call Idea Village customer service at 877-399-3494.

Is Copper Fit’s Arbitration Important?

Arbitration is a process whereby two parties settle a disagreement outside the court system; usually moderated by a third-party company.

While this process works great in a lot of instances, keep in mind that you’ll waive your right to basic legal processes like a trial by jury or becoming part of a class action lawsuit.

Now, let's dive into the details.

Gaining a Clearer Understanding of Copper Fit Balance’s Claims

What Are the Differences Between Insole Types?

Whether you’re talking about a sub-$20 pair from your local pharmacy or a $200+ custom orthotic ordered through your podiatrist, shoe insoles are designed to improve comfort. Exactly how they accomplish this, though, can vary.

For example, inexpensive insoles from your corner store are often constructed of a foam or gel-like material and intended to improve comfort. So, if you suffer from tender feet, sore heels, or corns or bunions, they could provide the extra cushion you need.

On the other hand, support insoles are typically constructed of more rigid material intended to deliver greater stability. If you suffer from fallen arches or require mild-to-moderate generic foot position correction, support insoles might be a go-to option.

Custom orthotics from a physician are also designed to improve comfort and support. Compared to these OTC options above, the two biggest differences are that they’re 1) custom made based on a mold of your foot and your specific diagnosis, and as a result, 2) they can be very expensive.

What Kind of Benefits Do Balance Insoles Promise to Deliver?

Based on what we just learned, we can see that Balance combines qualities of mass-produced comfort and support insoles, using increased cushioning and adjusted foot position.

Specifically, Copper Fit Balance promises to hold your arch (the area on your soles between the tarsal and metatarsal bones) in its correct position.

If the tendons in your feet don’t pull at the proper tension—often caused by obesity, diabetes, aging, pregnancy, stretched tendons, and broken bones—it can lead to a fallen arch (commonly referred to as ‘flat feet’). Those with this condition often experience pain, aches, and swelling.

If you have fallen arches, WebMD indicates that orthotic devices could be an option that provides some measure of relief, although this is something that needs to be determined by a physician. Other options include stretching exercises, physical therapy, injected medications, and even surgery in some cases.

Balance’s rigidity will help maintain this arch position while going about your day, while its copper-infused fabric could also help kill microorganisms that might cause unwanted odor.

Pro tip: Although the manufacturer doesn’t claim otherwise, keep in mind that the copper fibers in Copper Fit Balance will not provide any performance-enhancing benefits. Instead, they’re only present for odor control.

Copper Fit Balance Posture AlignmentLike other support insoles, Copper Fit Balance promises to align your feet for better stability and balance. Image credit: Copper Fit

How do these benefits (and prices!) compare to insoles from other manufacturers? And perhaps more importantly, how can you choose the right one?

Copper Fit Balance vs. Other Insoles: How to Choose Your Best Option

The Vast Competition

If you’ve ever walked past the foot care aisle at your corner drug store, you know that you have many other insole options competing for your money. And if you throw all your online options into the mix, the number of choices can seem downright mind-boggling.

Given all these similar choices, how can you avoid analysis paralysis and find your best fit?

Buying Your Next Pair of Insoles

In their Insole Buyer’s Guide, REI tells us that support insoles like Copper Fit Balance can be a solid option if you’re looking for relief from structural misalignment, plantar fasciitis, supination (the outward roll of the foot during normal movement), or over-pronation (inward roll). It’s this last one that Copper Fit Balance claims to specifically address.

Because of Balance’s low-volume (or low-profile, as the manufacturer calls it), it’s best for casual shoes, while high-volume choices are often better suited to hiking boots and running shoes.

While not a steadfast rule, REI notes that comfort insoles often come as heel inserts and support options as ¾ or full-length (like Balance) insoles.

REI continues, “Though not customized to an individual foot [like custom orthotics], support insoles come in different models and profiles to suit most foot shapes or footwear types.” This means you have plenty of choices, but it also means you’ll have to try some insoles firsthand and see which ones work best for your needs.

After all, “best” is a highly subjective term, since it’s largely based on individual needs and preferences. The same can be said about the “correct position” for the arch, as claimed by Balance’s manufacturer; in the end, what works fantastically for you might be a monumental failure for someone else.

Can We Learn Anything from Customer Reviews for Other Copper Fit Products?

Balance Insoles are part of the larger Copper Fit product lineup, including Back, Socks, Step FX, Tough Knees, and Speed Sleeves.

With the exception of Socks, Copper Fit-branded products tend to come with 2.5-star or lower average ratings from HighYa readers. Although many customers claimed to have been satisfied, common complaints referenced that they didn’t work as advertised or featured sub-par construction.

This is similar customer feedback for other Idea Village products like Micro Touch Tough Blade (also endorsed by celebrity athlete Brett Favre), Yes! by Finishing Touch, Snackeez, and HD Vision Visor.

What’s the point? We’re not indicating you’ll experience any of this with Copper Fit Balance, but we want to make sure you have a full view of the situation.

Should You Buy Copper Fit Balance Insoles?

In their commercial, former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre tells us that Copper Fit Balance is “one of the most important products I put on every day.” Granted, he’s paid to say that, so it doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same—or that he actually uses the insoles in the first place.

Whether or not Copper Fit Balance is used by ex-professional athletes, though, we've learned here that support insoles have the potential to meaningfully address your foot-related pain if you suffer from structural misalignment requiring mild-to-moderate generic position correction, plantar fasciitis, supination, over-pronation, and in some instances, fallen arches.

Since much of the competition might perform these tasks equally as well, though, is there anything meaningfully unique about Copper Fit Balance?

Other than perhaps the copper-infused fibers, there doesn’t seem to be. And since they’re designed for use on your feet, most insoles utilize some type of odor-reducing technology, so it’s certainly not anything revolutionary.

Many of these competing options are priced between $20 and $80, making Balance one of the less expensive options, although you can’t know if they’ll provide more relief without giving them a try.

Fortunately, Idea Village seems to stand behind Copper Fit Balance with a 30-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied. Just keep in mind that you’ll lose a few bucks in return S&H.

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