What Is Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 13, 2017

Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra promises to deliver everything you’d look for in a sports bra: stylish, flexible, and comfortable support while you work out.

Available in both black and white, it features a racerback design and easy-on, zip-front closure for a cute, sporty style that offers full coverage and 360-degree support during medium impact activities.

Beyond comfortable support, Copper Fit claims that their Ultraflex Sports Bra offers a secret superpower that other sports bras don’t. Made from a copper-imbued fabric, the Ultraflex sports bra boasts extra odor-fighting capabilities.

The copper-imbued fabric, combined with vented back panels, is supposed to keep you cool and completely odor-free—even during your toughest workouts.

Who’s Behind the Copper Fit Brand?

The Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra is brought to you by the same brand behind Copper Fit compression sleeves and the Copper Fit Step FX fitness tracker.

Both of these products have received moderate reviews averaging 2.2/5-stars from HighYa readers. Additionally, Copper Fit’s parent company, Idea Village, holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and 137 total customer complaints (as of March 2017).

But unlike compression sleeves, a good sports bra should be up for some seriously heavy lifting. Can the Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra really beat out bad odors and offer sufficient support as they claim?

Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra Design and Features

We’ve already mentioned a few of the perks promised by Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra above, including its racerback design and zip-front closure. Beyond looking sporty, what do these features mean when it comes to a sports bra’s fit?

Racerback-style sports bras are preferred because they offer increased mobility and support. By placing straps higher up towards your neck, racerback style sports bras eliminate the risk of straps slipping off your shoulders during physical activity, while the x-shaped back means that fabric won’t bunch and restrict backward arm movement.

The Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra relies on compression to keep you in place, meaning that there aren’t any underwires or seamed cups to content with. Its zip-front closure is ideal for compression gear, since it offers an easier way to take the sports bra on and off without struggling to wiggle compression wear over your arms and head.

The zip-front closure also lends the Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra an extra bit of structure, which is further enhanced by removable bra cup inserts.

Finally, the Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra also features a few details meant to increase comfort.

These include padded shoulders to prevent the feel of straps digging into your skin. There’s also a built-in zipper facing and the absence of a tag to decrease the risk of chafing and irritation. And, of course, the aforementioned vented panels that claim to encourage a little air circulation to help keep you from being drenched in sweat.

The Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra design features we’ve just covered are certainly nice, but they’re hardly unique. What about their claims of stink-fighting fabric?

Does the Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra Offer Odor Control?

Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra’s official website doesn’t state any information about the copper content in their fabric that might help deliver on claims of odor control. Thankfully, our write-up of Copper Fit’s compression sleeves sheds a little more light on their fabric-related claims.

According to the brand, their copper-infused fabric decreases odor by preventing bacterial growth. A little digging on copper’s inherent antimicrobial proper reveals that this is supported by evidence that the metal can reduce bacterial build-up.

However, we also learned that copper ions only make up about four-percent of Copper Fit’s total materials. This led us to wonder, can’t bad smells still be harbored in the significant portion of the fabric makeup that doesn’t possess bacteria-fighting powers?

According to the American Chemical Society, our concerns were unfounded. Their research supports that even a small amount of copper woven into fabric can have a big impact on bacterial growth—showing odor control twice as effective as activated carbon.

Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra, Sizing, Pricing, and Refund Policy

Copper Fit’s sports bra is available in sizes small through extra-large and claims that those sizes can accommodate a range of body types from 34A up to a 42DD. According to the website, sizes translate as follows:

  • Small fits sizes 4-6 (bust measurements 34-36"); A cup
  • Medium fits sizes 8-10 (bust measurements 36-38") B-C cup
  • Large fits sizes 12-14 (bust measurements 38-40") B-D cup
  • Extra-Large fits sizes 20-22 (bust measurements 40-42") C-DD cup

The Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra cost costs $19.99 and is only available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Because the Ultraflex Sports Bra is an undergarment, it can only be returned in unused condition with tags intact. Find it online, or use the store’s website to check and see if it’s available at a location near you.

What Do Customers Say About Copper Fit’s Ultraflex Sports Bra?

Overall, customer reviews on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website state that the Ultraflex Sports Bra is good value for “what it is.”

But, what is that, exactly?

Perhaps it’s easier to state what it’s not which, according to reviewers, is particularly supportive. Customers state that the sports bra is less “sports,” and more loose material—failing to provide even light support for anyone over a B-cup.

With that in mind, smaller-busted reviewers state that it is comfortable when worn as a sporty undergarment. If you’re in between sizes, reviews caution to stick with the size that corresponds with your largest measurement to ensure a comfortable fit.

Finally, it’s worth noting that none of the reviews we read mentioned the Copper Fit Ultraflex’s odor-fighting capabilities.

Is the Copper Fit Ultraflex Sports Bra a Good Buy?

Reviews mentioning a lack of support are in line with our experience and research, which indicates that compression alone isn’t enough to adequately support women who wear a C-cup or above.

However, for those who are smaller-busted and interested in a leisure-style undergarment that offers support and comfort, the Ultraflex appears to fit the bill at an attractive price point when compared to similar synthetic-blend sports bras.

Our vote? If you think the Ultraflex might complement your athletic wear, head down to a Bed Bath & Beyond to try one on for size. That way you don’t have to worry about potential fit mishaps and the hassle of returns.

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