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Like the name implies, Copper Pajamas are a set of bedclothes made with copper infused fabric, which is claimed to be scientifically proven to effectively destroy bacteria and germs in just hours. Because of this, Copper Pajamas claim that they can help protect you and your loved ones from infection during hospital, nursing home, and assisted living facility stays.

Copper-infused clothing has become all the rage recently, which was first implemented in compression wear from manufacturers such as Tommie Copper, Copper Wear, and Copper Fit, primarily because of copper’s ability to prevent the buildup of bacteria and the resulting odor. However, can these same copper-infused fibers actually prevent infection from occurring in the first place? If so, are Copper Pajamas the best way to accomplish this, and are they worth the price? Keep reading to find out.

How Do Copper Pajamas Claim to Work?

According to the Copper Pajamas website, more than 1.5 million Americans fall ill with a Health Care-Associated Infection (HCAI) each year during their stays at hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. Because of this, Copper Pajamas’ copper-infused fabric is claimed to be scientifically proven to attract harmful bacteria to its surface, where they’re quickly and effectively destroyed in order to help protect your health.

In addition to this primary benefit, Copper Pajamas are claimed to be made with bamboo, which helps prevent your skin from becoming dry and cracked, while the “forever fresh” DEOWARE technology helps fight unwanted odors. The manufacturer also claims that Copper Pajamas may even be beneficial for individuals suffering from bacterial or fungal skin infections and that they may also prevent broken skin from becoming infected.

Whenever you’ll be exposed to large groups of people for extended periods of time, Copper Pajamas are claimed to be rigorously lab tested, and to be comfortable, warm, and soft to wear. In addition, Copper Pajamas claim to be machine washable with copper will not wash out, and to be manufactured without spurs that could irritate your eczema.

Copper Pajamas Pricing & Refund Policy

Copper Pajamas are only available through the manufacturer in men’s and women’s sizes S – XL and are priced at two payments of $29.99, plus $8.95 S&H, bringing your total to $68.93.

Important note: According to the Copper Pajamas website, “When you order today, you will only be charged the first payment of $29.99 plus 8.95 P&H. Customer Service will contact you to arrange the 2nd payment of $29.99 for each pair of Copper Pajamas ordered today.” Like most products in this industry, this very likely means that you’ll encounter hard selling techniques during the call.

Copper Pajamas come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to begin the process, you’ll need to contact customer service at 913-312-0200.

Are Copper Pajamas Worth It?

So, if you frequently find yourself in the hospital for extended stays, or reside in a nursing home or assisted living facility, are Copper Pajamas worth the money? Maybe, but keep these important considerations in mind:

How Exactly Can Copper Pajamas Help You?

First and foremost, while Copper Pajamas may be “scientifically proven” to destroy bacteria (more about this next), there doesn’t appear to be a direct correlation between this benefit and any kind of improved health. For instance, most individuals will acquire a bacteria or virus through inhalation or through hand-to-mouth contact, neither of which Copper Pajamas can help prevent.

On top of this, Copper Pajamas don’t appear to be proven to provide any benefits for those with open wounds or other skin concerns. In fact, the product’s website specifically says that Copper Pajamas “may be” effective for individuals currently fighting a bacterial or fungal infection. In other words, other than killing bacteria that comes in contact with the copper-infused fabric, the Copper Pajamas website provides no direct link between the product’s bacteria-fighting ability and any specific benefits.

Clinical Proof

With this in mind, although copper has been scientifically shown to naturally have some antibacterial properties, there is no clinical evidence showing that Copper Pajamas perform as advertised, or that they provide any kind of measurable health benefits.


Considering the fact that the Copper Pajamas website does not provide any information as to exactly how they can help you, or any clinical proof showing that they work in the first place, $70 could be considered a fairly steep price. In other words, Copper Pajamas’ high price may not necessarily be in line with the benefits you’ll experience from using them.

New Company/Product

Copper Pajamas are manufactured by Will It Launch based out of Overland Park, KS, which is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, the product’s URL was just registered on June 30, 2014. As such, there is currently no information available online about the company behind Copper Pajamas, or any customer reviews that can be used to gauge overall satisfaction levels.

Do You Like Upsells?

Finally, keep in mind that according to Copper Pajamas Privacy Policy, “WIL may also provide Information to other Websites WIL operates, and/or other business units within or to our affiliated entities.” This means that your information may be used for sales calls and/or emails.

Bottom Line

Although copper has been scientifically shown to be effective against bacterial growth, between the lack of evidence showing that Copper Pajamas perform as advertised, its high price, and the lack of customer reviews, we would recommend speaking with your physician about whether or not a product such as this really can provide you with any of the claimed benefits.


  • Claimed to help prevent infection during extended stays in hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities.
  • Claimed to be “scientifically proven” to effectively destroy bacteria and germs in just hours.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • High price.
  • No clinical evidence showing efficacy.
  • You may experience upsells during your call with a company representative, and your information may be shared with other entities.

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