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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Aug 12, 2015

Using TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy, CopperWear Tensation is a portable and rechargeable device that’s claimed to deliver deep, penetrating electrical impulses to your muscles. As a result, CopperWear Tensation is claimed to provide instant relief right to where it hurts, whether to your shoulders, back, arms, or legs, and whether due to arthritis, muscle, or joint pain—anywhere that’s sore as a result of exercise or normal everyday activities.

Each wireless CopperWear Tensation pad is easy to apply using the included gel pad, and is so discreet that it can even be worn under your clothes. Once in place, CopperWear Tensation is claimed to provide 20 different levels of intensity and 6 different therapy programs, which can help keep you mobile and active. In fact, the company claims it’s an FDA registered class II medical device; the same therapy used by doctors.

And when compared to the competition, CopperWear Tensation is claimed to feature “the properties of copper,” while each patch can be used up to 30 times.

Chronic pain is no joke, and you want relief. So will CopperWear Tensation provide the relief you’re after, and will it provide a decent value for the money?

Let’s first learn more about TENS.

What is TENS? Is It Effective?

TENS, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, involves a portable device that generates precise electrical impulses, which are delivered through electrodes (known as leads). Most of the time, these electrodes are connected to the base unit with wires, although in the case of CopperWear Tensation, the base is attached directly to the single lead.

As these electrical impulses enter the skin, they cause the underlying muscle to contract at specific intervals, and the depth (or intensity) of these contractions can often be controlled via the base unit. These contractions are thought to reduce pain, although the clinical evidence supporting this seems to be mixed, and “there is controversy over which conditions the device should be used to treat.”

While the TENS technology featured in CopperWear Tensation is technically the same thing you’d find in your doctor’s office, those professional-grade machines often feature more leads and dozens of different settings to provide more specific pain relieving treatments.

Whether in office or at home though, is it important that CopperWear Tensation is FDA registered?

What is an FDA Registered Class II Medical Device?

According to the FDA, class II medical devices “are higher risk devices than Class I and require greater regulatory controls to provide reasonable assurance of the device’s safety and effectiveness. For example, condoms are classified as Class II devices.” Nearly half of all medical devices fall under Class II.

However, all that’s required for a device to be registered by the FDA is that the manufacturer submits a 501(k) Premarket Notification, which means that it is “substantially equivalent” to another device already on the market.

In short, while it’s important for medical devices such as CopperWear Tensation to be registered by the FDA, it only means that there are perhaps hundreds of similar devices available elsewhere.

Other At-Home TENS Devices

Speaking of which, it’s important to note that when it comes to at-home TENS devices, you have a lot of options from which to choose. To see for yourself, simply type “TENS units” into your favorite search engine and watch how many results pull up.

While some of these devices are much more complicated than CopperWear Tensation, you’ll find that many are nearly identical. In fact, we’ve reviewed many of these options here at HighYa, including SmartRelief, New Age Massager, Shock Relief, and many more.

Granted, not all of these devices will work the exact same as CopperWear Tensation, and many are priced differently, but the point is that you have a whole lot of options.

Compared to the competition though, is there anything that separates CopperWear Tensation from the rest of the pack?

Will the Copper in CopperWear Tensation Provide Any Benefits?

We’ve talked about it hundreds of times, whether in dozens of copper wear product reviews or in our Can Copperwear Provide You with Pain Relief? article, but the only benefit that copper provides is odor reduction, which is accomplished by killing off bacteria.

In other words, the Copper in Cooper Wear Tensation will not provide any additional pain relief, or any other kinds of benefits, outside of odor reduction. And unless you plan on wearing your Tensation device all day, every day, this might not be much of a benefit.

With this said, is CopperWear Tensation’s manufacturer reputable?

Who Makes Copper Wear Tensation?

Copper Wear Tensation is manufactured by Tristar Products, one of the biggest “As Seen on TV” companies currently doing business. As such, they manufacture hundreds of popular products, including Copper Wear, Clear TV, and Perfecter Fusion Styler.

With hundreds of reviews, HighYa readers have rated these products an average of 2 stars, based primarily on complaints of failure to work as advertised, poor quality, and difficult customer service experiences. You may not experience the same with Copper Wear Tensation, although it’s definitely worth noting.

Copper Wear Tensation Pricing & Refund Policy

One Copper Wear Tensation unit is priced at $29.99 pus $7.99 S&H, although you’ll be able to purchase a second at checkout for another $7.99 S&H.

Copper Wear Tensation comes with a 60-day refund policy, less S&H charges. This means that if you choose the BOGO offer and decide to process a return, you could lose upwards of $20.

With this in mind, in order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 973-287-5162.

Can CopperWear Tensation Provide the Pain Relief You Need?

It’s important to mention that pain is a symptom, not a cause. In other words, if you’re experiencing back pain, this could be the result of a damaged muscle, a slipped disc, a traumatic injury, sciatica, and much more.

As such, even though you and a friend might both be experiencing back pain, what ultimately provides your friend with pain relief might not work at all for you. This is why we always recommend speaking with your physician before purchasing any pain relieving devices.

With this said, can CopperWear Tensation provide you with pain relief? Based on some of the available clinical evidence, it’s certainly possible. However, because Tensation is claimed to provide pain relief due “to strain from exercise
or normal household & work activities,” it might not be ideal if you suffer from mild to moderate chronic pain.

Considering all of this, as well as the product’s steep, non-refundable S&H charges, we’d recommend speaking with your physician (or at least exploring local options) prior to placing your CopperWear Tensation order.

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