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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Sep 24, 2015

Crystal Smooth Hair Remover is an innovative, pain-free device that gently removes hair from anywhere, including arms, legs, underarms, bikini line, and more—without causing irritation or razor burn. Easier than shaving, without the bumps!

Crystal Smooth uses a “special” pad made of super fine crystals to quickly remove hair through small, circular motions. As it’s removing hair, Crystal Smooth also exfoliates your skin, leaving it silky smooth without the use of harsh chemicals or costly laser treatments.

And when you’re finished, all you have to do is rinse Crystal Smooth and store it in the included pouch.

Constantly keeping up with hair removal can be a pain. Literally! Not only do you spend a fortune on different products and treatments, but many of them are painful or cause unwanted irritation.

Is the Crystal Smooth Hair Remover your low-cost, no-pain solution? Let’s first find out exactly what it is.

How Does Crystal Smooth Work?

Regardless of their size, shape, or ultimate design, products like Crystal Smooth basically involve 2 main parts; a pad featuring tiny “crystals” (similar to fine grit sandpaper), which is then affixed to a handle that provides grip.

After placing the crystal pad to your skin, you’ll gently move it in circular motions. This works to create friction and, after a few passes, “grinds” down the hair to the surface of your skin.

Pro tip: Although we’re not told exactly what material Crystal Smooth’s pads are made from, this Amazon review claimed that a similar product (Smooth Away) used pads made from a 3M material called Flex-Crystal. We’ll come back around to this momentarily.

Regardless of what it’s made of, is Crystal Smooth as effective as laser hair removal treatments?

Crystal Smooth vs. Laser Treatments

If you read the Crystal Smooth website carefully, you’ll notice that it doesn’t compare its hair removal results to laser treatments—it only states that you might be able to avoid them with Crystal Smooth.

This is a crafty trick on wording that might lead you to believe something that’s simply not true. Why?

In short, laser treatments remove hair by targeting powerful beams of light at the melanin in your hair follicle. Over several treatments, the hair will stop growing, which is why this is a “permanent” form of hair removal.

As we mentioned above, Crystal Smooth only removes hair down to the surface level of your skin (even higher than shaving with a razor), which means your results are only temporary.

Crystal Smooth’s Exfoliation Ability

Despite this downfall, Crystal Smooth’s design will exfoliate your skin, which involves removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

In turn, the removal of these dead cells can detoxify your skin, brighten your complexion by revealing the healthy cells underneath, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, prevent breakouts, and more.

Yeah, these benefits might sound great, but the thing to remember is that there are dozens of products out there just like Crystal Smooth, which you can see by typing the phrase “hair removal pads” or “hair buffing pads” into your favorite search engine. You’ll quickly learn that some of these options can be purchased for as little as $4, while several more options will be available through local retailers and pharmacies.

This means you can pick one of these options quickly, without worrying about excessive S&H charges, which we’ll talk more about now.

The Real Cost of Crystal Smooth Hair Remover

During the Crystal Smooth commercial, it might have caught your eye that it only costs $14.99. For this, you’ll receive 2 body sizes, 2 mini sizes, and 2 travel cases.

However, because you’ll have to pay $6.99 S&H for each of the two devices you purchase, you’ll pay almost as much in S&H charges as you will for the product itself.

Sure, Crystal Smooth comes with a 30-day refund policy if you’re dissatisfied, but you’ll lose all of your S&H charges!

Regardless, if you’d like to request a refund, you’ll need to contact OnTel Products’s customer service department at 844-249-3002.

More about Crystal Smooth’s Manufacturer

Crystal Smooth Hair Remover is manufactured by OnTel Products Corporation, a mid-level player within the “As Seen on TV” industry who also makes Veggetti, Foot Angel, Miracle Copper Socks, and more.

As we mentioned above, OnTel also makes the Smooth Away Hair Removal System. Although it’s designed differently, it operates using the same principle as Crystal Smooth and received an average rating of 2.9 stars on Amazon.

While some customers claimed to have experienced great results, the most common complaints revolved around failure to work as advertised, poor quality, and even some allergic reactions.

Smooth Away also received a fairly in-depth review in this Glamour article, where the author noted that it did work as advertised, but that it might not be ideal around your sensitive areas. Also, you’ll need to make sure you don’t overdo the rubbing, which could lead to irritation.

Will you experience the same with Crystal Smooth? There’s no way to say with any certainty, but it’s definitely worth keeping in mind.

Is Crystal Smooth Your Secret to Smooth, Silky Skin?

If you have fine arm, face, and leg hair, buffing epilators like Crystal Smooth will probably do a fairly decent job of removing hair.

If you have coarse hair, or are mainly interested in removing hair from your underarms and bikini line though, then Crystal Smooth might not be your go-to option. Also, because of the rubbing action with its fine grit “crystals,” Crystal Smooth might not be ideal for those with especially sensitive skin.

Even if Crystal Smooth works exactly as advertised, keep in mind that it will only remove hair down to the surface of your skin (a process known as epilation). And you could have some of it reappear within a couple days (or hours, in a worst case scenario).

Finally, the goal of any ASOTV product is to eventually appear on store shelves. Until this happens with Crystal Smooth Hair Remover, you have hundreds of online and on-store options you can choose from for less money, which will work identically.

And if you’re dissatisfied, you can return the item to the store, without losing hefty S&H charges!

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