About Curl Girl

Curl Girl is a set of brush/curlers they say will give you salon-quality hair styles from the comfort of home. They say its ceramic, vented brush rolls up tight, keeps your hair cool while drying, and creates lasting, bouncing curls.

Curl Girl is another cute product from Telebrands, purveyors of gadgets and gizmos that are usually worthless or have very little real-world value relative to their price. (They have over 1600 complaints in the last 3 years but still maintain an A- rating from the BBB.)

How Curl Girl Works

Curl Girl is a set of 4 pink, round brushes that come with a detachable handle. To use Curl Girl, roll up your hair; then, take a blowdryer and style. They claim the curls won’t get too hot and that the ceramic coating minimizes frizz and will give you locks that look like a runway model’s.

Curl Girl Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Curl Girl sells for $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling for a total of $16.99. In addition, at the time of your order you may be tempted to take advantage of their “special” offer, which adds 4 curls and 1 brush handle for another $6.99 in S&H. Note: these fees are non-refundable, so even if you return the product within the allotted 30 day period, you will still have paid something. In addition, you must pay to ship them back and include a written “detailed explanation” as to why you are returning Curl Girl or they could reject your request.

Each Curl Girl Order includes:

  • 4 Curl Girl brush heads
  • 1 Curl Girl brush handle
  • BOGO (extra S&H)

Curl Girl Privacy Policy and what you're getting into!

Curl Girl (Telebrands) gives themselves permission to solicit you via email, telephone, and snail mail. In addition, they say they may outsource these solicitations to third parties. If you do buy this product, we hope you also enjoy Spam!

Bottom Line: Is Curl Girl a Scam?

There is nothing very special or magical about Curl Girl, especially for the price: you can find ceramic curlers that will give you more bang for your buck (this is basically 8 for $23.98.) Telebrands is too rigid with their return policy and too loose with your privacy. Girl, find a better way to curl.

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