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By featuring OMRI grass seed coating in conjunction with beneficial fungi, Cutting Edge Grass Seed claims to be “one of the most environmentally responsible grass seed mixes sold anywhere in the world.” In fact, each all-in-one bag is claimed to create a green, dense, yet soft lawn that has the ability to self-repair.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed is manufactured by Sustainable Low Maintenance Grass, LLC based out of Palm Coast, FL. The company is not rated with the Better Business Bureau, though online reviews about the product appear to be mixed. Some of the most common complaints include high price and that it does not work as well as advertised.

How Cutting Edge Grass Seed Works

Similar to Grassology, Cutting Edge Grass Seed claims to require less water and maintenance than traditional seed varieties, and helps you achieve a beautiful lawn without the “need for constant watering, excessive fertilizers, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.” Unlike Grassology though, Cutting Edge Grass Seed accomplishes this using OMRI, which is an organic grass seed coating that absorbs and retains moisture, in addition to a mycorrhizae coating, which is a “beneficial fungi that further enhances moisture retention.” This endophytic fungi also works to “repel insects, improve overall stress tolerance, and defend against certain diseases.”

Cutting Edge Grass Seed is claimed to be ideal for soil conditions where other types of grass are unable to grow, including clay, rock, sand, high salt concentrations, and slopes. It is also rhizome enhanced, which promotes horizontal root growth and prevents weed and crabgrass overgrowth.

While the Cutting Edge Grass Seed website claims that it is “a revolutionary patent-pending mix of Kentucky bluegrass and other top performing seed,” no other ingredients are listed on the product’s website. However, after a little digging, we were able to locate the following list online:

  • 20% tall fescue
  • 20% chewings fescue
  • 20% hard fescue
  • 20% Kentucky bluegrass
  • 19% perennial ryegrass
  • 1% inert

Because Cutting Edge Grass Seed is a non-GMO, C-3 cool season grass, it should be planted during the cool season, and you should let the lawn naturally establish itself. After complete germination has occurred (typically within 30 days), roots can grow up to 48” in length, which help greatly reduce watering needs.

Because of Cutting Edge Grass Seed’s low fertility rate, it only requires one pound of nitrogen per year, which can be accomplished by mulching your grass clippings back into your lawn just a couple times annually. The product is classified as a slow-growth dwarf grass, which results in only occasional mowing ”a few times in the spring and a few times in the fall.” When compared with 3-4 pounds for other types of Kentucky Bluegrass and the need for fertilizers, Cutting Edge Grass Seed is considered environmentally friendly, and is even claimed to help you achieve LEED certification.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed Pricing & Refund Policy

For a new lawn, Cutting Edge Grass Seed can cover the following area:

  • 5lb Bag = 1,250 sq ft
  • 22lb Bag = 5,500 sq ft
  • 44lb Bag = 11,000 sq ft

However, for use on an already established lawn, it can cover:

  • 5lb Bag = 2,500 sq ft
  • 22lb Bag = 11,000 sq ft
  • 44lb Bag = 22,000 sq ft

With this in mind, Cutting Edge Grass Seed is sold through a wide variety of certified dealers, though you can purchase a 1lb bag directly through the manufacturer for $19.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handling, which is claimed to cover about 500 sq ft. You’ll also receive a second 1lb bag for an additional $7.95 S&H charge. However, if you’re looking to cover a larger area, you can purchase the Professional Kit for $79.95 plus $19.95 shipping and handling, which includes 10 pounds of Cutting Edge Grass Seed.

Unfortunately, no refund information was provided on the Cutting Edge Grass Seed website.

Bottom Line: Is Cutting Edge Grass Seed a Scam?

Cutting Edge Grass Seed doesn’t have any indications of a scam, but it’s likely not as “revolutionary” as it claims. In fact, we read several customer reviews claiming that it’s not much different than any other seed mix out there, and that you could even assemble the same mix yourself for less money.

With this in mind, it is a little suspect that the manufacturer doesn’t list the seed types contained in the Cutting Edge Grass Seed mix. In fact, this review sums up our thoughts nicely: “It is the lowest possible level of consumer information to market a grass seed without mentioning the name(s) of the species and cultivar(s). Legitimate seed businesses sell blends and mixtures of grass seed with transparency, with a statement of contents, and accompanied by a seed tag showing the analysis by the state department of agriculture. A contents statement helps consumer validate the claims of the seller and assess quality.” Also, while the company claims that you’re guaranteed to see results in just one week, nearly all customer reviews we read stated that you’ll need at least one season to experience full results.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Cutting Edge Grass Seed works best for Cool Season and Transition Zones. This means that the product is not ideal for the Warm Season Zone, which entails much of the southern U.S, where it should only be used for “temporary winter greening.”

Finally, instead of ordering online and paying for shipping and handling, you may save yourself a great deal of time and money by locating a Cutting Edge Grass Seed dealer in your area using the company’s Find a Dealer page.

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Fine product

    • Gloucester, MA,
    • Sep 26, 2015

    So far, so good. The seed has germinated well, contrary to the low-blow reviews that denigrate it. I had a green fuzz in 5 days at near-ideal temperatures.

    I read all the panning reviews on line and they must be written by or for Scotts.

    I'll see how the rest of the process plays out for my new fall lawn.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 0 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Bad product

    • Hyattsville,
    • Jun 4, 2015

    This seed doesn't work. Was told when to seed and I did it. Watered for weeks and had lots of rain. The next season my lawn dried up and it killed all my grass.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 1 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Save your money

    • Minnesota,
    • Aug 12, 2014

    The customer service was really bad in answering questions about the product, they only take orders. I got the seed anyway and followed the instructions and it came up so thin that it might take years to fill in and look like a lawn instead of a patchy bad hair job. I thought this would be a naturally short grass, but in spite of hold thin the grass was, it needs more mowing than the old lawn.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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